0004308: [Core: Segmentation] Add convenient GUI for changing segmentation labelmap geometry (pinter)
0004410: [Core: Segmentation] Changing master volume in SegmentEditor does not update edit-able FOV (pinter)
0004542: [Module SceneViews] Scene Views crashes Slicer (lassoan)
0004571: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Build instruction need to be updated for Qt5/VTK9 (jcfr)
0004521: [Module VolumeRendering] Add reset volume rendering preset to default (pinter)
0004080: [Module Transforms] Transform module is not updated properly after importing a scene (jcfr)
0003806: [Module DICOM] Imported DICOM file does not show up in widget under certain conditions (nicole)
0004568: [Extension: (Any extensions)] Elastix General registration will not run (lassoan)
0004242: [Core: Testing Infrastructure] Testing of scripted module that depend on loadable module fails (jcfr)
0004533: [Module SimpleFilters] Incorrect(?) future warning message for simple ITK (blowekamp)
0003929: [Core: Rendering] 3d visualization of image slice does not go through the middle of VR slice (jcfr)
0003667: [Module Transforms] Applying a non-linear transform creates an empty image if the displacement is large (lassoan)
0004566: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix -Woverloaded-virtual warning in vtkITKImageThresholdCalculator.cxx (phcerdan)
0004471: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Slicer does not parse the python script path correctly (lassoan)
0004464: [Module Models] Scalar overlays: Displayed range not restored when loading saved scene (lassoan)
0004563: Ctrl-W "Close Scene" looses all data (lassoan)
0004511: [Core: Rendering] OpenGL2: Large camera view angle (used in OpenVR) not properly handled with GPU Volume Rendering (sankhesh)
0001752: [Module VolumeRendering] volume rendering is adaptive, even if the quality control is set to maximum (finetjul)
0004485: [Core: Base Code] Unsafe call in vtkMRMLModelDisplayNode::GetOutputMesh (jcfr)
0004064: [Module VolumeRendering] Slicer (volume rendering module) cannot start with an Nvidia driver version (finetjul)
0003450: [Module VolumeRendering] VR Module issues (pinter)
0004293: [Core: Rendering] VTK GPU Ray Casting fails in SLicer 4.6.0. in Windows 10 with NVidia GTX960M (latest driver) (jcfr)
0003562: [Core: GUI] Volume Rendering - Transfer Function (lassoan)
0001996: [Module VolumeRendering] the vtk gpu raycaster does not render in full quality (lassoan)
0004497: [Core: Rendering] Rendering block/freeze the GUI if the startup layout has not both a 3D and 2D view LINUX QT5/VTK9 (lassoan)
0004423: [Core: Rendering] VTK OpenGL2 Backend: Slow slice scrolling if volume rendering is enabled (lassoan)
0004535: [Module SimpleFilters] Slicer crash when searching in the SimpleFilters module (blowekamp)
0004536: [Core: GUI] Closed pop-up dialogs still shown in taskbar thumbnail preview (lassoan)
0004544: [Core: Base Code] Unable to launch Extension Manager in Slicer-4.9.0-2018-04-19 (jcfr)
0004547: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume rendering with ROI cropping - MRML scene backwards compatibility issue (pinter)
0004526: [Core: GUI] Procedural color node points may be dragged out of visible range (pinter)
0004517: [Core: Base Code] macOS: Slicer dmg installer and Slicer app do not have the icon (jcfr)
0004512: [Module Markups] Fiducials not updated when placed in the 3D view in Persistent mode (lassoan)
0004409: [Module DICOM] CT images acquired with gantry tilt are loaded incorrectly (pieper)
0003951: [Core: Rendering] VTK OpenGL2 Backend: GPU VR - Slower than CPU VR (aashish24)
0004445: [Core: Base Code] Model files should be saved in LPS coordinate system (jcfr)
0002697: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Associated publisher to windows NSIS installer - signing of package/application (jcfr)
0003967: [Core: Rendering] VTK OpenGL2 Backend: Slicer crash when switching from CPU to GPU rendering when running on vmware fusion (aashish24)
0004016: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Wiki is missing Registration introduction (jcfr)
0002779: [Core: Extensions] Mechanism to keep track of the installed extensions across version (jcfr)
0002972: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] Support loading multivolumes from 4D NRRD/NIFTI (fedorov)
0003406: [Core: MRML] Saved scene file is corrupted if a node name contains special character (lassoan)
0004433: [Module Transforms] Harden non-linear transform may clip volume (lassoan)
0004516: [Core: Rendering] Slicer hangs if volume rendering is initiated in 3D-only layout (lassoan)
0004134: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Upgrade to Qt 5.x (jcfr)
0004501: [Core: GUI] Qt5 smaller icons (johan.andruejol)
0004479: [Core: Chart] Qt5 : crash on application closure if ChartView has been shown (johan.andruejol)
0004125: [Core: Base Code] Linux crash at startup on fresh build (jcfr)
0004460: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Terminologies Module: Create wiki page (pinter)
0004463: [Module DicomToNrrdConverter] Cannot convert DWI Nifti to NRRD (inorton)
0004340: [Core: Base Code] Impossible to use Slicer in multi-user setting on Linux (jcfr)
0004452: [Core: Base Code] numpy build error - looks for fortran compiler (jcfr)
0003728: [Core: Extensions] Fix crash in qMidasAPI.cpp (sjh267)
0004569: [Core: Segmentation] Normals are flipped when smoothing factor is 0 (pinter)
0004546: [Core: Usability] Dot (".") in volume name leads to wrong variable name, wrong modified status, and suffix doubling (lassoan)
0004532: [Core: GUI] Slicer crashes when using "Add" or "Subtract" for blending (lassoan)
0003831: [Core: Packaging] Add rpath to all executable bundled in Slicer.app/Contents/bin (jcfr)
0004553: [Core: Packaging] SlicerPython does not launch with packaged SlicerPythonLauncherSettings.ini configuration (jcfr)
0004554: [Core: Packaging] rpath not set for macOS binaries in 4.9.0 (jcfr)
0004556: [Core: Packaging] PYTHONPATH in SlicerPythonLauncherSettings.ini needs additional paths to import vtk in SlicerPython (jcfr)
0004370: [Core: Segmentation] Allow reordering of segments (pinter)
0004462: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python wrapping of VTK classes in extensions does not work properly (jcfr)
0004530: [Core: GUI] Qt5: Slice viewer are too small after switching to conventional layout (jcfr)
0004518: [Module Transforms] Slicer crashes when clicking on Transforms color widget (pinter)
0004515: [Core: Base Code] Style plugin not loaded in macOS installer (jcfr)
0004493: [Module SimpleFilters] crash In ‘Filtering/Threshold scalar volume’ module (lassoan)
0004503: [Core: GUI] Empty popup dialog and on Slicer startup with Qt5 (johan.andruejol)
0001585: [Core: GUI] Checkboxes in qMRMLCheckableNodeComboBox are invisible (pinter)
0004456: [Core: GUI] Qt5: QComboBox becomes empty after selection changed (pinter)
0004495: [Core: GUI] Qt5 Fiducial/ROI/Ruler icons duplicating (lassoan)
0004313: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Move edited segmentation to the study of the master volume (pinter)
0004474: [Module DICOM] TypeError in DICOMUtils (pinter)
0004360: [Module DICOM] Two popups after DICOM import (pieper)
73 issues View Issues
Released 2017-03-15
0004001: [Module DICOM] DICOM import failure due to incorrect database directory (mehrtash)
0003865: [Core: Base Code] Save does not work for DICOM images (jcfr)
0004288: [Core: Segmentation] Slicer crashes during application exit if a Segment Editor effect is active (pinter)
0004264: [Core: Segmentation] Unable to quantify left atrial fibrosis (lassoan)
0004391: [Core: Segmentation] Problems loading and rendering segmentations (pinter)
0004468: [Core: Base Code] Slicer3D 4.8 (jcfr)
0004262: [Core: Segmentation] Segmentation export into labelmap after Segment color changed, remains the same color as used for painting (lassoan)
0004265: [Core: Segmentation] Undo / redo doesn't work when deleting a segment (lassoan)
0004283: [Core: Segmentation] Not possible to export surface created in Segment Editor (lassoan)
0004274: [Core: Segmentation] Slice interpolation access (lassoan)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-15
0004146: [Module DICOM] Discover DICOM support provided by uninstalled extensions (pieper)
0004408: [Module Models] Save coordinate system in surface mesh file (lassoan)
0004148: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer dependent project repository and tag should be configurable by outside projects (jcfr)
0003880: [Core: GUI] Crosshair position is not updated when slice is changed (jcfr)
0004347: [Module DICOM] add confirmation dialog on dicom warnings (pieper)
0003162: [Core: Base Code] crash estimating window/level for brainlab export files (pieper)
0004291: [Module RobustStatisticsSegmenter] SFLSSegmentor3D.txx : void function with return statement (jcfr)
0004244: [Core: Base Code] cannot open any file (jcfr)
0003805: [Core: GUI] <file> flag in a CLI can only be an input (lassoan)
0003093: [Core: Extensions] Explain user how to download extension associated with a specific Slicer revision (hina-shah)
0004351: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Nightly package downloads are empty for many extensions (jcfr)
0004352: [Core: Usability] Extension download file of 0 bytes (pieper)
0003630: [Core: Usability] Paths used in vtkMRMLVolumeArchetypeStorageNode are not relative to scene path (lassoan)
0003964: [Core: GUI] Output file selection in CLI (lassoan)
0003752: [Module Editor] Warning that label maps need resampling after reopening dataset (pieper)
0003732: [Core: Extensions] Style Dark Slicer crashes when launching Extension Manager. (jcfr)
0004110: [Module Editor] Grow Cut Effect boundaries not the same than base image (pieper)
0004086: [Module Transforms] Rotation slider stays the same when changing current transform (lassoan)
0004318: [Core: Base Code] When open Slicer 4.6.2, I got an error in python interactor (jcfr)
0003745: [Module SceneViews] Scene view thumbnail generation fails (nicole)
0003774: [Module Editor] Support for multi-directional volumes in Editor module (pieper)
0003935: [Core: Extensions] slicerExtensionWizard has no --publish and --contribute options (jcfr)
0003923: [Core: Base Code] AddArchetypeScalarVolume fails when running through Slicer --launch (jcfr)
0003886: [Module Markups] Fiducials are not placed in the middle of the slice along z direction (lassoan)
0004272: [Core: GUI] Error in test qSlicerWidgetTest2: fixed.nrrd doesnt exist (hastings.greer)
0004180: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Extension template is incorrect for loadable module generator (dzenanz)
0004077: [Core: Base Code] Wrong slice bounds for some volumes (mayeul.chassagnard)
0003775: [Module Editor] Build segmentation model live (pieper)
0003302: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Loose focus when editing CLI text parameter (jcfr)
0004329: [Core: Segmentation] Slicer crashes when attempting to load large segmentations from nrrd files in 4.7 nightlies (lassoan)
0003276: [Core: MRML] loading FreeSurfer aparc.annot corrupts scene (alexy)
0004332: [Core: MRML] vtkMRMLAnnotationROINode collapses the Radius to zero when hardening the transform (alexy)
0003185: [Core: GUI] Two browse buttons for file arguments (lassoan)
0003122: [Core: Base Code] Add ability to flip polygon normals - either use or clean up old code (jcfr)
0004365: [Core: Base Code] Transforms module sliders do not recall rotation information and rotation by fraction of degree is not possible (jcfr)
0002322: [Module Editor] Add label interpolation and/or port ModelDraw to slicer4 (pieper)
0001827: [Core: GUI] label statistics module allows to save the CSV inside the module (lassoan)
0004415: [Core: Segmentation] Make segmentation closed surface smoothing parameters easier to change (pinter)
0001737: [Core: MRML] Non-polyhedral region of interest (nicole)
0004438: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] LibArchive: cannot build with deployment target 10.9 (jcfr)
0004320: [Core: Base Code] Terminology support should be removed from Colors module (fedorov)
0003360: [Core: Usability] Slice intersections do not work correctly for tilted acquisition volumes (pieper)
0003569: [Module DICOM] Spaces in ImageOrientationPatient etc are not handled (pieper)
0003574: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Building against system QT without specifying Slicer_USE_SYSTEM_QT (jcfr)
0003540: [Core: GUI] Add function to remove regions from the segmentation by drawing on the 3D view (lassoan)
0004297: [Core: Base Code] Applying transform to vtkPolyData using Transforms Module flips normals (bpaniagua)
0003502: [Module Markups] Get Markups with ID (nicole)
0003676: [Module CropVolume] Crop module does not observe ROI visibility property change (fedorov)
0003546: [Module CropVolume] Crop Volume output spacing is sometime incorrect (depending on the input volume). (lassoan)
0003851: [Core: Usability] Selecting image with NaN in Volumes crashes Slicer (SumedhaSingla)
0004417: [Core: Extensions] All extension checkouts from SVN repositories fail (jcfr)
0004411: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer build on Windows fails due to patch tool not not found (jcfr)
0004398: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] bzip2 debug/release mixup (jcfr)
0004397: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] First command in python console produces error (lassoan)
0004396: [Core: Base Code] Reduce CMP0020 spam during configure (jcfr)
0004229: [Core: Base Code] Segmentations: vtkOrientedImageDataResample - Fix sign compare warnings (lassoan)
0004209: [Core: GUI] center view button does not update clipping distance (jcfr)
0004194: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] website: SSL certificate associated https://slicer.org is misconfigured, Grade T on SSLLabs (grundlett)
0004290: [Core: Base Code] ITK warning: Refusing to register transform (jcfr)
0004085: [Core: Base Code] Enable MINC support in ITK (jcfr)
0003684: [Core: MRML] Unable to save and reopen Freesurfer surface models and scalar overlays using .mrml scene file (nicole)
0003816: [Core: Base Code] Debug-mode build fails on Windows if SimpleITK is enabled (jcfr)
0003305: [Module Annotations] Fiducial projection not working well with dash2d and cross2d (lassoan)
0003300: [Core: GUI] Threshold Editor Effect does not allow thresholding above 999 (lassoan)
0003032: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Report Slicer application/extension packaging errors on CDash (jcfr)
0002362: [Module Editor] ROI limitation for Effects (pieper)
0002593: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Extend documentation of "Module Selection & Navigation" (jcfr)
0004454: [Module DICOM] Crash when trying to import color DICOM files (fbudin)
0004449: [Extension: (Any extensions)] Allow extensions to bundle executables on MacOSX (jcfr)
0004309: [Core: Segmentation] Model nodes exported from segments may appear in incorrect position when transformed (lassoan)
0001693: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Implement a test named "py_SimpleITK_SlicerPushPullTest" (mayeul.chassagnard)
0002014: [Module DICOM] allow selection of subset of directories for dicom import (mehrtash)
0004385: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Import vtkSegmentationCorePython and vtkAddonPython by default (jcfr)
0004336: [Module Models] Cleaning up and consolidating the Models module interface (lassoan)
       0004334: [Module Models] Add an opacity option for the 2D slice views (lassoan)
       0004335: [Module Models] Smooth volumetric mesh Model clipping (lassoan)
0002027: [Core: Extensions] Make sure extension build error are reported on CDash (jcfr)
0003701: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Dependent option are not properly passed to external project (jcfr)
0004111: [Module Models] Clipping features have no effect in Models module (lassoan)
0003832: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Documentation & Tutorial panel: Update and simplify (jcfr)
0003838: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Add missing entry to Display/Layout panel (jcfr)
0003833: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Mouse&Keybord: Only display information for the current platform (jcfr)
0003834: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Rename "Display" panel to "Layouts" (pieper)
0003842: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Explain that email is sent to developer after filling a bug report. (jcfr)
0003835: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Load&Save - Update icon (jcfr)
0003836: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Load&Save: Add missing entry and be more explicit. (jcfr)
0003837: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Each section should have a link to the associated wiki page. (jcfr)
0003840: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Update keyboard shortcuts (jcfr)
0004084: [Core: Usability] "Add" file dialog in Edit->Application settings->Modules always resets to an Extensions path (jcfr)
0003841: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Add link / panel for feature request and bug report. (jcfr)
0004430: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix HAVE_STDINT_H' macro redefined warning (jcfr)
0004031: [Module ResampleScalarVectorDWIVolume] measurement frame/gradients are wrong after resampling (inorton)
0004407: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] new libarchive version won't built on factory clang (jcfr)
0004422: [Module SubjectHierarchy] currentItem for multiple SubjectHierarchyComboBoxes is the same (pinter)
0004421: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] ImportError: No module named vtk, qt, slicer.util (jcfr)
0004413: [Module EMSegment] build error with gcc 6.3 (pohl)
0004406: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Slicer copyright URL link is broken (grundlett)
0004394: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] race condition installing python modules (e.g. gitdb) (jcfr)
0004138: [Module (Any modules)] Transform reparenting in Data module does not work (lassoan)
0004392: [Core: Segmentation] Exported segmentation is empty (pinter)
0004120: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Tractography interactive seeding slider incorrect
0004129: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Failing test vtkMRMLFiberBundleNodeTest1 following commits of Jan 8th (inorton)
0004372: [Module DICOM] Issues with loading DCE DICOM MRI files (pieper)
0004384: [Core: Segmentation] Switch to None effect in Segment Editor when entering into markup placement mode (pinter)
0004278: [Extension: VMTK] Trouble building VMTK extension for use with Slicer4 (pieper)
0004349: [Core: MRML] Slice spacing does not match image spacing (alexy)
0003087: [Core: CLI infrastructure] dialogs for CLI output files don't set AcceptMode for saving (jcfr)
0004380: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer does not build (CMake error duplicate ELSE) (jcfr)
0003199: [Core: GUI] Scene view thumbnail inverts both color and orientation each time the dialog box is opened. (pieper)
0002906: [Core: GUI] Extra model hierarchy nodes showing up in Models module (nicole)
0003776: [Module Volumes] CheckForLabelVolumeValidity compares float points and it says: IJKToRAS mismatch at [0, 3] (-89.6207 != -89.6207) (pieper)
0004331: [Core: Segmentation] Slicer crashes when clicking on terminology name (pinter)
0004305: [Core: Segmentation] vtkSegmentation.cxx: Is unused parameter "targetRepresentationName" warning a real issue ? (lassoan)
0004324: [Core: GUI] Settings dialog (Modules panel) does not expand when Settings dialog is expanded (jcfr)
0004311: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] git and svn not found building extensions (jcfr)
0004215: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Wiki: Add analytics support (grundlett)
0004323: [Module DICOM] "Close" button missing from DICOM module (pieper)
0004368: [Core: GUI] The "Report bugs" dialog should offer the HTTPS version of the bugtracker link (jcfr)
0004284: [Core: Segmentation] Segment 0 is modified when modifying Segment 1 (pinter)
0004366: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] numpy build fails (jcfr)
0004367: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Dead link in About box (samuel.gerber)
0004325: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Update OpenIGTLink library (tokuda)
0004248: [Module DICOM] Scalar volume DICOM export crashes after 10-12 exports (pinter)
0004353: [Core: GUI] qMRMLColorTableView headers disappeared (pinter)
0004074: [Core: MRML] User-defined order of nodes in tree hierarchies (pinter)
0004302: [Core: Base Code] Can't open latest Slicer (jcfr)
0004301: [Core: Packaging] Linux nightly : ITK libraries missing (jcfr)
0004286: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume Rendering should allow use of all, and only, available VRAM (lassoan)
128 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-07
0003706: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Add Parameter Serializer Support (johan.andruejol)
0004182: [Core: Extensions] Running slicerExtensionWizard on Windows fails to set up proper environment (jcfr)
0004282: [Extension: (Any extensions)] jsoncpp not configured correctly (jcfr)
0004281: [Core: Base Code] jsoncpp installed incorrectly in release (jcfr)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-06
0004294: [Core: GUI] SampleData: Rename "Download Panoramix" (jcfr)
0004295: [Core: GUI] SampleData: Acknowledge Osirix (jcfr)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-13
0004156: [Core: GUI] Encode illegal characters in file names and paths (jcfr)
0002341: [Core: Base Code] Fix camera reset in vtkMRMLViewDisplayableManager (hastings.greer)
0004151: [Core: Base Code] No version fo Mac? You fux. (jcfr)
0004136: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Github needs an appropriate 4.5 tag (jcfr)
0003102: [Module ModelToLabelMap] Add solid fill feature (fedorov)
0004128: [Module Editor] Error when closing the scene (pieper)
0003350: [Core: GUI] Fit view to volume function sets slice viewer offset to an incorrect value (hastings.greer)
0003373: [Core: MRML] File names with many dots create unintended effect in "Save data" (lassoan)
0004098: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Add configure time test checking CMake support https (msmolens)
0003439: [Core: Base Code] Crop functionality unexpected behaviour with volume rendering v 4.3.0-2013-09-30 OsX and Linux (jcfr)
0004083: [Module Editor] Please implement threshold function for dilate/erode effects (lassoan)
0003498: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Enable selecting None in combo boxes in CLI modules (lassoan)
0004259: [Core: Segmentation] Segmentations are not deleted when calling mrmlScene.Clear(0) or using CTRL + W (lassoan)
0004255: [Core: Base Code] Add perceptually uniform colormaps to Slicer default color lookup tables (jcfr)
0004250: [Module Annotations] Can't save screenshots (lassoan)
0004237: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Upload Slicer 3.x release binaries on slicer.kitware.com (jcfr)
0002087: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Configure "vtkSlicerVersionConfigure.h.in" at build time to ensure it's always up-to-date (jcfr)
0004199: [Core: GUI] Creating a ruler then entering Annotations module causes a crash (jcfr)
0004192: [Core: Base Code] Modifying one setting trigger all settings associated with list to be marked as changed (jcfr)
0002479: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Get storable nodes w/o invoking "Save" dialog. (lassoan)
0004176: [Core: Base Code] Console system overview differs from actual properties (sankhesh)
0004181: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python Scripting: InvokeEvent needs to support integer (and other call data types) (hastings.greer)
0004191: [Module LandmarkRegistration] Slow addition fiducial points in Landmark Registartion (pieper)
0004041: [Core: Base Code] packaging issues on MacOS version (at least on r24523) (jcfr)
0004206: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Scripting: Support use of vtkCollection, and vtkArray as iterable (hastings.greer)
0004276: [Core: Extensions] EXTENSION_SCREENSHOTURLS should be optional and not cause extension configuration failure (jcfr)
0004057: [Core: Base Code] Assert crash when cancelling a CLI (jcfr)
0003969: [Core: Rendering] VTKOpenGL2: OpenGL error (1282) Invalid operation (msmolens)
0002404: [Core: MRML] Support loading scenes with '&' in model filenames (finetjul)
0001227: [Core: Usability] Python console automatically adds () after function names (mayeul.chassagnard)
0002287: [Module Editor] Scope missing from editor (pieper)
0003558: [Core: GUI] Add a tool to crop a volume with a free-form contour in the 3D view (ivanD)
0004139: [Module BRAINS] Slicer crashes while doing registration using BrainsFit and creating transform output (jcfr)
0004201: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] slicer.util.getNodes: Calling the function with argument return empty dictionnay (hastings.greer)
0004047: [Module Editor] Add semantic color information to color selector in editor (nicole)
0004198: [Module Welcome] Welcome: The module impact startup times more than any other module (pieper)
0003839: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Add shortcut button to open extensions manager (pieper)
0003991: [Core: GUI] Node names in form "1: Something" confuse save dialog, lead to crash (nicole)
0004135: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Packaging broken on Linux and MacOSX (jcfr)
0004131: [Core: Base Code] SlicerDMRI: Fix windows build because of Slicer too long path (jcfr)
0004162: [Module Editor] Editor Crashes with Paint Effect or Threshold on Larger 6+Gb Tiff stacks (pieper)
0004130: [Module N4ITKBiasFieldCorrection] N4ITKBiasFieldCorrection: Failing following ITK updates of Jan 7 (r24836) (fedorov)
0004239: [Module Markups] Slicer crashes when trying to delete many fiducial markups (nicole)
0004266: [Module Transforms] First transform file that is loaded has apparently clipped values for the translation values (lassoan)
0003364: [Core: Extensions] Site name that appears on the dashboard is not configurable for extensions (jcfr)
0004087: [Extension: SlicerRT] Crash loading DICOM RT struct (pinter)
0004157: [Module Models] Models turn black when applying a transform (pieper)
0004197: [Module VolumeRendering] build error with OpenGL2 backend (pieper)
0004123: [Core: Base Code] Slicer.exe (AppLauncher) detected as a malware [PDM:Trojan.Win32.Bazon.a] by Kaspersky (jcfr)
0002711: [Module VolumeRendering] VTK OpenGL 3D Texture Mapper does not update automatically (finetjul)
0004147: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Error log (tokuda)
0004232: [Module (Any modules)] Add Undo/Redo functionality in Segment Editor (lassoan)
0004228: [Core: Base Code] Segmentations: Fix SegmentationsModuleTest1 (pinter)
0004226: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Wiki: Improve new account form (grundlett)
0004216: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Wiki: Notify Slicer core developers when an account is created (grundlett)
0003082: [Core: GUI] Visualize world axes (lassoan)
0004185: [Core: Base Code] Fix itkImageRegionConstIteratorWithIndex strict-overflow warning (jcfr)
0004113: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] BUG: DiffusionWeightedVolumeMasking fails to find b0 image (inorton)
0004105: [Module DICOM] 3D Slicer can not show MRI data (DICOM format) but no extension in file name. Image is multi-slicer (45 slices in image) (inorton)
0004132: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Add support for VS2013 (jcfr)
0004124: [Core: Base Code] Slicer.exe (AppLauncher) detected as a malware [Hoax.Win32.ArchSMS.cnpls] by Microsoft (jcfr)
61 issues View Issues
0003954: [Module DICOM] Dicom scene export is working inconsistently (pieper)
0003903: [Core: GUI] Hide self-test and developer modules from all modules list (lassoan)
0003689: [Core: GUI] MRB saving - remember last save location (jcfr)
0003908: [Module Markups] Added markup fiducials don't always show up right away in the 3D view (nicole)
0003962: [Module Editor] Working with multiple volumes imported from .nrrd files in the Editor causes Slicer to crash (pieper)
0003996: [Module DICOM] the STORESCP should use the "--accept-all" argument, to accept all DICOM series (pieper)
0003995: [Module DataProbe] Trying to call 'sliceViewNames' on a destroyed qSlicerLayoutManager object (DataProbe) (mehrtash)
0003984: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fatal error tcl84.lib (jcfr)
0003584: [Core: Base Code] Don't create VolumeNode when reading fails (nicole)
0003698: [Module SceneViews] When restoring scene, fiducial list is emptied (nicole)
0004033: [Core: MRML] Duplicated event when a new vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode is added to the scene (nicole)
0003911: [Core: Base Code] Toggle hierarchy visibility causes crash (alexy)
0003893: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Volume visibility control broken in subject hierarchy (pinter)
0003888: [Core: Base Code] Double .vtk extension when saving models with .vtk in the name (jcfr)
0004062: [Module Transforms] Slicer crashes when util.saveScene is invoked with transform created by modules.fiducialregistration (alexy)
0004042: [Core: Base Code] FiberBundleLabelSelect module fails on two-tensor tractography (jcfr)
0003918: [Module SubjectHierarchy] deleting a hierarchy in Models module crashes slicer (pinter)
0003973: [Core: Packaging] libvtkViewsQt-6.2.1.dylib not packaged (jcfr)
0004013: [Core: Usability] Add support for DCMTK private dictionary (fedorov)
0003977: [Core: Base Code] Slicer diffusion tensor computation is not reproducible (lauren)
0003947: [Module CropVolume] Repeated crop volume freezes Slicer (nicole)
0004010: [Module Transforms] Adding ability to copy/paste 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 transforms from clipboard to current linear transform (lassoan)
0004023: [Core: Rendering] Volume rendering does not account for IJKtoRAS matrix within a vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode (jcfr)
0004007: [Core: Extensions] Problem when creating an extension that has multilpe dependencies (jcfr)
0004014: [Module SubjectHierarchy] cannot build subject hierarchy with CLI disabled (pinter)
0003968: [Core: Extensions] slicer.app.extensionsManagerModel()isExtensionInstalled('filename') (jcfr)
0003825: [Core: Base Code] Large tiff files not supported (jcfr)
       0003829: [Core: Extensions] Ensure Extensions are not using ITKV3 Compatibility header (jcfr)
0003863: [Core: Base Code] slicer crashes when I display tract tubes on a slice (alexy)
0003866: [Core: Base Code] subtract label map from label map (jcfr)
0003963: [Module Editor] crash after scene close and going back to editor (pieper)
0003926: [Module Models] Editing fiber hierarchies in Models module occasionally crashes slicer (alexy)
0003925: [Module Models] In Models the color change does not work for either fibers or hierarchies (alexy)
0003904: [Core: GUI] Changing slice controller widget compositing triggers a crash (lassoan)
0003949: [Core: Rendering] VTKOpenGL2: GPU VR - Compositing broken / Phantom cube appear in background (aashish24)
0003950: [Core: Rendering] VTKOpenGL2: GPU VR - Compositing is not yet implemented (aashish24)
0003957: [Core: Rendering] GPU volume rendering broken on HD Graphics 4400 on Windows 8 64-bit (aashish24)
0003922: [Core: Base Code] Slicer --launch does not include superbuild/VTKv6-build/lib in PYTHONPATH (jcfr)
0003748: [Core: GUI] Expand node selector Create to include all node types (lassoan)
0003600: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Set default wait_for_completion parameter value to true in slicer.cli.run (jcfr)
0003468: [Core: CLI infrastructure] CLI input and output node selection is not restored during scene load (millerjv)
0003163: [Module DICOM] Export from DICOM browser (nicole)
0004059: [Core: MRML] Mismatch of enumeration detected by compiler (jcfr)
0002726: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Create / Update extension template (matthew-woehlke)
0002400: [Core: MRML] Rename the "Create and rename new Node" command to "Create new Node as..." (alexy)
0004054: [Module VolumeRendering] crash when selecting multivolume for rendering (pieper)
0003240: [Core: CLI infrastructure] CLI node selection is not restored from a saved scene (millerjv)
0002051: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Compile a set of example illustrating the best "testing" practice (jcfr)
0001890: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python doesn't support new-style classes (msmolens)
0003092: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Pasting (with the context menu) in the command line invalidate the command (jcfr)
0002995: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Page up/page down/Home/End don't work in Python interactor (jcfr)
0002979: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Support for CLI point coordinateSystem (nicole)
0002958: [Module Editor] tweaks to the Editor UI (pieper)
0002843: [Core: Extensions] consolidate the list of extensions which are visible in the extension manager and the list which is visible on the slicer wiki (jcfr)
0002778: [Core: Extensions] Add "Download stats" on each extension page (jcfr)
0003855: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] The output baseline volume is not the baseline volume (alexy)
0003410: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Depends on MGH IO module provided by ITK (hjmjohnson)
0003474: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Consolidate list of modules. (jcfr)
0002466: [Core: CLI infrastructure] CLIs that use DVW nodes crash in MRMLIDImageIO (inorton)
0003159: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update Slicer build system to use numpy 1.7.1 (msmolens)
       0003160: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Make sure numpy 1.7.1 can be build on Unix and MacOSx without requiring Fortran compiler (msmolens)
0003956: [Core: MRML] Repeated saves of MRBs cause corruption (nicole)
0003549: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Import scripted module as python module (jcfr)
0002935: [Core: GUI] Add back orientation markers in 2D slice viewers (mehrtash)
0004027: [Core: Extensions] slicerExtensionWizard creates invalid icon files (Windows) (msmolens)
0003992: [Core: Base Code] LUT lost when changing scene views (nicole)
0001770: [Core: GUI] Close scene breaks the View Controllers module (millerjv)
0004065: [Module SimpleFilters] Crash when trying to apply simple itk filter after changing some parameters (blowekamp)
0004066: [Module Editor] Threshold paint don't work with values of 0 (pieper)
0004006: [Module SceneViews] Loading an MRB with a manual scene view disables Editor effects (nicole)
0004045: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] py_StandaloneEditorWidgetTest crashes on exit in PythonQt (msmolens)
0004004: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] SimpleITK interface to slicer broke in recent nightlys (jcfr)
0004073: [Core: MRML] BSpline-linear composite transform becomes inconsitent when split and edited (lassoan)
0003717: [Core: Base Code] Memory leak when scene saving fails (msmolens)
0003792: [Module DICOM] unable to remove one series of an exam in the dicom menu (nicole)
0004050: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Fix memory leaks associated with py_DTINotReproducibleIssue3977 (msmolens)
0004040: [Core: MRML] fix vtkMRMLSceneImportIDModelHierarchyConflictTest (nicole)
0003965: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Qt frameworks not installed correctly in Slicer.app to allow code signing (jcfr)
0003972: [Core: Base Code] Packaging does not include system libraries (jcfr)
0001898: [Module Markups] Feature request - Measuring with fiducials (nicole)
0003891: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Potential nodes and transforms in subject hierarchy (pinter)
0003927: [Module Models] need to make ModelHierarchyTreeView re-sizable for viewing large number of models/fibers (jcfr)
0003910: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix compilation warnings in DICOM export code (pinter)
0003881: [Core: Usability] vtkPVScalarBarActor hides the bar when the w/l are bellow some thresholds (mehrtash)
0003906: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] VTK fails to build (jcfr)
0004017: [Core: Units] adding support for more quantities in the Units module (jcfr)
0003892: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Improve parse local data in subject hierarchy (pinter)
0003467: [Module DICOM] Read and apply window/level settings defined in DICOM images (pinter)
0003898: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Create generic folders in subject hierarchy (pinter)
0003683: [Module Markups] Add option to focus camera in 3D view on position of fiducial (nicole)
0003895: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Two scrollbars in subject hierarchy when many node are loaded (pinter)
0003902: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Subject hierarchy nodes not created if importing old scene (pinter)
0003939: [Module EMSegment] EMSegment command line option removals needed for BRAINSFit (jcfr)
0002267: [Core: MRML] Add "SliceIntersectionWidth" property to ModelDisplayNode (nicole)
0003993: [Core: MRML] Registration Transform only applies transform 1 (lassoan)
0003994: [Module Editor] Not able to set merge volume with certain node names (pieper)
0004029: [Core: Extensions] Packaging fails for some extensions, Linux packaging missing for some extensions (jcfr)
0004060: [Core: GUI] can't get out of data bundle mode
0004067: [Core: Base Code] python urlopen CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED error (jcfr)
0004043: [Core: GUI] Slice annotations turn into a white box after scene close (jcfr)
0003844: [Core: GUI] Extension module categories are added on the bottom (pinter)
0003218: [Core: Extensions] Loadable module loading from extension fails on linux (jcfr)
0002615: [Core: GUI] Threshold can be set only to integer value in Volume module (finetjul)
0003823: [Extension: SlicerRT / Module: Plastimatch] Plastimatch and dependent modules cannot be loaded on windows 8 (gregsharp)
0003961: [Module Markups] Problem with removing all markups from a fiducial list (nicole)
0003857: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Scalar display is incorrect in Tractography Display (alexy)
0003223: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Removing fibers using "Interactive Fiber Editor" is randomly "Undone"
0003894: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python wrapped classes not loaded when starting from Visual Studio for debugging (pinter)
0003913: [Module BRAINS] General Registration (BRAINS) Crash (hjmjohnson)
0003916: [Module BRAINS] BRAINSFit: splineGridSize vector vs scalar behaves differently on Windows and Linux (hjmjohnson)
0004075: [Extension: SlicerRT] Wrong resolution in DIOCM RT Dose isodose display (pinter)
0003677: [Module Markups] Huge empty space in Markups module UI (nicole)
0003304: [Module Volumes] Make "regular scalar volume" to/from labelmap conversions easier (jcfr)
0003864: [Module DataProbe] Error when setting a format to StudyTime value while importing DICOM series
0003680: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Do not build documentation by default (lassoan)
0003850: [Core: GUI] qMRMLSliceControllerWidgetEventTranslatorPlayerTest1 failing on MacOSX (jcfr)
0003971: [Module Markups] Error in vtkWidgetRepresentation when activating 2D projection on markup (nicole)
0003976: [Core: Extensions] Socket communication in 3D Slicer (jcfr)
0003382: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Crash while attempting to read a MultiVolume node produced by a CLI (millerjv)
0003424: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] MacOSX - Always specify the minimum possible supported depolyement target (jcfr)
0003921: [Core: Usability] Slicer 4.4 hangs and crashes on close scene after Model Maker (pieper)
0003952: [Module DICOM] Improve DICOM reference loader (fedorov)
0003899: [Module Markups] Markup disappears when moving out then back in to view in slice views (nicole)
0003642: [Core: CLI infrastructure] All CLI parameter's edit box's precision changes while typing (finetjul)
124 issues View Issues
Released 2014-08-07
0003827: [Core: Packaging] library paths incorrect on mac install package - can't run dicom executables (jcfr)
0003808: [Module LandmarkRegistration] Impossible to move landmarks, on one, two or three of the slices (nicole)
0003647: [Module LandmarkRegistration] Hiding/Removing "Reload and Test" section (pieper)
0003778: [Core: GUI] dragging models under hierarchy node causes crash (finetjul)
0003655: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Unable to run Matlab module (millerjv)
0003654: [Module LandmarkRegistration] Target transform should be general transform (pieper)
0003688: [Module DICOM] DICOMScalerVolumePlugin name parsing error caused by umlaut (pieper)
0003739: [Module BRAINS] BRAINS modules complain about libBRAINSCommonLib.a missing. At build log strange directory for search of this file. (kentwilliams)
0003779: [Module EMSegment] 'itk::ExceptionObject exception is thrown in TransformFileWriterTemplate which is run in connection with BRAINS (hjmjohnson)
0002498: [Module DICOM] Import / LocalDatabase usability (not clear) (mehrtash)
0003742: [Module EMSegment] Only on Precompiled MAC builds: path of OtsuThresholdImageFilter is not found (jcfr)
0003788: [Core: MRML] need to be able to read ITK composite transforms from BRAINSFit in h5 format (pieper)
0003830: [Core: Extensions] Ensure Extensions are not using ITKDeprecated header (jcfr)
0003852: [Core: GUI] Some manual do not show up (jcfr)
0001947: [Core: Extensions] resize extension screenshots to match dialog size (jcfr)
0003349: [Core: Base Code] Fix pipeline for glyphing (jcfr)
0002938: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Tweak python console (jcfr)
0003758: [Module Markups] py_LoadAnnotationRulerScene display an error about missing ruler.mrml (nicole)
0003790: [Core: Base Code] Dimension is not correctly displayed in Volumes (jcfr)
0003756: [Module Markups] Checking transform box in Markups crashes Slicer (nicole)
0003780: [Core: MRML] Slices in 3D view are not updated when the volume node is changed (finetjul)
0003768: [Core: MRML] Slicer randomly hangs when closing or opening scene (alexy)
0003736: [Core: Base Code] Does DWIConverter module write Nrrd file on disk ? (kentwilliams)
0003714: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Multiple Subject nodes with study - fail to reparent study (pinter)
0002712: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Parsing an output parameter file with empty values causes a string error crash (millerjv)
0003718: [Core: GUI] Slice intersection do not appear unless slice shown in 3D view (nicole)
0003548: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] OpenIGTLink message converter classes (tokuda)
0003821: [Module Markups] Nightly, Crash when selecting 2d projection in Markups. (nicole)
0001424: [Core: GUI] it would be nice to have a description field for volumes and models (pinter)
0002089: [Core: Extensions] Either on-demand or when slicer starts, check if there are available extensions update. (matthew-woehlke)
0002919: [Core: Base Code] Add UseColorNameAsLabel for scalar bar widget (nicole)
0003807: [Module LandmarkRegistration] Crash when selecting "MRhead" and and "DTIVolume" (pieper)
0002109: [Core: GUI] Edit properties in Data module does not switch to the correct object (pinter)
0001398: [Core: GUI] Edit Properties... doesn't exist everywhere (pinter)
0003759: [Module SubjectHierarchy] qSlicerSubjectHierarchyModuleWidgetGenericTest: warning - No such slot qMRMLScenePotentialSubjectHierarchyModel::invalidate() (pinter)
0003374: [Core: MRML] Volumes loaded from DICOM that have dots in filename cannot be assigned a static file name (pieper)
0003471: [Core: GUI] r22641 cannot be built with Qt 4.7.4 on Mac (jcfr)
0003454: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] OpenIGTLinkIF cannot receive LBMETA data (tokuda)
0003460: [Core: GUI] Fix wekit performance issue on MacOSX 10.9 (jcfr)
0003463: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Error loading python script arguments (jcfr)
0003511: [Core: Base Code] Data files can only loaded with lowercase extension (jcfr)
0002431: [Core: Base Code] OpenIGTLinkIF leaks (jcfr)
0003493: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] OpenIGTLinkIF - Anticipated compile issue (jcfr)
0001739: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SLICER_USE_SYSTEM_xyzlib for each superbuild dependency (jcfr)
0003416: [Core: MRML] Custom reference roles cannot be loaded with a scene (alexy)
       0003469: [Module Models] RSNA 2013 3D visualization course (nicole)
0003494: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] MultiVolumeExplorer - Anticipated compile issue (jcfr)
0003521: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build fails on Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick due to compile error in VTK (jcfr)
0003515: [Core: Base Code] Scene view memory leak when exiting Slicer (jcfr)
0003488: [Module Transforms] Min/Max translation not respected in local coordinates mode (jcfr)
0003524: [Module Editor] Editor effects produce to output due to unexpected image (pieper)
0003513: [Module VolumeRendering] Crash when closing the scene while in the volume rendering module (finetjul)
0003400: [Core: Packaging] Convert "DataStore" into core module (jcfr)
0003620: [Core: Usability] Slicer fails to start: libssl.so.1.0.0: undefined symbol: EVP_idea_cbc (jcfr)
0003512: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Description of vtkSlicerVolumeRenderingLogic::SetThresholdToVolumeProp() bad english (nicole)
0003591: Operation Tab - Diffusion Tensor Scalar Measurements module (jcfr)
0003522: [Core: Base Code] Build fails on Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick with X Code 5.0.2 due to nice() call (jcfr)
0003429: [Core: GUI] Slicer 4.3 crashes when dragging 3 images to import. (pieper)
0003568: [Module DICOM] Unexpected error when missing files in the dicom volume (pieper)
0003533: [Core: GUI] Module selector drops modules from the next list (jcfr)
0003586: [Core: MRML] Volume color table nodes have incorrect TableRange (nicole)
0003585: [Module DICOM] 'Start listener when Slicer starts' setting is not saved/used (mehrtash)
0003596: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] OpenIGTLinkIF to MRML, default to STATE_OFF (tokuda)
0003576: [Module Editor] Erase tool is not cancelled after selecting an other effect (pieper)
0003573: [Core: MRML] Model scalar display: lookup table scalar range option (nicole)
       0003783: [Module Models] Force color to children checkbox does not work (nicole)
0003561: [Module EMSegment] Segmentation Task "Hand Bone" crashes (pohl)
0003556: [Module Markups] Jumping to an incorrect slice when a new markup is added (nicole)
0003480: [Module Markups] Markups are not updating if loaded from a Scene (nicole)
0003545: [Core: GUI] DWI component scroll bar is missing. (jcfr)
       0003544: [Core: CLI infrastructure] DWIConvert does not load converted image into slicer (hjmjohnson)
0003610: [Module Transforms] Crash when transforms are received through OpenIGTLink (lassoan)
0003535: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] DICOM widget freezes using MultiVolume reader (fedorov)
0003611: [Module Transforms] Inverse transforms are not updated in the transform nodes (lassoan)
0003587: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Resetting the temporary directory doesn't prompt a restart, CLI logic uses old value (millerjv)
0003395: [Core: Extensions] when quitting Slicer, cli process continue (jcfr)
0001875: [Core: GUI] strange behavior of the volume module (finetjul)
0003326: [Module Markups] Add toggle for slice intersections in Markups GUI (nicole)
0001760: [Module SceneViews] Remember Thumbnail preference when taking SceneViews (nicole)
0003386: [Core: Base Code] Import of certain dicom image series results in incorrect scalar type (mccormic)
0001914: [Module Annotations] fiducial points misplaced after switching layouts (jcfr)
0003632: [Module Markups] Markup transformation incorrect (nicole)
0001299: [Core: GUI] Facelift for Sceneviews Module (nicole)
0003472: [Core: MRML] Remove vtkMRMLScene::Edited method and associated SceneEditedEvent (jcfr)
0001263: [Core: Base Code] Simplify qMRMLUtils::qImageToVtkImageData() (crmullin)
0003601: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Create developer documentation for new ExtensionWizard module (matthew-woehlke)
0003608: [Core: Extensions] ExtensionsManager: Add ability to view details page for installed extensions. (matthew-woehlke)
       0001907: [Core: Extensions] Icons in "Manage Extensions" are default icons, not extension specific icons (matthew-woehlke)
0003700: [Core: Base Code] Fix debug message at Slicer startup (finetjul)
0003319: [Module Markups] Markup fiducial coordinates are not updated when dragged near existing fiducials (nicole)
       0003514: [Core: Base Code] VTK6 Integration - Slicer code refactoring to not use vktDataObject type argument in pipelines (yuzheng)
0002912: [Core: Extensions] Install dependent extensions (matthew-woehlke)
0003672: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] tractography display have multiple issues (nicole)
0003694: [Module EMSegment] All tests based on EMSegmentCommandLine.cxx fail (pieper)
0003691: [Core: GUI] Store style in user settings instead of "revision-user" settings (matthew-woehlke)
0003485: [Core: Base Code] Slicer Code refactoring to use pure VTK5 API (yuzheng)
0002397: [Core: Packaging] Remove lib and h files from the Slicer package (jcfr)
0003356: [Core: Extensions] Extension Package name should be associated with last commit date instead of the current date of the day. (jcfr)
0003034: [Module N4ITKBiasFieldCorrection] N4ITKBiasFieldCorrection - tweak accessibly and default of parameters (fedorov)
0003761: [Module Markups] Markups: test_MarkupsInCompareViewersSelfTest1 is failing (nicole)
0003763: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SimpleITK - Download of setuptools-2.2 failed because of powershell issue (jcfr)
0003766: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Filename conflicts with vtkNRRDReader and vtkNrrdReader (jcfr)
0003771: [Core: Extensions] After installing an extension, Slicer fails to load slicer/vtk/.. python module (jcfr)
0003361: [Module ViewControllers] "No such slot" message when exiting Slicer (jcfr)
0003757: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Ensure "easy-install.pth" is properly updated when doing parallel build (jcfr)
0003772: [Core: Extensions] Env. path variable are not properly serialized in user settings (jcfr)
0003603: [Core: Extensions] Creation of python extension directly from Slicer. (matthew-woehlke)
0003730: [Core: Extensions] Additional launcher setting are not added to the environment (jcfr)
0003419: [Module EMSegment] Mismatch between vtkIdType and int - Fix warnings (pohl)
0003720: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Update py_SubjectHierarchyGenericSelfTest to support VTK6 (pinter)
0002145: [Core: Extensions] Provide a mechanism allowing to easily install extension given the location of the package (matthew-woehlke)
0003741: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] On MacOSX 10.6, link error when building with VTK6 (jcfr)
0003749: [Core: Extensions] ExtensionWizard - --contribute option not available on windows even if SSL support is enabled (jcfr)
0003658: [Core: Base Code] opening settings dialog erases external changes to settings (matthew-woehlke)
0003719: [Module SubjectHierarchy] py_SubjectHierarchyGenericSelfTest passes but it ouput warning about slot disconnection (pinter)
0003754: [Core: MRML] Scene close crashes at the end of python test SubjectHierarchyGenericTest (pinter)
0003750: [Core: Extensions] ExtensionWizard does not work from MAcOSX package (jcfr)
0003708: [Core: MRML] vtkSlicerUnitsLogicTest1 is failing (jcfr)
0003663: [Module Markups] "Delete fiducial" popup does not remember user preference (nicole)
0003803: [Core: GUI] Slice intersections for navigation don't work (nicole)
0003405: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Superbuild fails when compiling Python and Tk extension on OS X 10.8/10.9 with XQuartz (jcfr)
0003809: [Core: Base Code] slicer hangs on startup and can lead to machine crashing (jcfr)
0003815: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Legacy module OtsuThresholdImageFilter is needed by EMSegment (jcfr)
0003822: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix packaging of libtk8.6.dylib on MacOSX (jcfr)
0003333: [Module ExtractSkeleton] CLI - ExtractSkeleton module has no test (padfield)
0003846: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] slicer crashes when trying to do label map seeding (pieper)
0003845: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] label map tractography is broken (probably a vtk6 issue) (alexy)
0003798: [Module DICOM] Clicking on Advanced checkbox changes size of the DICOM browser window (mehrtash)
0003804: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Ensure Ctrl-C kill the application (jcfr)
0003795: [Module Volumes] Clone volume node without an assoicated display node will crash slicer. (jcfr)
0003813: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Continuous changing of connector node state while waiting for connection (tokuda)
0003784: [Core: Extensions] Log info to the console when updating extension (matthew-woehlke)
0003879: [Core: Base Code] Trying to edit snapshots created by scripted extension wizard crash Slicer (nicole)
0003873: [Module VectorToScalarVolume] Vector to scalar volume fails (pieper)
0003872: [Core: Packaging] Fix MacOSX packaging including *OpenGL libraries (jcfr)
0003077: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Fix warning related to qSlicerOpenIGTLinkIFModuleWidget::setMRMLScene (jcfr)
0003253: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Ensure style library are properly fixed up on MacOSX (johan.andruejol)
0003252: [Core: GUI] Slicer appear gray when used on LinuxMint15 (johan.andruejol)
0002591: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] bug in slicer.util.moduleNames() (jcfr)
0003421: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Revert r22484 and update ITKv4 git tag (jcfr)
0003459: [Module Annotations] Fix ROI annotation when linked against Qt 4.8.5 (jcfr)
0001683: [Core: Packaging] ctk app launcher doesn't handle windows command console (jcfr)
0003381: [Module EMSegment] EMSegment does not work (pohl)
0002454: [Module Editor] Add FastMarching effect to Editor (fedorov)
0003076: [Module Editor] Editor doesn't update scalar range (finetjul)
0003115: [Module Editor] Editor module does not draw with the selected color (nicole)
0002990: [Core: GUI] Allow modules to define custom layouts (jcfr)
0003145: [Core: MRML] New Units code leading to mrml xml issues (johan.andruejol)
0003123: [Module Annotations] Distance measurement error when creating an annotation ruler (nicole)
0003143: [Core: GUI] qMRMLSliderWidget and qMRMLCoordinatesWidget crash on selection node (johan.andruejol)
0003114: [Module Colors] Opacity values in colormap are not copied (nicole)
0003340: [Module (Any modules)] CLI - FiducialRegistration module has no test (aylward)
0002739: [Core: GUI] Add configuration of two slice viewers (millerjv)
0002727: [Core: MRML] Implementing node references is complex and error-prone (alexy)
0003432: [Module (Any modules)] Running RSNA2012Quant test compains about missing nuclear medicine output csv parameter file (nicole)
0003325: [Core: Extensions] crash on linux showing extension manager (jcfr)
0003417: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Creating new point nodes in CLIs creates a Slicer3 vtkMRMLFiducialListNode (nicole)
0003397: [Module Markups] "Copy" fidicial across lists (nicole)
0003412: crash in FiberBundleLabelSelect when input has no tensors (pieper)
0003438: [Core: GUI] Slicer somettimes hangs at the end of scene saving (jcfr)
0003476: [Core: Base Code] Display the slice(s) in one 3D view and not another (jcfr)
0003341: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] CLI - ResampleDTIVolume - Fix itkTestMainExtendedScalarTest (fbudin)
0002931: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] restrict a tract by a second ROI (Region Of Interest). (demian)
0003235: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Add And/Or logic for multiple label selection in FiberBundleLabelSelect (alexy)
0003207: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] no documentation for interactive seeding (alexy)
0003403: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] FiberBundleLabelSelect module AND operation does not work (alexy)
0003062: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Crash when using FiberBundleLabelSelect (alexy)
0003191: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Restrict tracts interactively (alexy)
0003084: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Multiple usability issues in ROI selection in Tractography Display module (alexy)
0003404: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] ROI labels in Interactive Tractography Seeding module get reset (alexy)
0003661: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] The maximal value for the min, max and integration step length is 10 m. (finetjul)
0003054: [Module (Any modules)] Image Label Combine does not work with multiple label value labelmaps (alexy)
0003487: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] incorret file name sorting in multivolume importer (fedorov)
0003071: [Module BRAINS] Brainsfit crashes (pieper)
0003108: [Extension: (Any extensions)] Slicer crashes when the VolumeResliceDriver and VisuaLine are used together (Lchauvin)
0003810: [Extension: (Any extensions)] Impossible to select the downloaded atlasMask.mha in the Atlas mask Volume field (jcfr)
0003175: [Extension: (Any extensions)] Extension not loading (millerjv)
0003861: [Extension: (Any extensions)] ChangeTracker does not threshold correctly (fedorov)
0003291: [Core: Base Code] Drag and drop feature (jcfr)
0003565: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] UKF crashes with more than 8 seeds per voxel (reckbo)
0003359: [Module Editor] Cannot draw with brush radius of 2 pixels (pieper)
0003656: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update version of OpenSSL (jcfr)
0003738: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Missing features in I/O Configuration (tokuda)
0002427: [Core: GUI] No implementation of qMRMLNodeComboBox::editCurrentNode() (finetjul)
0003854: [Core: MRML] Fix hierarchy node to invoke ChildNodeRemovedEvent (alexy)
0003497: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume rendering of label maps is black (VTK GPU Ray Casting on OSX) (finetjul)
0003619: [Module Editor] Runtime error when trying to use wand tool (pieper)
0003622: [Module VolumeRendering] When VTK OpenGL 3D Texture Mapping renderer is selected, Volume Rendering fails in response to clicking the eye. (finetjul)
0001824: [Core: GUI] Slicer Viewer Controller windows pop up and obscur "Select Folder" when doing 'Destination for all selected' (finetjul)
0002077: [Core: GUI] Popup widget does not respect OS stacking? (finetjul)
0001763: [Core: GUI] Slide down menu to select background image and foreground image appears on top of other windows (finetjul)
0003217: [Module Markups] Not possible to show fiducial/ruler projections in only select 2d viewers (nicole)
       0003216: [Module Markups] adding/removing view node ids does not work for 3d viewer (nicole)
0003649: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Color Image Transfer (tokuda)
0003597: [Core: MRML] need to implement orientation transform for the grid transforms (lassoan)
0001913: [Core: GUI] Apply BSpline transformation to models (alexy)
       0003615: [Module Transforms] Bspline transform is not applied on model slice intersections (alexy)
0002273: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Demons Registration (BRAINS) does not produce deformation field / cannot save (lassoan)
0003613: [Core: Extensions] No extension found (jcfr)
0003534: [Core: GUI] Slicer always crashes on exit on some Win7-64-bit configuration (jcfr)
0003567: [Module Volumes] Units for Volume Information:Image Dimensions listed as mm should probably be listed as pixels (jcfr)
0002536: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Have CLI parameters described on module documentation (jcfr)
0002923: [Core: Extensions] MacOSX - Slicer's additional module paths are user-dependent but extensions are not (jcfr)
0003301: [Core: Base Code] updated qvtk code now crashes in situations that used to work (jcfr)
0003053: [Module BRAINS] Brainsfit does not compile when compiling DICOM without Slicer (jcfr)
0003401: [Core: Packaging] Remove Slicer legacy module from the trunk (jcfr)
0002741: [Module EMSegment] Fix EMSegCL_Task_{HumanEye, MRIHumanBrainExp}_BRAINS_small failing on windows (pohl)
0003687: [Module Welcome] Update Slicer Welcome module for 4.4 release (jcfr)
0001839: [Core: GUI] cosmetics for the welcome module (jcfr)
0003828: [Module Editor] wand tool does not work (pieper)
0003579: [Module DICOM] Very few patients, studies, series are visible in the DICOM browser (mehrtash)
0003747: [Module DICOM] Browser doesn't hide after loading even with persistent flag off (mehrtash)
0003755: [Module Transforms] toInt warning when opening transform module (finetjul)
0002893: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Add more details to SupportedData format page (jcfr)
0003801: [Module DICOM] Slicer does not recognise DICOM orientation in new update (pieper)
0003627: [Module LandmarkRegistration] LandmarkRegistration - Fix test (pieper)
0003777: [Core: MRML] Icons in scene views cause reparenting fail (alexy)
0002921: [Core: Usability] Provide visual feedback when a selt test run within Slicer failed (pieper)
0001604: [Module Annotations] fiducials visibility status not tracked in initial creation of a dual 3d view setup (nicole)
0003484: [Core: GUI] Fix Scene export - MRB dialog forgets path of last saved action (jcfr)
0003559: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Glyphs are ellipsiod disks perpendicular to the fiber tracts (reckbo)
0003727: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Update BuildTestPackageDistributeExtensions page to use the latest and greatest extension wizard feature (jcfr)
0003715: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Fix failing test vtkSlicerSubjectHierarchyModuleLogicTest (pinter)
0003729: [Core: Base Code] Crash at startup. Error caused by two fields being blanked in .config/NA-MIC/Slicer-23213.ini . Ideas what might cause it? (finetjul)
0003682: [Core: MRML] Crash when NULL node reference is set (alexy)
0003693: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] DWIConvert does not have documentation (kentwilliams)
0003746: [Module EMSegment] vtkImageIslandFilter does not work after VTK 6 transition (finetjul)
0003744: [Module EMSegment] vtkImageLabelPropagation crashes when using VTK6 (finetjul)
0003735: [Module LandmarkRegistration] Landmark Registration module crashes when there are spaces in the volume names (pieper)
0003662: [Module Markups] B-spline transform applied to a fiducial list does not change the coordinates of the fiducial (nicole)
0003659: [Module Models] Model color messed up after placing under a bspline transform (lassoan)
0003660: [Module Transforms] Interaction with fiducials is broken when fiducials under a bspline transform (alexy)
0003725: [Core: Base Code] SimpleITK is not available in nightly build due to incorrect library path fixup (jcfr)
0003391: [Core: Extensions] Empty categories in Extensions manager (matthew-woehlke)
0003721: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix VTK6 installed python path (matthew-woehlke)
0003578: [Module DICOM] Allow auto-examine in the DICOM browser (mehrtash)
0003571: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Import SimpleITK in Release build crashes Slicer (blowekamp)
0003681: [Core: Extensions] Extension Manager 'All' list does not show all extensions (jcfr)
0003375: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Tag SlicerExecutionModel, SlicerVTK. etc ... (jcfr)
0002654: [Core: Extensions] Support extension metadata url having parameter (jcfr)
0003673: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Support VTK6. (tokuda)
0003665: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Compiler warning (tokuda)
0003158: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Building Slicer with numpy-1.4.1 failed using VS2010 (jcfr)
0003607: [Core: Extensions] ExtensionsManager: Exclude category "Example" from "All" listing (matthew-woehlke)
0001156: [Core: Packaging] Slicer launcher to embed Slicer icon (jcfr)
0002721: [Core: Extensions] tweaks to the extension manager (jcfr)
0003492: [Module Editor] Editor doesn't load by default the color table (pieper)
0003570: [Module VolumeRendering] crash closing scene with volume rendering visible (finetjul)
0002519: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Discuss with the community and setup a branchy workflow (jcfr)
0003490: [Core: GUI] Every save scene moves the scene file directory up one level (pieper)
0002772: [Module DICOM] Mac OS X slicer built version - storescp to be copied to slicer-build (pieper)
0003371: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] configuring slicer on mac is super slow (jcfr)
0002331: [Core: Extensions] extension manager needs tweaking (jcfr)
       0002333: [Core: Extensions] Ensure scroll bar is displayed in Extensions Manager dialog (jcfr)
0003478: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Pass the new node when NewDeviceEvent is invoked. (tokuda)
0003447: [Module Transforms] Read Data dialog needs option of reading vector volumes as vtkMRMLGridTransformNode (alexy)
0002086: [Core: Extensions] Revision number in extension detail view page (jcfr)
0003495: [Core: Base Code] Broken Install (jcfr)
0003363: [Core: Base Code] Vector fields cannot be read from nrrd files (millerjv)
0003388: [Core: MRML] Review how mrml reference are observed in vtkMRMLTransformableNode and vtkMRMLDisplayableNode (alexy)
0003436: [Module Transforms] moving a model outside a transform node does not update display (alexy)
0003501: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Send all OpenIGTLink outputs to newly connected clients (tokuda)
0003372: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] warnings compiling python scripts in cmake (jcfr)
0003499: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Propagate cmake variable Slicer_QTSCRIPTEDMODULES_DISABLED (finetjul)
0003427: [Core: Usability] Add the capability to configure slice controllers labels (fedorov)
0003344: [Module Models] Crash with StringArray model (finetjul)
0003491: [Module Editor] Paint tool reset (pieper)
0003399: [Core: GUI] Hide / Disable category that do not contain modules (finetjul)
0003536: [Core: GUI] Slicer leaks lots of memory if the viewer window size is changed (jcfr)
0003528: [Module DICOM] DICOM interface issues (pieper)
0003481: [Module Annotations] port placement module and annotations (luis)
0003083: [Module DicomToNrrdConverter] DWIConvert does not support non-DWI volumes (hjmjohnson)
0003184: [Module N4ITKBiasFieldCorrection] inputImageName parameter should not be optional (fedorov)
0003148: [Core: MRML] crash on re-parenting model under a different transform (alexy)
0003203: [Core: CLI infrastructure] FiberBundleLabelSelect module does not work correctly when no "pass label" is specified (alexy)
0003470: [Module Editor] Slicer crash when clicking on an edge voxel with the tracelevel editor effect (pieper)
0003106: [Module DICOM] Slicer crashes when 2nd instance uses DICOM module (pieper)
0002838: [Module Annotations] ROI Annotations leak (alexy)
0003120: Scalar mesurements in nightly build (alexy)
0003215: [Module Annotations] 2d projections of fiducials and rulers do not appear when fiducial in slice plane (Lchauvin)
0003112: [Core: MRML] problem calling SetAndObserveNthNodeReferenceID for transfom nodes (alexy)
0002894: [Module DICOM] DB lockout with multiple Slicers running (pieper)
0003379: [Module Models] need Hierarchy display for Fibers similar to models (alexy)
0003520: [Module DICOM] Newly imported DICOM data does not appear in the browser (hjmjohnson)
0002501: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] Single volumes are detected as MultiVolume images during DICOM loading (fedorov)
0002828: [Module DICOM] Some column headers in the DICOM browser are wrong (pieper)
0003024: [Core: CLI infrastructure] defaultPixelValue is not passed to all occurrences of ResampleFilter in itkImagetoImageRegistrationHelper.txx (mccormic)
0002836: [Core: GUI] Most of setting Panels‘ GUI were created before qm files was loaded, and they can not be internationalized (sankhesh)
0003028: [Core: GUI] "interpolate" button in 2D views are not synced with Volume module "interpolate" checbox (alexy)
0003283: [Module Editor] Crash in editor due to out of memory (pieper)
0002918: [Module Annotations] Implement projection of fiducial points on 2D viewers (Lchauvin)
0003067: [Module EMSegment] EMSegment - Fix EMSegment/AMF/vtkImagePropagateDist2.cxx warnings (pohl)
0002930: [Core: Usability] labelmaps created in Slicer4 off by one slice (pieper)
0001896: [Module Annotations] Problems with fiducials (nicole)
0001838: [Module DICOM] Viewing DICOM header info. (assign to Steve Pieper) (mehrtash)
0001531: [Module Annotations] Annotation .acsv files not recognised by Add Data (nicole)
0002079: [Module Annotations] Fiducial 2d reps sometimes in wrong slice (nicole)
0001509: [Module SceneViews] Models' visibility in the Abdominal Atlas (alexy)
0001587: [Core: Base Code] When saving a scene, the original dataset is listed as modified (alexy)
0001500: [Module SceneViews] Scene Views module: restore issue (nicole)
0001355: [Module SceneViews] Scene Views module: restore issue (nicole)
0001385: When loading a complex scene with a DT image, the glyphs are generated even if they were not visualized when the scene was saved (demian)
0001778: Tractography Display module (alexy)
0002656: tube slices do not show up on dti volume at first (alexy)
0001924: [Core: Usability] Need new options for 3D slice model view spacing and FOV: (alexy)
0001514: [Module EMSegment] Plot is not correctly scaled (pohl)
0001860: Enable the DWI to Full brain tractography workflow to start from DWI nodes already in slicer (demian)
0001876: [Module DICOM] Add notification icon when new data comes in via DICOM listener (pieper)
0001867: Restoring a scene view with tract intersection (demian)
0001836: FA maps have bigger value that 1 (demian)
0001399: Coloring the tracts by median orientation (demian)
0001969: [Module DICOM] can't import dicom images (pieper)
0002117: Speed problems with CLI modules processing DWI images (demian)
0002221: [Module SceneViews] scene view do not update internal storage node file names on save (alexy)
0003141: [Core: MRML] crash when saving scene (null lookup table in color table storage node) (alexy)
0002229: [Module SceneViews] storable nodes present in sceneView but not in the main scene are not saved on scene save (alexy)
0002275: Tractography Label Map is crashing (demian)
0002632: [Module Editor] crash in growcut with unsigned char volume (millerjv)
0002340: [Core: Base Code] Option "autoLevel" and "interpolate" are not considered in vtkSlicerVolumesLogic::AddArchetypeVolume (alexy)
0002380: [Core: Base Code] Transforms module issue: display of translation component when values exceed default max values (sankhesh)
0002392: [Core: MRML] ScalarVisibility in new ModelNode -- colors appear late (alexy)
0002394: Saving a scene with tracts (demian)
0002438: Crash in Tractography display (alexy)
0002506: Tutorial 4 - Volume Rendering 0000002 Abdomen (sankhesh)
0002786: [Module Editor] Eraser not working in Editor (pieper)
0002588: Tutorial 9 - Part3 - Memory leaks after closing scene and then slice (fedorov)
0002177: [Core: QtTesting] reproducibility issue with QtTesting Macro (BenjaminLong)
0002503: Tutorial 1 - Data Loading and Visualization (millerjv)
0002062: [Core: CLI infrastructure] DWI filter functions fail (no output) (demian)
0002301: [Module DICOM] DICOM loader skipping some image sets (pieper)
0002339: [Core: Base Code] Option "singleFile" and "useOrientationFromFile" are not considered in vtkSlicerVolumesLogic::AddHeaderVolume (alexy)
0002092: incorporate label seeding into Fiducial Seeding module (alexy)
0002169: [Core: QtTesting] py_NeurosurgicalPlanningTutorial and py_DiffusionTensorImagingTutorial failing when CLI are not built (BenjaminLong)
0002118: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Editor module documentation hyperlink is broken (pieper)
0002487: [Core: MRML] provide a utility method in vtkMRMLHierarchyNode to move hierarchies up/down one in parent (alexy)
0001395: slice glyphs do not scale right (alexy)
0003009: [Core: Base Code] Slice compositing pipeline not respecting color table alpha values (alexy)
0003018: [Core: Base Code] "Hardening" multiplies matrices in wrong order (alexy)
0002681: [Core: Base Code] Slice spacing mode is not managed by SliceLinkLogic (millerjv)
0002916: [Core: MRML] Fix vtkSlicerModelsLogicAutoRemoveTest (alexy)
0002489: [Core: Base Code] Crash on closing when OpenIGTLink connector node in scene (tokuda)
0002631: [Module DICOM] Can't cancel DICOM module startup dialog (pieper)
0002747: [Module DICOM] Crash when importing series with certain string encoding (pieper)
0003238: [Module Volumes] Freesurfer labels load incorrectly (hjmjohnson)
0003258: Slicer crashes on FiberBundle Label Select (alexy)
0002153: [Core: Chart] Crash when deleting an ArrayNode from the Data module (alexy)
0003228: add preset menu to interactive tractography (alexy)
0003539: [Core: MRML] Slicer crashes when a cloned model node is deleted (alexy)
0003268: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Cannot set PYTHON_DIR (jcfr)
0003236: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build curl with OpenSSL support (jcfr)
350 issues View Issues
0003507: [Core: Base Code] Self-test RSNA2013 3D Visualization of DICOM images (nicole)
0003440: 4.3.1 [not 4.3.0] 'Exception thrown in event: Calling methods on uninitialized ctkDICOMItem' (nicole)
0003506: [Core: Base Code] Self-test RSNA2013 Quantitative Imaging Tutorial (nicole)
3 issues View Issues
0003441: 4.3.1 [not 4.3.0] 'Exception thrown in event: Calling methods on uninitialized ctkDICOMItem'
1 issue View Issues
Released 2013-09-13
0003294: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Swig fails to configure with octave installed unless octave-headers are installed (jcfr)
0003189: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] libarchive installed as symlink breaks Slicer.app in build tree (jcfr)
0003179: [Core: Extensions] warn when trying to install extensions in read-only directory (jcfr)
0003172: [Core: GUI] "Help"/"About 3D Slicer" window lacks "OK" button, hanging Slicer under some Linux window managers. (jcfr)
0003129: [Module Transforms] Slicer crashes if Alt+Tab is pressed when transforms module is active (jcfr)
0002989: [Core: Base Code] Loading the same color table node twice crashes Slicer. (jcfr)
0003229: [Core: Base Code] add an offer for users to share their stories (jcfr)
0003366: [Core: GUI] Save dialog should filter out readonly directory (jcfr)
0003369: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] can't build from scratch with latest cmake (jcfr)
0003402: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Superbuild fails using Xcode 5.0 or Xcode 5.0 command line tools (jcfr)
0003392: [Core: Extensions] Editor effect extension template is using incorrect macro and should be updated (jcfr)
0003380: [Core: MRML] Slicer crashes when a DTI volume is reloaded (jcfr)
0003370: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] can't build BRAINS (DWIConvert) if dicom is turned off (jcfr)
0002535: [Core: Base Code] slicer can hang after restart due to full output buffer (jcfr)
0003091: [Core: CLI infrastructure] CLI / BRAINSFit do not place moving volume under transform... (millerjv)
0003328: [Module Markups] Neurosurgial Planning Tutorial bugs in Markups (nicole)
0003296: [Module Annotations] Saving a scene with fiducials (nicole)
0003393: [Extension: (Any extensions)] Cannot download Extentions (jcfr)
0003753: [Module LabelStatistics] LabelStatistics reports incorrect stats when label image pixel order is different from that of the image volume (pieper)
0001918: [Core: Usability] Color scale (mehrtash)
0003413: [Core: MRML] Saving a scene results in a crash if a node reference is added but its role is not (alexy)
0003387: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] SurfaceToolBox fail to import in release package (pieper)
0003423: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] ModuleWizard not replacing all strings when creating a self test (pieper)
0002599: [Core: MRML] vtkObserverManager warning (alexy)
0003394: [Core: Extensions] Exit abnormally loading extension manager (jcfr)
0003187: Link Icon Does not actually link the 3 slice views (red window, green window, and yellow window.) (jcfr)
0002714: [Core: GUI] Color module - create copy of color node, not showing up in save data dialog (finetjul)
0002052: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Add a catalog of available test data (cmarion)
0001473: [Core: GUI] Colors module GUI - need color indices (finetjul)
0002013: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Create a Resources page on Slicer wiki (jcfr)
0003414: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Impossible to clone Slicer on Windows 64bit (jcfr)
0002904: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Document process allowing to version wiki documentation (jcfr)
0002138: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Document process to create a branch (jcfr)
33 issues View Issues
Released 2013-09-04
See http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=22408
0002326: [Core: Base Code] Save Data should always make unique filenames (pieper)
0003313: [Module CropVolume] Crash on close scene after using the module (fedorov)
0003233: [Module ModelToLabelMap] Model to Label Map label value hard coded to 255 (nicole)
0001822: [Module Editor] Split volume results corrupted (pieper)
0002647: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Create a macro named slicerMacroBuildScriptedModule (jcfr)
0002871: [Core: Base Code] crash in error log during multi-threaded imports (pieper)
0002247: [Core: Base Code] Rename qSlicerMODULE_NAMEModule.ui into qSlicerMODULE_NAMEModuleWidget.ui (crmullin)
0002863: [Core: GUI] Error message "File ... qSlicerBaseQTCore_fr.qm" doesn't exist." when starting Slicer (jcfr)
0002892: [Core: GUI] Remove "Load & Add Scenes Or Individual Datasets" section from Data module (jcfr)
0002878: [Core: GUI] slice locations are at pixel boundaries instead of pixel centers after SnapSliceOffsetToIJK (pieper)
0002848: [Core: Extensions] Extension fails to initialize on Mac (jcfr)
0002839: [Core: Base Code] random double free errors in Qt (pieper)
0002416: [Core: MRML] Temporary path should be accessible from MRML (jcfr)
       0001937: [Module Annotations] Remove Qt dependency from vtkMRMLAnnotationsLogic (jcfr)
0003246: [Module Annotations] Annotation not marked as modified on Save when it is changed (jcfr)
0002355: [Core: Base Code] Build and package openssl ? (jcfr)
0003248: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] Add pointlist support classes (jcfr)
0002354: [Core: Extensions] Extension manager does not load images from https servers and progress bar never reaches 100% (jcfr)
0002961: [Core: Packaging] license file is missing from windows installer (jcfr)
0003176: [Core: MRML] Slicer crashes when saving data after manual segmentation using EditorModule (jcfr)
0002950: [Core: Base Code] Depends on VTK 5.10.1 (jcfr)
0002020: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Report revision number at configuration time (jcfr)
0003256: [Core: MRML] vtkMRMLVolumeNode::SetIJKToRASDirections argument names are misleading (jcfr)
0003151: [Core: GUI] toolbars for error log and extension manager (jcfr)
0003152: [Core: Base Code] Slicer crashes with "Close Scene" and "Application Settings Cancel" (finetjul)
0003214: [Module Annotations] Hiding and deleting fiducials does not affect their 2d projections (jcfr)
0002395: [Core: Extensions] Report when extension description file specify read/write git repo - It causes checkout failures (jcfr)
0002980: [Core: Base Code] Volumes not marked as modified on Save after hardening parent transform (jcfr)
0003037: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Change Repositories for OpenIGTLink and OpenIGTLinkIF (jcfr)
0002998: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Integrate OpenSSL (jcfr)
0002491: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Continuous build configuration error on factory.kitwarein.com for SlicerRT (jcfr)
0003222: [Module Annotations] moving mouse over moving ruler projection causes projection to turn green (jcfr)
0002537: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] expose output and error logs to the slicer.app.errorlogmodel object (jcfr)
0003221: [Core: Base Code] Enable logging of VTK messages on standard output by default (jcfr)
0001904: [Core: GUI] Text entry managed by settings panel resets the cursor to the end of the line edit for each character stroke (jcfr)
0002648: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Rename macro "slicerMacroBuildQtModule" into "slicerMacroBuildLoadableModule" (jcfr)
0001180: [Core: Base Code] Slicer might load the wrong Python and other dlls (jcfr)
0003065: [Core: Base Code] ImportError: No module named Tkinter (jcfr)
0003293: [Core: Base Code] Favorite modules (jcfr)
0003303: [Core: MRML] Transform file doesn't show has modified after updating the transform (jcfr)
0002844: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] MV nodes loaded from DICOM do not automatically show up in slice viewers (fedorov)
0002882: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Expose variable like vtkITK_INCLUDE_DIRS in SlicerConfig.cmake (jcfr)
0001349: [Core: GUI] Error icon is missing from main window (jcfr)
0002881: [Core: MRML] qMRMLVolumeInfoWidget not updated after MRML node removed (jcfr)
0002845: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] Automatic switching to quantitative layout is disruptive (fedorov)
0003086: [Core: Base Code] Hook fails on windows (jcfr)
0002911: [Core: Extensions] extension manager lists many extensions multiple times (jcfr)
0003056: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SuperBuild fails on python in Debug mode (jcfr)
0003052: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] cannot load any sample data - urllib not build correctly (jcfr)
0003265: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Consistent Slicer version between trunk and release branch (jcfr)
0002032: [Core: Extensions] Extension description file should probably be generated using the "read-only" URL type systematically (jcfr)
0003045: [Core: Extensions] Extension Manager - Open external link in the browser (jcfr)
0003042: [Module Editor] merge and build stopped building models (jcfr)
0002917: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Ensure --cmd option is available in installed package (jcfr)
0002704: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Improve script allowing to "version" na-mic data tree (jcfr)
0001578: [Core: Base Code] Make sure --stero command line option works (jcfr)
0003260: [Core: Base Code] Volumes not marked as modified on Save after volume image spacing/origin is changed (jcfr)
0003008: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Executable CLI modules fail to start (jcfr)
0002022: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build errors when using wrong CMake or QT version (jcfr)
       0002025: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build errors when using wrong CMake (jcfr)
0003075: [Core: Base Code] Can't launch program through symlink (jcfr)
0002376: [Core: Base Code] Inconsistent behavior of Slicer launcher command options output across systems (jcfr)
0002191: [Core: Extensions] How to get extension list after clicking on detail view ? (jcfr)
0002356: [Core: Usability] "lauch" parameter associated with the Slicer launcher should NOT display splashscreen (jcfr)
0002751: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Tweak messages displayed when building with Slicer_USE_GIT_PROTOCOL set to OFF (jcfr)
0003241: [Core: Base Code] Transforms are not applied to volumes when scene is read from a file (jcfr)
0003242: [Core: Base Code] Slicer crashes if attempting to save an mrb file to a read-only directory (jcfr)
0002571: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] In MRML project there are MRML_USE_Teem and MRML_USE_vtkTeem CMake variable (jcfr)
0001735: [Module Annotations] Annotation widget does not maintain collapsed state after refresh. (nicole)
0003254: [Module DICOM] Tilted volumes lose correct orientation on DICOM export (jcfr)
0002164: [Core: GUI] General settings "Show text under icons in toolbar buttons" is not saved (jcfr)
0002812: [Module DICOM] Initialize default location for DICOM DB (pieper)
0003285: [Core: Base Code] starting up slicer prints out debug info (jcfr)
0002808: [Core: QtTesting] Fix failing py_NeurosurgicalPlanningTutorial and py_DiffusionTensorImagingTutorial (jcfr)
0002852: [Module Editor] Unable to edit volume (pieper)
0002831: [Module DICOM] cannot load Secondary Capture data in DICOM Module (pieper)
0002885: [Module Annotations] Add projection of ruler on 2D Viewers (nicole)
0002924: [Core: GUI] file types for models (nicole)
0002949: [Module SceneViews] Scenview does not initiallize streamlines properly (nicole)
0002039: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Support self-describing CLI (jcfr)
0002928: [Core: Usability] eye-dropper keyboard shortcut (pieper)
0002983: [Module DICOM] DICOM browser doesn't show up on clicking the DCM button when DICOM module is active (pieper)
0003036: [Module ModelMaker] Can't save as .stl or .ply from Grayscale Model Maker in Windows 64 bit version (nicole)
0002986: [Core: GUI] Cannot set floating point values for w/l in Volumes (johan.andruejol)
0002749: [Module Editor] Undo does not work as expected for change label effect (pieper)
0003051: [Core: Extensions] CLI from extensions are not working (jcfr)
0003002: [Core: Usability] Keyboard shortcuts. (pieper)
0002203: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Include a tutorial for Endoscopy module (pieper)
0003104: [Module (Any modules)] Threshold scalar volume should input doubles (pieper)
0002999: [Core: GUI] Default slice position is not centered on the slice (pieper)
0003090: [Module Editor] Paint effect is incorrect on rotated volumes (pieper)
0003001: [Core: Usability] Slicer4 (and 3) reset each time you leave editor module (pieper)
0003081: [Core: GUI] when dragging and dropping a dicom file or folder into slicer, the dicom widget should be invoked by default (finetjul)
0002932: [Core: Usability] Drawing in Slicer4 (pieper)
0003014: [Core: Base Code] mrb does not survive roundtrip (pieper)
0002991: [Core: GUI] Expose qSlicerIOManager::openDialog to python (finetjul)
0003012: [Module Editor] Eraser button does not work (pieper)
0001694: [Core: GUI] there should be a central place to set dimensionality (finetjul)
       0002602: [Module VolumeRendering] transfer function is not initialized properly for FA volumes (alexy)
0002948: [Core: Usability] when saving an mrb, the file name is not preserved (pieper)
0002946: [Core: MRML] Add Point/Line thickness for models (finetjul)
0002557: [Core: GUI] Models hierarchy: whenever the eye is clicked on a node complex hierarchy, the whole interface refreshes collapsing all nodes (sankhesh)
0003029: [Module DICOM] Image spacing not read correctly in Slicer 4.2.2 (pieper)
0003040: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Building DCMTK in shared mode prevents crash at startup (jcfr)
0002560: [Core: Base Code] Models module does not have help popups on the gui elements (nicole)
0002973: [Core: GUI] cannot type small numbers into the Volume spacing field (finetjul)
0002480: [Core: GUI] When editing the Transform Matrix in the Transforms module, values automatically rounded to 2 decimal places (finetjul)
0003074: [Module Volumes] Problems visualizing floating point data in range 0-> 1 (finetjul)
0003010: [Core: GUI] Volume module GUI permanently modifies the spacing of the selected volume (finetjul)
0003224: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] std::list increment assertion failure on Windows (tokuda)
0003209: [Module DICOM] Crash importing the directory (pieper)
0002929: [Core: Usability] Remove Islands (pieper)
0002740: [Module Markups] Add setting for default annotation glyph (nicole)
0002915: [Core: GUI] crash while running command line module (finetjul)
0003282: [Module DICOM] Cannot load an item from DICOM table in certain situations (fedorov)
0003315: [Module Editor] Mouse icons do not show up for effects distributed in extensions (pieper)
0003270: Slice comes up as white instead of black. (alexy)
0003267: [Core: MRML] Error when using a SimpleFilters with a new output volume (pieper)
0001930: [Core: Usability] Scrolling volume slices past the last slice (pieper)
       0003263: [Core: GUI] Slice view not updated on Rotate to volume (pieper)
0003140: [Core: Base Code] improve exception handling (pieper)
0003138: [Module Annotations] Fiducials not displaying correctly in slice viewers (nicole)
0003318: [Module Markups] Dragging fiducials outside of the 2D viewport drops them (nicole)
0003137: [Core: GUI] fix styling of Units settings (johan.andruejol)
0003314: [Module Annotations] Memory leak in Snapshot dialog (nicole)
0001832: [Core: Base Code] add try/catch around render calls and event processing (pieper)
0001892: [Core: Base Code] Colors Module GUI: LUT label values issue (nicole)
0001910: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Problem with fiducial registration (nicole)
0003220: [Module VolumeRendering] Cannot Save Volume Rendering (finetjul)
0003213: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] Multivolumes keep the list of original files in NRRD meta section (fedorov)
0003204: [Core: GUI] Cross hair is not initialized as instructed (millerjv)
0003289: [Module Annotations] vtkDoubleArray are saved as measurement (.mcsv) but cannot be read back (nicole)
0003299: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] MultiVolumeImporter does not ignore files that are not images (fedorov)
0002737: [Module Editor] improve island removal tool (pieper)
0003125: [Core: MRML] Compressed Nifti files not stored properly in MRML (pieper)
0003323: [Module Volumes] Slicer crash when I follow the Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tutorial (pieper)
0003345: [Module Annotations] CLI point parameter for markups likely doesn't respect multiple=false attribute. (nicole)
0003324: [Module Markups] Ask for confirmation on delete of one or more markups (nicole)
0003261: [Core: Base Code] qMRMLVolumeInfoWidget unexpectedly changes the volume image spacing and image origin to lower precision (finetjul)
0003251: [Core: GUI] Add support for custom color palette theme (johan.andruejol)
0003257: [Module Editor] after changing the LUT associated with a label volume the editor still shows the old one. (pieper)
0001798: [Core: Base Code] Backface culling in Models Module (finetjul)
0001968: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Setup robot.txt so that only current stable version of Slicer documentation is indexed (grundlett)
0003004: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Exclusion of Stray fibers (demian)
0003194: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Tractography Fidcucial Seeding module is gone
0003277: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] tractography will not display itself
0002936: [Module DICOM] Multiple RT objects with same type not distinguishable in DICOM module (pieper)
0003144: [Core: Base Code] SampleData module reports download progress > 100% for small files (pieper)
0003066: [Module DICOM] The module will not start. (pieper)
0001293: [Core: GUI] Welcome module needs update (jcfr)
0003247: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Configuring a loadable module out-of-source always requires an empty build directory (jcfr)
0002969: [Core: GUI] Add one-up quantitative layout (millerjv)
0002963: [Core: Base Code] crash on exit - dcmtk global dictionary (pieper)
0003310: Tractography Label Map Seeding "Completed with errors" prompt (alexy)
0003027: [Core: GUI] Scalarbar label opacity, font and style do not update in colors module (nicole)
0002879: [Core: Base Code] Unable to load dose volumes exported by Xio (pieper)
0002876: [Core: Extensions] Longitudinal PET/CT Analysis is marked as installed but does not show up in the module list (jcfr)
0003070: [Module Annotations] Default annotation glyph and text size are too big for small specimen (nicole)
0002874: [Core: Base Code] Designer launched with the Slicer plugins crashes on Windows (finetjul)
0003133: [Core: MRML] TransformModifiedEvent is not fired anymore when new TransformNode is set (alexy)
0002858: Problem with module 'Model to Labelmap' (demian)
0003060: [Core: MRML] Crash when show/hide models or annotations (alexy)
0003046: [Core: MRML] Getting the TransformNodeID from vtkMRMLTransformableNode returns the StorageNodeID (alexy)
0003259: When clicking on Red Slice View only, slicer crashes. (Microsoft 32 bit user) (alexy)
0002992: [Core: MRML] Crash when OpenIGTLinkIF-created node is deleted (tokuda)
0002792: [Core: GUI] Image Spacing too contrained in Volumes module GUI (millerjv)
0003227: [Module Volumes] Volumes module infinite loop for image with INF (finetjul)
0002925: [Module Annotations] Slicer crashes when centering fiducial (nicole)
0002970: [Core: Usability] Background label color obscures the view when non-zero (alexy)
0002940: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Add AutoRun mode to automatically run CLIs when parameters changed (finetjul)
0002756: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Hidden parameters referencing optional parameters cause an error. (millerjv)
0002832: [Core: GUI] Cannot type values into the spacing field of the Volumes -> Information interface (finetjul)
0003061: Tractography Label Map Seeding no longer functions (demian)
0003072: [Core: Base Code] Transforms are not applied to any node (alexy)
0003109: loading .vtk files (finetjul)
0003094: existing ROI can not be used with a fiber bundle created by extracting with an ROI. (alexy)
0003142: [Module RobustStatisticsSegmenter] Slicer crashes whenever performing Robust statistical sgementation whatever provided CT images (after launching RSS module) (gaoyi)
0002996: [Module DICOM] DICOM module not loading volume (pieper)
0002908: [Core: GUI] Default node of qMRMLNodeComboBox should be parametrized (finetjul)
0002907: [Core: GUI] Add ShowOnly option to qMRMLNodeComboBox (finetjul)
0002870: [Core: GUI] DICOM Load Panel - Cancel button doesn't quit the panel (pieper)
0002841: [Core: GUI] Deleting a node from tree view hierarchy in Models module crashes Slicer (sankhesh)
0002789: w/l needed for diffusion properties in the tractography display module. (demian)
0002960: [Core: Base Code] Color mapping to scalar overlays (pieper)
0003226: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Questions about the slicer Architecture (millerjv)
0001318: [Core: GUI] modified resolution, pan and zoom behavior in 3D windows (alexy)
0001301: [Module Annotations] Fiducial size is not changing in slice viewer (nicole)
0003047: [Core: Base Code] transforms don't trigger re-render on change (alexy)
0001826: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Misleading usage information in "Output Settings" of "General Registration" module (hjmjohnson)
0002993: [Core: Base Code] Setting "automatic" for spacing (and fov) not implemented? (snape)
0001893: [Core: Base Code] Download of Sample MR head data failed (pieper)
0001948: [Core: Usability] if SampleData download fails, suggest clearing/enlarging the cache (pieper)
0003055: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SimpleITK python bindings won't install (jcfr)
0002296: streamlines look different when loading a scene and after moving the camera (alexy)
0002361: [Core: CLI infrastructure] resamplescalarvectordwi.exe CLI module does not function in windows (millerjv)
0001749: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Last GenerateCLP version in github not working (finetjul)
0002101: [Core: GUI] switching beteween modules takes long time (finetjul)
0002285: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Add "Data" section to module documentation page (crmullin)
0003266: [Core: Base Code] Check that CTK topic "ctkvalueproxy" do not cause issue (finetjul)
0002815: [Core: GUI] old view image frame shows while hovering over popup menu (finetjul)
0002289: [Module DICOM] CreateADICOMSeries using ITKv4 does not properly write out Z-spacing (millerjv)
       0002945: [Core: CLI infrastructure] dicom files get wrong origin and directions from CreateADICOMSeries (jcfr)
0003117: [Module CropVolume] Random crashes (fedorov)
0002673: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Crop volume (millerjv)
0002730: [Core: GUI] Slicer hangs when saving scene in "3D only" layout. (millerjv)
0002161: [Core: GUI] Adding CLI modules to favorite modules list does not work (crmullin)
0001669: [Core: Usability] Add recent loaded files menu entry in File menu bar (crmullin)
0001771: [Core: GUI] Show only in 3D slices from compare views in layout (millerjv)
0001231: [Core: GUI] Add progress bar to Sample Data widget (dpace)
0002411: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Measurement tag (DoubleArrayNode) is not supported in the GUI for a CLI (millerjv)
0001748: [Core: MRML] Slicer failed to set crosshair correctly (millerjv)
0002037: [Core: GUI] Single-slice volumes are not displayed (alexy)
0001422: [Core: GUI] color selector shows diffusion tensor proprty nodes with bad icons (crmullin)
0003316: [Module VolumeRendering] Program crashes each time I attempt to calculate arterial volumes using ruler (chrysteljuan)
0002770: [Core: GUI] strange camera interaction (finetjul)
0001563: [Core: GUI] Blending bar is anti-ergonomic (finetjul)
0003225: [Module OpenIGTLinkIF] vtkMRMLIGTLConnectorNode: bug in unregistering incoming MRML node (tokuda)
0002513: Tutorial 11 - Brain Atlas (finetjul)
0002877: [Core: GUI] Tractography Display ROI Editing of Tracts not Working (demian)
0002009: [Core: GUI] QtDesigner crashes when adding SpinBox or DoubleSpinBox (finetjul)
0002966: [Core: Base Code] Overwriting an output volume triggers VTK error (finetjul)
0001821: [Core: GUI] Big white bar across screen with Slicer Viewer Controller -- and it hides important button (finetjul)
0003038: [Core: Base Code] Cannot enter decimals in image spacing (johan.andruejol)
0001885: [Core: GUI] Cannot adjust spacing of volume of .png images (finetjul)
0001849: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] qSlicerWidgetTest2.cxx.o: undefined reference to symbol 'QVTKWidget::QVTKWidget(QWidget*, QFlags<Qt::WindowType>) (domibel)
0002580: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Slicer crashes on using Mask Scalar Volume (millerjv)
0001347: [Core: GUI] Small bugs in the module selector (crmullin)
0002002: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Support for VS2010 (Lchauvin)
0002761: [Core: GUI] Add dental CBCT sample data (pieper)
0002897: [Core: Base Code] Fix Scalar overlay in Models module (finetjul)
0002206: [Module DICOM] Streamline the way the DICOM dialog is opened (pieper)
0001820: [Core: GUI] UI bug (?) scroll-wheel changes random values because field focus is grabbed automatically when mouse over (finetjul)
0002890: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Migrate Windows VM on "factory-south" (crmullin)
0002899: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Python library gets installed in wrong directory on OpenSuse 12.2 (sankhesh)
0002758: [Core: MRML] camera referential not loaded (alexy)
0002803: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Check Slicer packaging on Linux when built against ITKv4 (hjmjohnson)
0002381: color of glyphs on slices looks wrong (demian)
0002371: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update factory ITKv4 nightly script to enable packaging (crmullin)
       0002115: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Mechanism to customize Slicer package name depending on build option (jcfr)
       0002372: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Coordinate ITKv4 packaging with maintainer of download.slicer.org (crmullin)
0002290: [Module DICOM] Importing DICOM - "return key" should not be bound to "ok" (finetjul)
0002746: [Core: MRML] Dangerous duplicate code in vtkMRMLGlyphableVolumeSliceDisplayNode (demian)
0001727: [Core: GUI] Improve QProxyStyle (finetjul)
0002759: [Module Endoscopy] Endoscopy view does not work after closing and opening a scene (alexy)
0002764: [Core: Base Code] Running test AtlasTest lead to some suspiscious warning "There is a danger here" (alexy)
0002639: [Core: Base Code] Slicer does not seem to unload old volumes (alexy)
0002440: Tractography Display: various GUI elements fail (demian)
0001916: [Module Annotations] Exporting and re-importing a ROI fails (alexy)
0001389: Tract Visibility (alexy)
0002888: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] If -DSlicer_USE_GIT_PROTOCOL:BOOL=OFF is passed, system should check if "insteadOf" rule is set for ITK (crmullin)
0002889: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Setup dashboard script to build Slicer packages + extensions from "factory-south" (crmullin)
0002019: [Core: Base Code] slicer won't start on mac os 10.5.8 (latest leopard) (jcfr)
0001928: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer 4.1.0 compiled with glibc 2.7, incompaitble with CentOS 5.5 (glibc 2.5) (jcfr)
0003327: [Core: GUI] Clicking the "capture scene view" button crashes slicer (jcfr)
0003348: [Core: Extensions] clicking the 'bread crumbs' links opens browser, doesn't take you back to all extensions (jcfr)
0002196: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Command line module hangs – regression from slicer 3 to slicer 4 (jcfr)
0002318: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Update dashboard setup instruction when wiki Nightly documentation is available (jcfr)
0002345: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] crash on startup based on module path (jcfr)
0003020: [Core: Base Code] Modifying the transform matrix of a linear transform does not change file status to "Modified" (jcfr)
0002984: [Module Annotations] Non-hierarchy modules should not accept drag-and-drop (nicole)
0002985: [Module Annotations] Please support re-ordering of annotation children (nicole)
0002796: [Core: Base Code] PET Lookup table is missing from 4.2.1 (nicole)
0003096: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Can not Run debug in Visual studio 2008 (jcfr)
0002887: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Minimize confusion by adding disclaimer on top of old wiki page (jcfr)
0002905: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Create redirect from Latest to current stable version on the wiki (jcfr)
0001716: [Module Markups] Request: separate control buttons from scrollable frame (nicole)
0003003: [Core: Usability] Screenshots (nicole)
0002597: [Core: Usability] make systematic fiducial editing possible (nicole)
0002541: [Module Annotations] drag and drop multiple annotations into hierarchy doesn't work (nicole)
0002574: [Module Annotations] Editing annotation names no longer alters their name (nicole)
0003173: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Ensure extension depending on ITKv4 deprecated library can be fixed up and packaged properly (jcfr)
0003171: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Fix redirection failure by remove disclaimer (jcfr)
0002323: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] VTK build error on visual studio 2008 (jcfr)
0003147: [Core: Usability] Crash (jcfr)
0001814: [Core: Extensions] Discuss with Kitware sysadmin about SVN checkout logs (jcfr)
0003153: [Core: Base Code] rotate bounding box (jcfr)
0003019: [Core: Base Code] Renaming a node (1) does not update file name and (2) does not update modified status (jcfr)
0002111: [Module Markups] Make fiducial lists transformable (nicole)
0001897: [Module Markups] Feature request -Fiducial transformation (nicole)
0001877: [Module Markups] key binding to place fiducial (nicole)
0001717: [Module Markups] Fiducial list is now saved to (100s) of .acsv files (nicole)
0002717: [Module Markups] Add shortcuts for annotations (nicole)
0002860: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build Fail during libPythonQt, cannot recognize QtWebKit (jcfr)
0002862: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Failure to recognize qmake on cmake (jcfr)
0002695: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update DCMTK version to fix VS2010 build issue (jcfr)
0002978: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build error & unstable executable on linux (jcfr)
0002698: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Git clone warning - Invalid escape sequence \U (jcfr)
0002007: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build against ITKv4 and remove ITKv3 (jcfr)
       0002805: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Ensure the DCMTK external project of Slicer is used to build ITKv4 (hjmjohnson)
       0002116: [Core: Extensions] Improve extension framework to differentiate extension build against different Slicer. (jcfr)
       0002115: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Mechanism to customize Slicer package name depending on build option (jcfr)
       0002114: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Ensure Slicer can be compiled against ITKv4 on both Windows 32 and 64 bit (mccormic)
             0002813: [Core: Base Code] Restore performance of ITKv4 Factory (jcfr)
       0002884: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Windows / ITKv4 - When building, it complains with "illegal parameter from the moc.exe" (jcfr)
             0002900: [Core: Base Code] cannot load volumes in release build of Slicer4 ITKv4 (jcfr)
       0002883: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix FindDCMTK.cmake provided by ITKv4 (jcfr)
       0002801: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Check Slicer packaging on Windows 32bit when built against ITKv4 (pieper)
       0002800: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Create External_DWIConvert.cmake (hjmjohnson)
       0002804: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Check Slicer packaging on MacOSX when built against ITKv4 (hjmjohnson)
       0002807: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] itkTestMain.h is not available anymore in ITKv4. (hjmjohnson)
       0002806: [Core: Extensions] Check that extensions can be built with Slicer ITKv4 (jcfr)
0003015: [Core: CLI infrastructure] can't run CLI because ITKv4 IO objects not registered (jcfr)
0002058: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Scripted module should be located in their own source directory (jcfr)
0002954: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Missing frameworks when building extension on MacOSX (jcfr)
0003064: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing build step for 'Slicer'" (jcfr)
0003099: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Link error when building python with system zlib.lib on windows 32 bit machine (jcfr)
0001258: [Core: GUI] Part of the menu when selecting things (nicole)
0001461: [Core: GUI] crosshairs do not display properly in compare viewer (millerjv)
0001718: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] SSL / HTTPS Issues with Python Interactor and QT - Windows 7 (jcfr)
0003103: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer does not build on Ubuntu 13.04 (jcfr)
0003118: [Core: GUI] Slice view does not update when selected volume is changed (finetjul)
0002105: [Module Annotations] Jump to fiducial feature (nicole)
0002542: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python error are not reported when widget generic cxx test is associated with ScriptedWidget (jcfr)
0003058: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] Show signal intensity curve as percent change relative to baseline (fedorov)
0002754: [Module VolumeRendering] scene crash when selecting render method (pieper)
0003088: [Core: Extensions] Extensions cannot be installed because of continuous refreshing (jcfr)
0003284: [Module DICOM] Assign user-defined name on loadable load (pieper)
0001605: [Core: Usability] Crosshairs do not work in Shift + mouse move (millerjv)
0003290: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Can not pass Region to CLI (alexy)
0002910: [Core: Extensions] fiberviewer light does not work (fbudin)
0002029: [Core: GUI] toolbar for the extension manager (crmullin)
0001961: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Setup mechanism to restart factory on a weekly basis (jcfr)
0002370: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Document Slicer factory organization (crmullin)
0002396: [Core: Packaging] Slicer 64-bit package on Windows is installed into wrong directory by default (jcfr)
0001230: [Core: GUI] Reduce mouse clicks in Sample Data module (dpace)
0002799: [Core: Extensions] Documentation page URL? (jcfr)
0002520: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Prepare factory/dashboard script to support branchy workflow (jcfr)
0002861: [Module Annotations] loading FreeSurfer parcellation data (aparc.annot) (nicole)
0001726: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Update link allowing to download Qt Binaries (jcfr)
0002941: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Walk-thru documentation that clearly shows new developers step-by-step instructions to create and publish extensions (jcfr)
0002661: [Module Annotations] Update loadFiducialList from util.py to support acsv file (nicole)
0002793: [Core: GUI] duplicate non-functional slice controller popup (finetjul)
0003205: [Module Markups] fix scene view restore with markups (nicole)
0003211: [Module Markups] lock seed widgets when placing new fiducials (nicole)
0003309: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Add SurfaceToolbox module (pieper)
0001815: [Core: Base Code] Add support for MRC files (finetjul)
0002927: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update SimpleITK to 0.6.1 (jcfr)
0001601: [Core: Usability] Tree widget "resize" feature (finetjul)
0001419: [Core: GUI] show name of last scene restored in data probe (pieper)
0001819: [Core: GUI] help pop up called keyboard shortcuts needs updating (finetjul)
0002369: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Move Slicer factory dashboard script into a dedicated repository (crmullin)
0002638: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Submit bug report to Parallel (jcfr)
0002337: [Core: Base Code] Add test to vtkSlicerDataProbeLogic (chrysteljuan)
0003007: [Core: GUI] Models are not listed in the models module (nicole)
0002834: [Core: Base Code] Consolidate svn and git hooks (jcfr)
0003193: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer's build creates files, but one empty, second doesn't have slicer. (jcfr)
0001530: [Core: GUI] search for model names (finetjul)
0001094: [Core: Usability] Editor: switch lag. (finetjul)
0003030: Model to Label Map not working (demian)
0003219: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] can't access qMRMLThreeDViewControllerWidget through python (jcfr)
0001383: [Core: Base Code] fiducials slow down volume rendering (nicole)
0002686: [Module Annotations] Signal currentNodeChanged unnecessary re-declared in qMRMLAnnotationTreeView (nicole)
0002412: [Module Annotations] Load data - annotation files not loading consistently (nicole)
0001879: [Core: Usability] tool to easily move through loaded volumes (pieper)
0001462: [Core: GUI] Mouse scroll wheel and file type selector focus (finetjul)
0001447: [Module Editor] Switching to editor changes my sliceviews if the views are linked. (pieper)
0002204: [Module DICOM] Odd allocator bug in DCMTK code: SEGV on exit (pieper)
0001756: [Module DICOM] Slicer shutdown - DICOM module output an error messahe (pieper)
0002543: Fiber Bundle to Label Map conversion module (pieper)
0002015: [Module DICOM] Checking DICOMSlicerDataBundlePlugin and ""ScalarVolumePlugin every time (pieper)
0001797: [Core: Base Code] big fiducials (nicole)
0002103: [Core: Packaging] Midas / download.slicer.org - More robust mechanism to prevent malicious download (zach_mullen)
0002151: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Document python scripting API (pieper)
0003178: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Useful methods of qMRMLTransformSliders not exposed to Python (jcfr)
0002976: [Core: Extensions] Extensions Manager hangs when a category is selected (jcfr)
0002886: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Upload Qt binary packages on Midas for future reference (jcfr)
0003016: [Core: Base Code] Saving to network drive/mount does not work (vtkPNGWriter, both Linux and Windows) -- and no error message (jcfr)
0003041: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Nightly build: shared library path is messed up (jcfr)
0003149: [Module RobustStatisticsSegmenter] default settings for RSS (gaoyi)
0002981: [Core: Extensions] Fix ModuleWizard to account for re-organized structure (pieper)
0002335: [Core: Extensions] Add support for tutorial URL (jcfr)
0003098: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] When launching a slicelet, infinite windows of the slicelet spawn (jcfr)
0003089: [Core: Extensions] SlicerAppStore website is broken (jcfr)
0002046: [Core: Base Code] Support for Qt 4.8.1 (jcfr)
0002453: [Module Editor] Non-closed drawing contour line remains solid when changing slices (pieper)
0002421: [Module Editor] 'e' keystroke does not work (pieper)
0003023: DWI convert doesn't work as a shared library (hjmjohnson)
0002869: [Core: MRML] Direction Matrix not exposed in volume info widget (wangk)
0002951: [Core: Base Code] Update test framework to call initialize ITKIOFactoryRegistration when needed (jcfr)
0002956: [Core: GUI] color picker initial color is black the first time the color dialog opens (finetjul)
0002802: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Check Slicer packaging on Windows 64bit when built against ITKv4 (pieper)
0001298: [Module VolumeRendering] ROI rotation does not apply to VR cropping (finetjul)
0001283: [Core: Base Code] trying to zoom has strange consequences (millerjv)
0001413: [Module Annotations] The glyphs for fiducials look different in the slice viewers and the compare viewers (millerjv)
0002332: slicer intersection of streamlines has stopped working (inorton)
0001631: [Core: GUI] slice visibility in 3d viewer is wrong (millerjv)
0002315: [Core: Usability] OpenIGTLink socket useless in reloaded scene (tokuda)
0002295: tubes reder defaults are different (demian)
0002840: [Core: GUI] when add new hierarchy nodes, they're collapsed in the tree view by default (sankhesh)
0002846: [Module VolumeRendering] volume renderer does not initialize properly with multivolume (finetjul)
0002577: Problems with the tractography display (demian)
0002783: [Core: MRML] Color names that contain spaces are not correctly set when loading a scene (alexy)
0002795: [Module DICOM] thumbnails do not show in the dicom browser (finetjul)
0001891: [Core: CLI infrastructure] General Registration BRAINS: It is not possible to set (ROI)MaskingInputFixed as well as (ROI)MaskingInputMoving (hjmjohnson)
0002833: [Core: Extensions] itkTestMain.h is missing in ITKv4 (jcfr)
0002790: [Core: Packaging] nightlies version is displayed 4.2.0 (jcfr)
0001537: [Core: Base Code] Exit from tcl adapter causes seg fault when exiting program (jcfr)
0002768: [Core: Extensions] Slicerappstore - Fix filtering (jcfr)
0002909: [Core: GUI] Harden Transform from Transforms module (finetjul)
0001765: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] fresh build needs to run twice to build numpy (pieper)
0002826: [Core: Extensions] pagination in extension wizard is not appropriate (jcfr)
0002240: [Core: Usability] Mounted volumes are not accessible in "Add file" dialog on Mac (sankhesh)
0002824: perpendicular diffusivity scalar extraction does not work (demian)
0002448: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Can't compile with CLang on OS X (hjmjohnson)
0001584: [Core: GUI] Simplified initial presentation of the brainsfit module (hjmjohnson)
0001502: [Core: Usability] Load images from command line no longer works (crmullin)
405 issues View Issues
0002533: [Core: Extensions] Failed to open launcher settings is reported when installing extension (jcfr)
0002720: [Core: Extensions] can't install extensions on windows (jcfr)
0002791: [Core: Extensions] Re-enabling of incompatible extensions (jcfr)
0002767: [Core: Extensions] Extension test pass despite of "error: Application does NOT exists []" (jcfr)
0002821: [Module Annotations] fiducials move on mouse over (pieper)
0002811: [Core: Base Code] crash loading dicom volume on windows (pieper)
0002788: [Core: Usability] Crosshairs change position on zoom (millerjv)
0002383: setting line color to FA does not work (demian)
0002521: [Module SceneViews] Restoring a sceneview crashes slicer - lable outlines + linking (millerjv)
0002785: [Core: GUI] Slice disappears in 3D viewer when translating image (alexy)
0001635: [Core: Base Code] Failed to execute CLI executable - Missing _nv000007gl symbol (jcfr)
0002782: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Failed to build on MacOSX 10.8 - DYLD_ environment variables being ignored because main executable (/bin/ps) is setuid or setgi (jcfr)
0002774: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SlicerApp-real does not work in QtCreator (jcfr)
0001958: [Core: Extensions] extension from one version shows up in other version (jcfr)
       0002143: [Core: Extensions] Extend Additional Launcher Settings to support user specific settings (jcfr)
0002439: [Core: Usability] Nightly Slicer crashes trying to load modules compiled against local Slicer build (jcfr)
0001536: [Core: Usability] Model slice intersections do not work (alexy)
0001655: [Core: Base Code] Allow different module paths definition for each Slicer instance (jcfr)
0002797: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume rendering doesn't handle short scalar range images (finetjul)
0002773: [Core: Base Code] Crash when running a CLI module using ITKv4 (finetjul)
0002814: [Core: Base Code] Crash when loading scalar DICOM volume (millerjv)
0002710: Abdominal atlas color file is all black (nicole)
22 issues View Issues
Released 2012-11-20
0001406: [Core: Base Code] failure to load fiducials (nicole)
0002576: [Core: GUI] It would be good to have a way to turn off/on all models (nicole)
0002149: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] improve DICOM module documentation (pieper)
0002715: [Module DICOM] Cryptic error message the first time a DICOM database is accessed (pieper)
0002734: [Extension: TubeTk] Slicer freezes when loading .tre file (mccormic)
0002732: [Core: MRML] Move LightBox proxy to abstract displayable manager for easier re-use (millerjv)
0002755: [Core: MRML] Nodes are not correctly maintained under a transformation when the scene is reopened (alexy)
0002456: [Core: Base Code] When manually modified fiducial labels do not save correctly (nicole)
0002263: [Core: Base Code] Fail a reload a scene containing a color node with '&' char in color name (nicole)
0002429: [Core: GUI] An invalid hierarchy node in the Models module after deleting a model node in the Data module (nicole)
0002694: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] pip won't install on Slicer, on Mac OS X (jcfr)
0002731: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] ITK configuration fails behind firewall (jcfr)
0002735: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Remove unused Tcl files from Base/GUI (jcfr)
0002760: [Core: QtTesting] building with QT Testing turned off fails (jcfr)
0002512: Tutorial 10 - Image-guided prostate interventions (pieper)
0002528: Slicer crashes when LUT changed (alexy)
0002374: glyph display on slices is broken (finetjul)
0002748: [Core: Base Code] Volumes loaded from DICOM marked as modified on save (pieper)
0002719: [Core: Base Code] Slicer.ini file being over written by running tests that use the --testing flag (jcfr)
0002744: [Core: Usability] MultiVolume -- DCE studies are not recognized as multivolume (fedorov)
0002750: [Core: MRML] Re-loading scene: transform is not applied (alexy)
0002742: [Core: Chart] Crash when setting chart node to chart view before adding an array (millerjv)
0002733: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] download stats are not displaying for last month or last week/day for stable releases (jcfr)
0002757: [Core: GUI] icons have disappeared (jcfr)
0002523: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Document process to upload dataset on MIDAS (jcfr)
0002723: [Core: Extensions] Investigate why SVN_TRUST_CERT 1 does NOT work as expected for SlicerRT and plastimatch (jcfr)
0002724: [Extension: TubeTk] Bundle SpatialObject loadable module into TubeTk extension (crmullin)
0002725: [Core: MRML] Transform hierarchy is not saved in the scene file (alexy)
0002703: [Extension: TubeTk] Document TubeTk extension (crmullin)
29 issues View Issues
Released 2012-10-31
0002401: [Core: Base Code] CTest generic module tests fail in debug mode (jcfr)
0001853: [Module Editor] Increate the limit for the paint tool, to be space aware. (pieper)
0002561: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Create script allowing to "version" na-mic data tree (jcfr)
0001946: [Core: Extensions] remember login for extension catalog (jcfr)
0002664: [Module Annotations] crash on second point of ruler (jcfr)
0001999: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Expose DCMTK_DIR to Slicer built-in module (jcfr)
0002651: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Clean and review support for CLI written in Java (jcfr)
0002657: [Core: Extensions] ExperimentalUpload target ignore CMAKE_{C/CXX}_COMPILER (jcfr)
0002652: [Core: Base Code] Launcher doesn't handle arguments added after --additional-module-paths (jcfr)
0002348: [Core: Extensions] Extension tests all fail on Windows in Debug mode (jcfr)
0002649: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Allow distribute to be installed directly using Slicer executable (jcfr)
0002643: [Core: Extensions] Icon url containaing "ampersand" are not properly manager (jcfr)
0002636: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] package pyconfig.h with Slicer to enable pip installation (jcfr)
0001986: [Core: Extensions] Mechanism allowing to trigger continuous build of extension after Slicer build is finished (jcfr)
0002625: [Module EMSegment] "Fix node already registered warning" (jcfr)
0002633: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] files installed but not found (jcfr)
0001747: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] windows build/run issues as of svn 19350 (jcfr)
       0001868: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] crash on exit and other issues (jcfr)
0002496: [Module Annotations] Ruler is not usable in CompareViews (jcfr)
0001974: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Package name / Slicer_BUILDDATE should be associated with last commit date instead of the current date of the day. (jcfr)
0002666: [Module Annotations] Extra "red line" added when placing ruler or roi (nicole)
0002630: [Core: GUI] broken rendering - only part of the render window updates (finetjul)
0002514: Tutorial 13 - Abdominal Atlas (nicole)
0001993: [Module SceneViews] Restoring scene view should not use internal scene view node (alexy)
0002165: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume rendering labelmap (finetjul)
0002017: [Module DICOM] Name parser truncates names... (pieper)
0001707: [Core: Chart] Chart - ChartController doesn't allow you to go back to None. (millerjv)
0001706: [Core: Chart] Chart - ChartController doesn't allow you set the title or axes labels. (millerjv)
0002113: [Module EMSegment] Ensure EMSegment is compatible with ITKv4 (pohl)
0002055: [Core: GUI] selecting the module viewercontrols after loading a scene, leads to crash (alexy)
0001699: [Core: Chart] Chart - Improve memory management of ArrayNodes (millerjv)
0001698: [Core: Chart] Chart - Serialization of chart nodes. (millerjv)
0001634: [Core: Usability] ROI parent transform in CropVolume (fedorov)
0001643: [Module DICOM] Failure to import anonymized studies with PatientName='' (pieper)
0001668: Left menu appear on the bottom left whereas should remain on the top left. (mhalle)
0001708: [Core: Chart] Chart - ChartController doesn't allow you to add or remove an array. (millerjv)
0001868: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] crash on exit and other issues (jcfr)
0001939: [Module EMSegment] EM segmenter fails to finish (pohl)
0002442: [Core: Base Code] Corrupted memory (double free?) when attempting to load an .stl file (sankhesh)
0001539: [Core: GUI] newly built models do not appear in 3d view (alexy)
0002444: [Core: GUI] fiducial seeding module should be renamed to interactive seeding (alexy)
0002006: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build Slicer against a recent DCMTK package (pieper)
0002124: [Core: Base Code] Saving into a new directory creates a bad mrml file (alexy)
0002123: [Core: Base Code] restoring sceneview lead to improper display in slice viewers (alexy)
0002544: ROI does not crop fiber bundle (demian)
0002478: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Create a 128x128 icon for SpatialViewer extension (crmullin)
0001616: [Core: Packaging] Cannot use Linux package (jcfr)
0002605: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Windows: DICOMS + SaveSceneToSlicerDataBundleDirectory() yields 0kb .nrrd file (pieper)
0001570: [Core: Usability] Crash when changing "label map" flag in volumes (alexy)
0001568: [Core: GUI] slice not visible in 3d viewer (alexy)
0001566: Template:Documentation/4.0/module-footer should be fixed (fedorov)
0001555: [Core: GUI] Core module documentation (nicole)
0001554: [Core: GUI] Core module documentation (nicole)
0001489: [Core: MRML] saving scene does not leave it 'non modified' and leads to multiple 'Master Scene Views' (nicole)
0001548: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update External_Python to allow building Slicer using VS2010 (jcfr)
0001547: [Core: Usability] Crash trying to close the scene (alexy)
0001497: [Core: Base Code] "./Slicer --designer" crashes on the Mac (jcfr)
0001505: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Supported image formats documentation (finetjul)
0001467: [Module Editor] change label and change island both do not work (pieper)
0001292: [Core: GUI] text in VR obscures some graphics features (crmullin)
0001629: [Module SceneViews] different sceneviews available depending on how a scene is loaded (nicole)
0001300: [Core: GUI] Ruler annotation element tickmarks (alexy)
0001599: [Module DICOM] Default location for DICOM db is read-only on mac (pieper)
0001511: [Module Annotations] Rulers do not stay in correct place (alexy)
0001302: [Core: GUI] cosmetics for the fiducials property panel (nicole)
0001592: [Module Editor] Selecting label in per-structure volume resets slice view (pieper)
0001591: [Module Editor] Minimum size limitation in IdentifyIsland (pieper)
0001640: [Core: GUI] Data Module: no autoscroll when dragging MRML node (finetjul)
0001380: [Core: Base Code] Update vtkMRMLDisplayableNode::PolyData API (finetjul)
0002517: Classroom Course 2 (pieper)
0002502: Tutorial 0 - 3D Visualization of DICOM images for Radiology Applications (millerjv)
       0002551: Tutorial 0 - Slices in 3D view are too far anterior and superior (from old scenes)
             0002554: Tutorial 0 - slicer4minute.mrml - clipping model with slice planes doesn't work
             0002556: Tutorial 0 - Scene-liver.mrml - inquiries utilizing slice plane and models do not work
             0002555: Tutorial 0 - Scene-liver.mrml - slices not displayed
             0002552: Tutorial 0 - slicer4minute.mrml - slices are not display in Slice Viewers
       0002554: Tutorial 0 - slicer4minute.mrml - clipping model with slice planes doesn't work
       0002556: Tutorial 0 - Scene-liver.mrml - inquiries utilizing slice plane and models do not work
       0002555: Tutorial 0 - Scene-liver.mrml - slices not displayed
       0002552: Tutorial 0 - slicer4minute.mrml - slices are not display in Slice Viewers
0002609: [Core: GUI] Modules in Module selector are case sorted (sankhesh)
0002650: [Core: Base Code] Crash with editor/ leveltracing/Threshold (pieper)
0002607: [Core: Base Code] A particular nrrd file causes Slicer to crash when switching to Volumes module (mccormic)
0002578: [Core: GUI] Transform Widget: Simultaneously transforming multiple nodes crashes Slicer (finetjul)
0002545: [Core: GUI] crash closing scene (assert) (finetjul)
0002495: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Doxygen HTML does not contain class descriptions. (mccormic)
0002518: [Core: Base Code] Crash on closing when in "3D only" layout (pieper)
0002483: [Core: Base Code] test py_LoadVolumeDisplaybleSceneModelClose crashes (finetjul)
0002488: [Core: Base Code] Harden transform doesn't work on models (finetjul)
0002471: [Core: MRML] Slice mode "FOV matches 2D spacing matches Volume" produces jumps in slices (alexy)
0002187: [Core: QtTesting] Do not used "activated" signal since it doesn't map to "clicked" in a cross platform fashion (finetjul)
0002237: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update External_python so that C compiler is also used (blowekamp)
0002217: [Core: CLI infrastructure] CLI <file> type presents an edit box without a file browser button - regression from slicer 3 (finetjul)
0002236: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Update SlicerExecutionModel to extend support for hidden attribute (millerjv)
0002215: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] MultiVolume - Label the axis of the interactive chart (fedorov)
0002214: [Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importer] MultiVolume - Hide current frame copy (fedorov)
0001841: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Multivolumes do not load after saving (fedorov)
0002270: [Module VolumeRendering] build Slicer on windows 7 with a 4gb graphic card FIXED (finetjul)
0002470: [Module SceneViews] Slicer crashes when loading a scene that contains a set of scene views with tracts (pieper)
0002538: [Core: Base Code] slice pipeline causing a crash when restoring scene views with models + slices visible in 3d (finetjul)
       0002540: [Core: GUI] avoid rendering during batch processing (finetjul)
0002497: [Core: Usability] color name not being set when editing in the Colors module (finetjul)
0002494: [Core: QtTesting] QtTesting-based ctests are failing - can they be fixed? (sankhesh)
0002516: Classroom Course 1 (pieper)
       0002603: [Core: GUI] crash in qMRMLSceneModel::isANode after scene close (finetjul)
0002604: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Command line parameter are not saved into the scene (millerjv)
0002505: Tutorial 3 - Volume Rendering 0000001 Head (sankhesh)
0002507: Tutorial 5 - Volume Rendering 0000003 Thorax (sankhesh)
0002584: [Core: GUI] Transform Widget: min/max setting changes the translation values when selecting a new transform (sankhesh)
0001487: [Module VolumeRendering] if volume mapper fails, can't switch back (finetjul)
0001440: [Core: GUI] Auto single step for the threshold sliders in the Volumes module (finetjul)
0001723: [Core: GUI] qMRMLTreeView::fitToVisibleIndexes should support drag&drop when view is higher than what's visible (finetjul)
0002096: [Core: GUI] transform node disappears when volume is dropped inside (finetjul)
0002205: [Core: GUI] volume stuck inside transform node. Won't come back out (finetjul)
0001931: [Core: GUI] Disabling antialisasing doesn' t work (millerjv)
0001935: [Core: Base Code] image interpoaltion issues in 2d views (millerjv)
0002672: [Core: Extensions] Add TubeTK extension (crmullin)
0002707: [Core: GUI] Crash via assert when trying to save a scene opened from MRB (alexy)
0002284: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Enable selective disabling of CLI modules (crmullin)
0002282: [Core: Extensions] Update Carma extension (millerjv)
0002343: [Core: Base Code] Implement last test in qMRMLColorPickerWidgetTest2 (finetjul)
0002410: [Core: Base Code] "Add Data" cannot read DoubleArrayNode CSV files (finetjul)
0002179: [Core: Usability] Use keyboard to control 3D view (finetjul)
0001866: [Core: Base Code] Saving Scene: path update issue (finetjul)
0002283: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Enable selective disabling of scripted modules (crmullin)
0002023: [Core: Usability] ability to change the default for save destination in preferences (finetjul)
0002663: [Module Annotations] Cannot put down fiducials on windows (nicole)
0002693: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update BRAINSTools and fix install of lib and dev files (jcfr)
0002689: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fixup packaging of Python modules/libraries (jcfr)
0002688: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fixup packaging of Tcl libraries (jcfr)
0001226: [Core: Base Code] Download sample data fails after internet connection failure and re-connect (jcfr)
0002692: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Rename option Slicer_BUILD_EXTENSIONS into Slicer_BUILD_TESTING_EXTENSIONS (jcfr)
0002701: [Module Annotations] Visibility of Annotation node programmatically added can NOT be toggled (nicole)
0002349: [Core: Extensions] No output is submitted to the dashboard if a module generic test fails (jcfr)
0002511: Tutorial 9 - Longitudinal analysis of meningioma growth (jcfr)
       0002598: Tutorial 9 - Part3 - Going back and forth btw step2 and step3 create additional ROI node (fedorov)
       0002587: Tutotorial 9 - Part3 - Volume metric changes are not displayed (fedorov)
       0002589: Tutorial 9 - Part3 - Exiting and re-entering module does NOT re-display volume rendered tumor (fedorov)
             0002621: [Module VolumeRendering] Switching to VR after manually creating display node causes crash (finetjul)
             0002590: Tutorial 9 - Part3 - Switch module -> Closing slicer leads to crash (jcfr)
       0002700: Tutorial 9 - Part3 - Annotation ROI is not visible (fedorov)
0002515: Tutorial 12 - Knee Atlas (nicole)
0002613: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Wrong NodeIDs for PET Color table (jcfr)
0002482: [Module ModelMaker] Ghost models in the 3D view cannot be deleted (nicole)
0002183: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Create mediawiki template to link back with appropriate doxygen documentatation (jcfr)
0002193: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python NumPy crash (jcfr)
0001810: [Module Annotations] Nothing happens when changing X in Advanced Points tab in annotation edit dialog (nicole)
0001145: [Core: Base Code] Add Test to make slicer starts (jcfr)
0002268: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] loadVolume throws error in vtkMRMLVolumeArchetypeStorageNode.cxx (jcfr)
0002162: Memory leak, when using the module Tractography Fiducial Seeding (jcfr)
0002319: [Core: Base Code] unable to run Slicer.exe as it crashes due to an unknown error (jcfr)
0002407: [Core: Extensions] Extensions that depend upon extensions (jcfr)
0002133: [Core: Extensions] crash installing extension (skull stripper) (jcfr)
0002175: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Some modules failed to install (jcfr)
0002390: [Core: Extensions] Slicer build directory is hard-coded (jcfr)
0002248: [Core: Extensions] Generic Loadable module test failed to run when externally compiled (jcfr)
0002243: [Core: Extensions] Slicer extension creation using a project build using CMake option (jcfr)
0002242: [Core: Extensions] .s4ext information - External project root directory (jcfr)
0002391: [Core: Extensions] Python code that is bundled with an extension is not accessible on Macs (jcfr)
0002238: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] When including Slicer_USE_FILE in a project, an EXTENSION_NAME or MODULE_NAME have to be set (jcfr)
0002201: [Core: Extensions] error displayed loading plastimatch module - Q_ASSERT should not be used (jcfr)
0002441: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Slicer/Base/Python/slicer/util.py loadScene function missing "from slicer import app"? (jcfr)
0002627: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Link module python library with dependent module python libraries (jcfr)
0002610: [Core: Extensions] On MacOSX, extension are improperly fixed up and ends up. Size of package is huge (jcfr)
0002490: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] nightly test machine can't create temp dir (factory-mac-64bits.kitware) (jcfr)
0002624: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] X server is crashing on the Linux VMs (jcfr)
0002468: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Not all error are reported on CDash (jcfr)
0002620: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume rendering module creates invalid annotation ROI (finetjul)
0002473: [Module Annotations] Fiducials appear on incorrect slice if visibility is enabled in data module (nicole)
0002493: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Nightly extension builds are not available (jcfr)
0002122: [Core: Base Code] Fix unused variable warnings related to ctkSettingsDialog (finetjul)
0001479: [Core: Usability] Slicer command line argument to preload files and scenes (crmullin)
0002485: [Module VolumeRendering] mrb does not configure modules properly (finetjul)
0001825: [Core: GUI] Destination directories in 'Save Scene and Unsaved Data' are not actually updated in common use case (finetjul)
0002504: Tutorial 2 - MRI-based topographic parcellation of human brain (pohl)
0002510: Tutorial 8 - White matter exploration for neurosurgical planning (demian)
0002508: Tutorial 6 - Traumatic Brain Injury Case Analysis (alexy)
0002452: [Core: Usability] Add voxel cropping functionality in CropVolume (fedorov)
0002458: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Building without PythonQt - CMake error (sankhesh)
0002530: [Core: GUI] Display is not updated when changing a transform (finetjul)
0002618: [Module DICOM] Repeated insertion of items locks up DICOM DB (pieper)
0002499: [Core: GUI] Crash after turning on slice intersections and moving sliders in the 2D viewers (alexy)
0002430: [Core: GUI] Models jump around in the MRML tree view when visibility is changed (finetjul)
0002629: [Core: Usability] Crosshair does not work (millerjv)
0002575: [Core: GUI] endoscopy module stopped working (pieper)
0002525: [Module EMSegment] EM segmenter full brain parcellation simple has stopped working. (pohl)
0002674: [Core: Base Code] Slice View label map opacity not managed by SliceLinkLogic (millerjv)
0002675: [Core: Base Code] Slice view foreground opacity is not managed by SliceLinkLogic (millerjv)
0002566: [Core: Base Code] PNG writer fails (alexy)
0002546: [Core: Base Code] Slicer tries to save removed nodes. (alexy)
0002653: display mode changes when tracts out of volume after display properties shown (alexy)
0002665: [Module Annotations] cropping is on, and roi is visible upon opening the VR module (nicole)
0001926: [Core: GUI] can not toggle interpolate on or off in slice viewer (millerjv)
0002527: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume renderer does not handle label map with custom lut properly (finetjul)
0002690: [Core: Packaging] x64 Slicer installer has wrong default on Windows 7 (jcfr)
0002569: [Core: Base Code] GetReferencedSubScene does not work (finetjul)
0002509: Tutorial 7 - Radiotherapy (pinter)
0001977: [Module DICOM] DICOM retrieve gets all query results instead of just the selected ones (pieper)
0002405: [Core: GUI] help browse tutorials still points to 3.6 tutorials (finetjul)
0002570: Newly created fiberbundles do not display in slice viewer, when tubes on slices is turned on (alexy)
0001515: [Module EMSegment] Labelmap generated by EMSegmenter Fast cannot be edited (pieper)
0002311: [Core: GUI] Panning a slice hard to control and doesn't propagate to link logic (millerjv)
0002600: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] out of bounds parameter in GetParameterDescription python interactor crashes Slicer (jcfr)
0002660: [Core: Extensions] failure to load annotation libraries from some extensions (jcfr)
0002662: [Core: Extensions] logic is not initialized properly in Reporting extension (jcfr)
0002016: [Module DICOM] Multi-load appears not to work. (pieper)
0002034: [Core: Extensions] Integrate Plastimatch extensions (gregsharp)
0001574: FB display: crash when selecting FB node loaded while module is open (alexy)
0002378: [Module Editor] Grow cut crashes Slicer (millerjv)
0002586: [Core: Extensions] SpatialObjectsViewer extension does not install on Mac OS X nightly package (crmullin)
0002617: [Core: Extensions] spatial objects extension is not installing (crmullin)
0002465: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SlicerConfig - Ensure CMake search path specific to external project are added in order (sankhesh)
0002592: [Core: Usability] Rename TractographyFiducialSeedingModule into TractographyInteractiveSeedingModule (sankhesh)
0002668: [Core: Base Code] Fix "-Woverloaded-virtual" warning in vtkITKGrowCutSegmentationImageFilter (millerjv)
0002321: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix gcc 4.6.x link error related to libvtkPythonCore.so.5.10.0 - undefined reference to `Py*' (sankhesh)
0001510: [Core: GUI] data module display is bad (finetjul)
       0002582: [Core: GUI] Unoptimized size for data module tree view (finetjul)
0002601: [Core: GUI] W/L of FA volume is not handeld properly. UI in the volume module is not usable. (finetjul)
0002581: [Core: MRML] hiding closest anatomy letter in 3D view stops working after VR and scene close (finetjul)
0002472: [Module VolumeRendering] volume rendering stoped updating spontaneously (finetjul)
0002351: [Core: Extensions] Scripted modules appear in an inconsistent directory location when building multiple modules in a single extension (jcfr)
0002641: [Core: Base Code] Slicer crashes when trying to load scripted module from root directory (jcfr)
0002532: old testing settings can impact new test results (sankhesh)
0002367: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix ubuntu factory error "Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0" (jcfr)
0002387: [Core: MRML] Loading Tutorial data produces improper sceene (pieper)
0002534: [Core: GUI] panning of slice views does is not linked when zoom and slice scroll are linked (millerjv)
0001650: [Core: Base Code] Model intersection doesn't show up on slice when adding the model in a module (inorton)
0002626: [Core: Base Code] Uniformize Get/New/Create/CreateAndAdd (finetjul)
0002366: [Core: Base Code] Saving scene in a bundle file generates invalid mrb file on Windows (finetjul)
0002484: [Core: MRML] Grid transform cannot be saved (alexy)
0002102: [Core: GUI] Centered volume loading option puts the volume corner into the center (pieper)
0002492: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Continuous build configuration error on factory.kitwarein.com for Perknav (jcfr)
0002433: [Core: GUI] the Model Hierarchy View window does not fit to the size of the expanded tree. (finetjul)
0002463: [Core: Usability] Reformat module doesn't enforce entered value (finetjul)
0002158: [Core: Extensions] Rename variable referring to slicer extension as "sext" (jcfr)
0002553: [Core: QtTesting] Need QtTesting.dll (jcfr)
0001816: [Core: Usability] Order of items added in Add Data is reversed (finetjul)
0002358: [Core: Extensions] Python wrapping in extensions fails on Mac (crmullin)
0002568: [Core: Extensions] Add ExperimentalUploadOnly target (jcfr)
0002251: [Core: Extensions] slicer.modules is not initialized when queried from extension (jcfr)
0001744: [Module SceneViews] sceneview with volume rendering does not survive roundtrip (finetjul)
       0001887: [Core: MRML] sceneview roundtrip problem with LUT and with VR (finetjul)
0002531: [Module VolumeRendering] sceneview with VR does not survive roundtrip (finetjul)
0002057: [Core: MRML] Crash when closing scene (alexy)
0002428: [Module ModelMaker] Model maker creates less models than the number of labels in the input image (finetjul)
0002120: [Core: Base Code] MRB does not survive roundtrip (pieper)
0002135: [Module VolumeRendering] volume rendering label map does not work properly (finetjul)
0002141: [Core: Base Code] Color module damages LUT (finetjul)
0002298: [Core: Extensions] skull stripper extension does not install (crmullin)
0002386: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] LUT documentation needs to be equipped with proper scripts to reflect versions (jcfr)
0002462: [Core: Usability] Reformat widget doesn't resize to whole volume (finetjul)
0002476: [Core: GUI] Loading Data with Long Filename Forces Slice Views to Resize Very Small (sankhesh)
0001455: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Launching CLI modules from command line (jcfr)
0001979: [Core: GUI] Red viewer show garbage on initial display (alexy)
0002040: [Module DICOM] Failure to import anonymized studies with empty patient ID (pieper)
0002409: [Core: Base Code] Crash when deselecting labelmap option for an active labelmap volume (pieper)
0002373: [Core: Extensions] SkullStripper is available in the Extensions Manager but can NOT be installed (jcfr)
0002460: [Core: GUI] crash when entering Volumes Module with image that has NaN's (mccormic)
0001889: [Module Annotations] Annotations list order not passed to CLI (nicole)
0002222: [Core: Extensions] Dependant extensions get the _DIR variable from the ones it depends on (jcfr)
0002414: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Vector to Scalar Volume (pieper)
0001192: [Core: MRML] ModelMRMLDisplayableManager doesn't handle vtkMRMLDisplayNode::ViewNodes (alexy)
0002239: [Core: Extensions] Metadata associated with extension could all be optional (jcfr)
0001933: [Module DICOM] Imported dataset does not show up in list (pieper)
0002253: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build error with Tcl disabled (jcfr)
0002246: [Core: Extensions] The XML tag 'file' behaves as a string (jcfr)
0002224: [Core: Extensions] Status metadata are not documented as optional but are required when configuring (jcfr)
0002235: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Add a convenient mechanism to reload scripted module without having to restart Slicer (pieper)
0002233: [Core: Extensions] ModuleWizard fails to copy md5 files (jcfr)
0002232: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Use SEMMacroBuildCLI in Slicer (jcfr)
0002225: [Core: Usability] Crash while loading a scene with an RGB volume (finetjul)
0002258: [Core: GUI] Add button in Data module / Node inspector overwrites attribute if its name is selected (pinter)
0002227: [Core: Extensions] ExperimentalUpload build should display author warning only when required (jcfr)
0002234: [Core: Extensions] Building extensions using Experimental or ExperimentalUpload target failed to upload on CDash (jcfr)
0002166: [Core: Extensions] Building extension using Experimental targets fail (jcfr)
0001463: [Core: GUI] Slice annotations resize on long volume name (pieper)
0002228: [Core: Extensions] Simplify Extensions template to minimize confusion (jcfr)
0002432: [Module Editor] add custom cursor overrides for editor tool effects (pieper)
0001772: [Core: Usability] Key modifier + volume selector in 2D Slice viewers (fedorov)
0001600: [Core: Usability] "Selected" feature in Models (nicole)
0002422: [Core: Base Code] bug in mgz file reader (pieper)
0002415: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Vector to Scalar Volume is missing wiki documentation (pieper)
       0001965: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Release Mediawiki documentation using "Nightly" namespace (jcfr)
0002418: [Module DICOM] Provide access to the DICOM module logic/widget instance (pieper)
0001807: [Module VolumeRendering] Trying to render a volume with double type crashes Slicer (finetjul)
0002420: [Core: Usability] Conflict between Annotation placement and Editor effect (pieper)
0002049: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] No Nightly documentation (jcfr)
0002359: [Module VolumeRendering] assert in volume rendering settings on fresh windows build (finetjul)
0001710: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Scripted Module Loading - An error occuring in one module prevent other module from loading (jcfr)
0001759: [Core: MRML] Crash when "Clipping" tissue model (nicole)
0002074: [Module DICOM] Crash when loading DICOM CT dataset (pieper)
0002406: [Module DICOM] DICOM module not usable first time Slicer is run on fresh Slicer install (pieper)
0002202: Add support to load and save NifTi Diffusion Tensor Files files (demian)
0001894: [Module EMSegment] EM Segmenter labelmap opacity (pohl)
0001804: [Module EMSegment] All anatomy color not available (pohl)
0002259: [Core: GUI] slice pan should take into account zoom (alexy)
0001761: [Core: MRML] save scene to directory deletes one level too much (nicole)
0001788: [Module Editor] Editor module - Change Label (pieper)
0001801: [Module Editor] The names of the labels in the color map become unavailable (pieper)
0002216: PkModeling - Show only needed property (millerjv)
0002150: [Core: Base Code] paning in slice views causes jumps (alexy)
0002294: [Core: GUI] Scene View does not save Volume lookup tables upon recall of Scene View (alexy)
0002320: [Module EMSegment] Adding another input channel results in strange gui behviour (pohl)
0002286: [Module Editor] editor is stuck with a color (pieper)
0001622: [Module EMSegment] Remove all intermediate data (pohl)
0001963: [Core: Base Code] Add unit test to vtkArchive zip/unzip methods (jcfr)
0002325: [Module DICOM] Import is always one series behind (pieper)
0002106: [Module SceneViews] Moving past the last image in the red windows with a CT dataset causes a crash (pieper)
0001874: [Module EMSegment] Em segmentation does not start after pressing the button EM Segment (pohl)
0001667: [Module Editor] Editor lock up for brush tool (pieper)
0002312: [Core: Usability] 3d view of slice texture should be smoothly interpolated (alexy)
0001740: [Core: GUI] Cosmetics and update for the file menu (finetjul)
0001995: [Module SceneViews] Scene view references (alexy)
0002012: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix Slicer build with EXTENSION_MANAGER_SUPPORT turned OFF (pieper)
0002338: [Core: Extensions] Check why Windows 64bits extension continuous is not triggered (jcfr)
0002010: [Core: GUI] Save prompts to Save Scene file even when Scene file is not selected (unchecked) (finetjul)
0001677: [Core: Base Code] SVN download of loadable extension modules does not work (jcfr)
0001204: [Core: Packaging] Centralize revision/version/name of Slicer (jcfr)
0001167: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix warning related to SlicerFunctionGenerateExtensionDescription (jcfr)
0002038: [Core: GUI] Ignore orientation flag has no effect when loading volumes (finetjul)
0002181: [Core: Extensions] When internet is slow, Slicer freezes at startup (jcfr)
0001687: [Core: Base Code] Merge Tractography module with Tractography display module (joe_snyder)
0002198: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] qMRMLModelDisplayNodeWidget seems not available from python (jcfr)
0001962: [Core: Base Code] vtkArchive - Improve "extract_tar" test (finetjul)
0001952: [Core: GUI] camera position after loading scene (finetjul)
0002100: [Core: Base Code] merge and build in the editor does not work in mac nightly 5-20. It is still working in 5-19 (finetjul)
0002219: [Core: Chart] Define range for the plots (millerjv)
0002097: [Core: Base Code] Move code for SceneDatabase export into a registered qSlicerFileWriter (finetjul)
0002073: [Core: Base Code] can not get compare views (finetjul)
0001980: [Core: GUI] Transforms module Identity button introduces additional rotation (finetjul)
0002220: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Module wizard for loadable modules - problem with Testing/Cxx/CMakeLists.txt (jcfr)
0000986: [Core: GUI] Expose option for saving uncompressed (finetjul)
0002299: [Module Editor] Editor module is missing (pieper)
0002265: [Module VolumeRendering] default render engine is cpu ray casting (finetjul)
0001846: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Loadable module title is always the directory name (jcfr)
0001850: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Found PythonLibs: ... get_filename_component unknown component optimized (jcfr)
0001854: [Core: Chart] Line styles (patterns) for the plots (millerjv)
0002277: [Core: Usability] Save data unexpected behavior (finetjul)
0002389: [Module DICOM] Speed up DICOMScalarVolumePlugin load() by using the archetype node directly (fedorov)
0001855: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Link errors during CTK build (jcfr)
0002377: [Core: Packaging] no pyexpat on windows (jcfr)
0001895: [Module Editor] py_nomainwindow_qSlicerEditorModuleGenericTest output output error messages (pieper)
0001863: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] To avoid _RegisterApplication / _CGSDefaultConnection error, create a template of launchd file for dashboard (jcfr)
0002262: [Core: Base Code] Fix memory leaks associated with ModelDisplayableManager refactor (jcfr)
0001882: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Create a Qt version variable on Wiki compatible with Qt online doc (jcfr)
0002245: [Core: CLI infrastructure] DWI to Full Brain Tractography does not respond (demian)
0001779: [Core: Base Code] Slicer Scene restore crash (finetjul)
0002329: [Module Editor] Widget is not instantiated properly when showVolumesFrame=False (pieper)
0001817: [Core: Usability] default write format on data save (finetjul)
0002261: [Core: Usability] Mouse W/L control is not usable (inorton)
       0002306: [Core: GUI] panning in slice view - cursor does not 'stick' to image (alexy)
0002184: [Module Editor] Crash - Identify and Remove Islands effect (pieper)
0001922: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] add a self-testing module (pieper)
0002408: [Core: Usability] Voxel value in scientific mode (pieper)
0002249: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] numpy.linalg.det does not work (jcfr)
0002269: [Core: Extensions] many extensions are missing (millerjv)
       0002281: [Core: Extensions] FacetedVisualizer extension is not available on unix-like platform (millerjv)
       0002278: [Core: Extensions] skull stripper extension is not available (jcfr)
0001594: [Core: Usability] specifying scene or data to load on the command line (crmullin)
0001593: [Module Annotations] Untoggle "Place a fiducial" on click (nicole)
0002082: [Core: Usability] ModifiedSinceRead to confirm exit/load (finetjul)
0002093: [Core: Base Code] Fix qSlicerTractographyFiducialSeedingModuleWidgetGenericTest (alexy)
0002185: [Core: Extensions] Update infrastructure so that new Volume Rendering technique can be added as extension (finetjul)
0002194: [Core: QtTesting] Configure ApplicationsSlicerAppData.py into build tree (BenjaminLong)
0002180: [Core: GUI] Remove "home" module from toolbar (crmullin)
0002279: [Core: Extensions] can't deveop extension on windows (jcfr)
0002280: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Numpy - Do not expect developer to uninstall g77 (jcfr)
0002276: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix numpy build error where gfortran is installed (jcfr)
0002271: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Add build option allowing to disable DICOM support (jcfr)
0002129: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build VTK with VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE ON (jcfr)
0002064: [Core: MRML] Build error associated to qMRMLNodeAttributeTableViewTest (jcfr)
0002174: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Can not finish Building, file missing. (jcfr)
0002167: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Unnecessary python wrapping on Visual Studio (jcfr)
0002353: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] ExternalData not found (jcfr)
0002368: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Checkout DashboardScripts CVS (crmullin)
0002131: [Core: Base Code] Address unused warning introduced by commit r20147 - Added projections of the eigenvector corresponding to the maximal eigenvalu (demian)
0002347: [Core: Extensions] Extension Experimental build tests all fail on Windows in Release mode (jcfr)
0002350: [Core: Extensions] Extension generic test selector fails on Windows (jcfr)
0002342: [Core: Base Code] Check state of warning about "spacing" in vtkImageAccumulateDiscreteExecute.cxx (nicole)
0002317: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update dashboard driver script to specify shorter binary dir (jcfr)
0002303: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Slicer doxygen doc is out of date (jcfr)
0002314: [Core: GUI] Clicking on any module widget in the toobar should open the Module Panel. (jcfr)
0002293: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Enable external extension to be built with the Slicer proper (jcfr)
0002305: [Core: Base Code] Associate icon within python interactor and set window title (jcfr)
0002098: [Core: Usability] Redesign Save Data Dialog (finetjul)
0002255: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Integrate GIT_REPO option into dashboard script (crmullin)
0002024: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build error when using wrong version of Qt (jcfr)
0002159: [Core: QtTesting] Rename tutorial test and associated python file (BenjaminLong)
0001387: [Core: Base Code] slicer reports a crash on exit (nicole)
0001870: [Core: GUI] cosmetics for the settings panel (finetjul)
0002065: [Core: MRML] Use the concept of "_data" in qMRMLNodeAttributeTableViewTest (pinter)
0001733: [Core: QtTesting] Generalize qSlicerIOManager::openDialog code (BenjaminLong)
0001829: [Core: GUI] Add option to customize font size(and family ?) for the python console (crmullin)
0002066: [Core: MRML] Fix warnings related to vtkMRMLVolumeRenderingMultiVolumeTest (finetjul)
0002070: [Core: MRML] Update qMRMLNodeAttributeTableView to use QString only (pinter)
0002063: [Core: MRML] Fix warning associated with qMRMLNodeAttributeTableView (pinter)
0001997: Fix instruction and link related to Mac download binaries (pieper)
0001973: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SlicerFunctionToday does NOt handle foreign operating system / UTF-8 character (jcfr)
0002001: [Core: Base Code] Commit r20033 and r20034 cause approx. 40 more test to fail (finetjul)
0001516: [Module EMSegment] ctkVTKErrorLogMessageHandler crashes (jcfr)
0001791: [Core: MRML] Slicer crashes when changing window size (finetjul)
0001955: [Core: Base Code] EMSegmenter shows up red in Modules Setting but works fine (jcfr)
0001315: [Core: Base Code] Slicer4 does not start on SPL machines (nicole)
0001988: [Core: Extensions] Fix build issue associated with SkullStripper extension (jcfr)
0001970: [Core: MRML] Warning associated with vtkMRMLDisplayableNode (finetjul)
0001919: [Module Editor] Disable Editor tests if Tcl is disabled (jcfr)
0001971: [Core: MRML] Closing MRML scene two times in a row leads to a crash (finetjul)
0001902: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer_SKIP_PROJECT_COMMAND not considered next to Slicer_SKIP_USE_FILE_INCLUDE_CHECK (jcfr)
0001901: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] slicer_setting_variable_message causes problems with EXTENSION_LICENSE_SHORT_DESCRIPTION (jcfr)
0001941: [Core: Extensions] Extensions download from SVN repository fails (jcfr)
405 issues View Issues
Released 2012-06-01
0001277: [Module Editor] grow cut result label map should inherit LUT from training label map (pieper)
0001927: [Core: MRML] Add "Slicer Data Bundle" read/write to .mrb (zip) files (pieper)
0001936: [Core: Usability] make RAS box axis labels visibility camera dependent (alexy)
0002067: [Core: MRML] Data module - MRML inspector - Select scene - Click "Add" and slicer crashes (pinter)
0001942: Model to Label Map not working (demian)
0001956: [Core: Usability] Center 3D view on the scene button should resize RAS box based on the max RAS extents of the scene. (alexy)
0001972: Joint Riccian LMMSE does not work (demian)
0001992: [Module SceneViews] deleting a sceneview crashes slicer (alexy)
0002018: [Module SceneViews] slicer crashes when trying to save a scene (alexy)
0002099: [Module SceneViews] restoring sceneview with tracts does not work properly and leads to crash (alexy)
0002069: [Core: MRML] Test qSlicerDataModuleWidgetsCxxTests testRemove failed with an assert in qMRMLNodeAttributeTableView (pinter)
0001903: DWI2FBT fails to work (demian)
0001781: [Core: CLI infrastructure] can not estimate tensors (demian)
0001783: [Core: MRML] Losing model hierarchy display nodes on scene save (nicole)
0001789: [Core: MRML] Slicer crashes after cropping and saving (nicole)
0001429: [Module Annotations] ROI visibility does not work in 2D views (alexy)
0001987: [Core: Extensions] Add test to SkullStripper extension (millerjv)
0002200: [Core: QtTesting] QtTesting - Slides for summer project week 2012 (BenjaminLong)
0001856: [Module SceneViews] sceneview does not survive a roundtrip (nicole)
0002140: [Core: Extensions] settings error when using extension manager (jcfr)
0001774: [Core: Usability] Slicer won't update slice view (millerjv)
0001921: [Core: GUI] Attribute list in MRML Node Inspector in Data module (finetjul)
0001950: [Core: Extensions] Extension manager does not honor proxy settings for communicating through a firewall (jcfr)
0002091: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Document Drag&Drop functionality (Michael Jeulin-L)
0002119: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Support recent version of XCode (pieper)
0001989: [Core: Extensions] Update Extension documentation on wiki (jcfr)
0001944: [Core: Extensions] unpacking extension into read-only directory hangs (jcfr)
0001906: [Core: Extensions] Failed to uninstall extension "in use" (jcfr)
0002107: [Core: Extensions] Enabling/Disabling extension does NOT work (jcfr)
0002088: [Core: Extensions] Indicate the user when extensions is incompatible (jcfr)
0002130: [Core: Extensions] SkullStripper extension is NOT loaded properly (jcfr)
0002043: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Install CMake 2.8.8 on the factory and update scripts (jcfr)
0002127: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer 4.1.1 - Test and release (jcfr)
       0001990: [Core: Extensions] Create 4.1.1 version of Slicer with backported extensions build system (jcfr)
             0002128: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer 4.1.1 - Setup dashboard script allowing to build extension (jcfr)
             0002126: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer 4.1.1 - Identify and backport fixes related to extensions buildsystem (jcfr)
0002155: [Core: Extensions] Ensure extension can be build and uploaded outside of Slicer using a custom value for Slicer_EXTENSION_DESCRIPTION_DIR (jcfr)
0002152: [Core: Extensions] Add support for svnusername/svnpassword (jcfr)
0002148: [Core: Extensions] Consider extension support libraries installed in either lib/Slicer-X.Y or bin (jcfr)
0002147: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] UseSlicer requires GIT_EXECUTABLE (jcfr)
0002144: [Core: Extensions] Fail to install extension if Launcher settings is read-only (jcfr)
0002139: [Core: Extensions] Ensure CLIExtensionTemplate download all associated testing data (jcfr)
0001945: [Core: Extensions] tooltips on the extension manager widgets (jcfr)
0002132: [Core: Extensions] Configure extension project with Midas credential when Slicer_UPLOAD_EXTENSIONS is OFF (jcfr)
0002044: [Core: Extensions] Skullstripper is not well behaved and dumps intermediate results where ever (millerjv)
0001940: [Core: Packaging] No version in mac bundle (jcfr)
0002137: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] can't import Tkinter on win64 build (jcfr)
0001905: [Core: Extensions] Download progress in Extension Manager (jcfr)
0001782: [Core: GUI] Slicer display of images is not using entire screen area (millerjv)
       0001607: [Core: Base Code] after loading data through the dicom module, FOV is not set properly for Slice viewers (millerjv)
0001459: [Core: GUI] Scene save directory selector location (finetjul)
0002075: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer factory - On Ubuntu 8.04 VM, X server is crashing causing build and test to fail. (jcfr)
0002068: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Update wiki adding information specific to GDB / Attach process (crmullin)
0002054: [Core: Extensions] Fail to build extension in a standalone fashion (jcfr)
0002041: [Core: Extensions] Extensions build continuously are uploaded to CDash instead of Midas (jcfr)
0002026: [Core: Extensions] Review "DoseVolumeHistogram" and "DoseAccumulation" extension (jcfr)
0002021: [Core: Extensions] Carma extension does NOT build in either the continuous or nightly (jcfr)
       0002036: [Core: Extensions] Ensure SlicerBlockBuildPackageAndUploadExtension find git/svn when installed in not standard location (jcfr)
58 issues View Issues
Released 2012-04-12
0001091: [Module Annotations] AnnotationFiducial: performance issues (nicole)
0001652: [Core: Base Code] DICOM files are always copied during import (pieper)
0001837: [Core: Base Code] Scene restore issue with 5 compare layouts (millerjv)
0001154: [Core: Base Code] Add support for DICOM (pieper)
0001795: [Module SceneViews] DWI + save scene + scene view crash (nicole)
0001633: [Core: Usability] Crash on close scene after deleting ROI (finetjul)
0001678: Glyph display inconsitencies between 2D and 3D viewer (alexy)
0001684: Streamline tractography parameters default values (alexy)
0001725: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Diffusion Scalar Measurements: update issue (finetjul)
0001679: Color By Orientation Issue (demian)
0001724: Diffusion Scalar Measurements: Planar measure issue (demian)
0001685: Fiducial Seeding with several fiducials (alexy)
0002050: [Module EMSegment] EMSegment should *delete* temporary files after usage (pohl)
0002061: [Core: QtTesting] Extension Manager issue in SlicerQTtesting (finetjul)
0001813: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] loadVolume() function in Python not communicating to Qt (finetjul)
0001681: [Core: GUI] Slicer with different fonts (finetjul)
0001780: [Core: Base Code] Issue with labelmap viewer (millerjv)
0001840: [Core: Base Code] new color label for 4.1 release (nicole)
0002375: [Module Annotations] Ruler intersection is in the wrong place (nicole)
0001796: [Module Annotations] inconsistent fiducial glyph (nicole)
0001811: [Module Annotations] Locked annotation doesn't apply to everything (nicole)
0001951: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Resample Scalar/Vector/DWI module does not accept DWI input (nicole)
0002435: [Module EMSegment] Missing labels in color file used for EM Segmenter (nicole)
0002379: [Module SceneViews] Issue with Close Scene and Scene Views (nicole)
0002385: [Module SceneViews] Issue with saving mrb scenes (nicole)
0002330: [Module ModelMaker] When there is a model in /tmp Model Maker produces that model as output of any execution (nicole)
0001232: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Allow python modules to expose public functions (jcfr)
0001184: [Module Annotations] Annotation: improve drag-drop to hierarchy usability (nicole)
0002266: [Module Annotations] need to change properties for fiducial list (nicole)
0001090: [Module Annotations] AnnotationFiducial: set common properties for group of fiducials (nicole)
0001754: [Core: GUI] Show Option does not work 2nd time the add data dialog is opened (finetjul)
0002108: [Core: GUI] Crash when deleting a model after deleting its parent hierarchy node (nicole)
0001243: [Core: Base Code] hierarchy display in slicer 4 is not the same as in slicer 3 mac 7-1 2011 (nicole)
0001249: [Core: GUI] parents in the model hierarchy do not have colors and can not be used to turn all their children on and off. (nicole)
0001653: [Core: Usability] GUI for Reformat widget (finetjul)
0002030: [Module SceneViews] switching between sceneviews results in strange display in the slice viewer (nicole)
0001769: [Core: Base Code] Crash when trying to read a .vtk file. (finetjul)
0001790: [Core: GUI] Inconsistency of show volume icon within volume rendering module (finetjul)
0001217: [Core: MRML] Create qMRMLCore (BenjaminLong)
0001745: [Core: GUI] listing of toolbars is inconsistent (finetjul)
0001753: [Core: Usability] Slice spacing is not updated if already in lightbox mode (finetjul)
0001812: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Annotations documentation is missing (nicole)
0001818: [Core: Usability] DICOM volumes marked modified on save (pieper)
0001833: [Module VolumeRendering] the vtk gpu raycaster render engine stopped working since the move to vtk 5.10 (finetjul)
0001808: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] VTK Does not compile (jcfr)
0001803: [Core: Base Code] Slicer crashes when manipulating a transform hierarchy (finetjul)
0001802: [Core: Base Code] Transform module does not have a way to invert a transform (finetjul)
0001786: DWI2FBT fails at DWI to tensors step (finetjul)
0001787: [Core: GUI] exit() function does not fire when closing Slicer within a Loadable Module (finetjul)
0001784: [Core: GUI] Improved deafault name for a scene at initial save (finetjul)
0001806: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Memory management in Python is confusing (jcfr)
0001776: [Core: Usability] Otsu segmentation labelmap not turned on by default (finetjul)
0001773: [Core: Base Code] special character in file name confuses slicer (finetjul)
0001762: [Core: Base Code] Out of memory issues on 32-bit systems (finetjul)
0001758: [Core: MRML] Loading Model hierarchy scene while having the Model module open result in bad hierarchy (nicole)
0001757: [Module Editor] Radius in Editor module is restored automatically to 5mm (pieper)
0001720: Link allowing to list extension associated with a package doesn't work. (jcfr)
0001444: [Core: GUI] Deleting model in Models module: leaves behind hierarchy node (alexy)
0001665: ColorBy buttons allow multiple selection (demian)
0001664: [Core: Packaging] Installation failure of Slicer 4.0.1 on Mac OS 10.5.8 (jcfr)
0001691: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Integrate Swig to Windows superbuild (jcfr)
0001661: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Support customization of which modules should be loaded (finetjul)
0001651: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Pressing cancel never resets (finetjul)
0001649: [Core: GUI] Long volume name in data info view causes resize of module pane (finetjul)
0001625: [Core: Packaging] libqMRMLWidgets.so not in the correct place (jcfr)
0001656: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] crash in scene clear coming from displayable manager destructor (jcfr)
0001612: [Module VolumeRendering] initial transfer function looks weird (finetjul)
0001611: [Module VolumeRendering] Click on "Display ROI" should enable the cropping (finetjul)
0001597: [Core: Usability] Editor split volume feature (pieper)
0001595: [Core: Base Code] Enable/Disable which module should be loaded at next startup (jcfr)
0001144: [Core: GUI] Warning during startup with a gui-less module without logic class (jcfr)
0001721: [Module VolumeRendering] shift slider is vertical instead of horizontal (finetjul)
0001680: [Core: GUI] Data load dialog usability (joe_snyder)
0001711: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Extension build - Parameter including "/" are not properly passed as ctest argument (jcfr)
0001709: Slicer/Midas - http://slicer.kitware.com/midas3/slicerpackages should works (jcfr)
0001654: Error in DWI to full brain tractography (demian)
0001379: [Core: GUI] swapping volume to be rendered causes the settings to be reset, swapping volume property node leads to crash (finetjul)
0002094: [Core: Base Code] Move 3DSlicer icon into appropriate subdirectories (Michael Jeulin-L)
0001189: [Core: MRML] problem in creating a new label map (pieper)
0001186: [Core: MRML] Slice intersections visible is not working (inorton)
0001663: [Module VolumeRendering] assert crash while adjusting transfer function (finetjul)
0001485: [Core: GUI] changing volume to label map causes a crash (finetjul)
0001488: [Core: GUI] sceneviews do not reconfigure the new compare view grids (millerjv)
0001495: [Module SceneViews] restoring sceneview called compare view crashes slicer after producing a bad display (millerjv)
       0001526: [Module SceneViews] Sceneviews do not restore slice contents correctly when slices are linked (millerjv)
0001307: [Core: GUI] transfer function is not visible (finetjul)
0001923: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] {{documentation/{{documentation/version}}/module-category}} doesn't support extra newline spacing in XML (jcfr)
0001799: [Module Annotations] Crash when slicer quits (finetjul)
0001675: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Link to 4.0 wiki page of some modules are broken (joe_snyder)
0001624: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Memory leaks are not taken as failure for python module tests (jcfr)
0001589: [Core: MRML] Switch to Red slice only looses reformat (millerjv)
0001474: [Core: MRML] restoring sceneview crashes slicer (nicole)
0001527: [Core: GUI] Multiline tooltips formatting (dpace)
0001793: Crash when entering annotations module from tractography fiducial seeding (finetjul)
0001751: [Core: GUI] Toggle Foreground/Background/Labelmap opacity with mouse gesture (finetjul)
0001750: [Core: GUI] Slice View controller cosmetics (finetjul)
0001719: [Core: GUI] tick marks are wrong (finetjul)
0001731: [Module VolumeRendering] going to the volume renderer crashes slicer (finetjul)
0001641: [Module VolumeRendering] Crash trying to change transfer function (finetjul)
0001598: [Core: Usability] Add volume resets slice orientation (millerjv)
0001712: [Module Annotations] Can't drag/drop elements to new hierarchy in a long annotation list (nicole)
0001713: [Module Annotations] Delete annotation hierarchy from w/in Annotation module (nicole)
0001715: [Module Annotations] Fiducial import should go to named list (nicole)
0001674: Add template for extracting last "released" version of Slicer (jcfr)
0001521: Remove BreadCrumbs2 - Install BrettCrumbs extension (mhalle)
0001522: Make sure GetData special page does NOT pre-append two extra empty lines (mhalle)
0001580: Last logo in the documentation wiki is not displayed by the template (jcfr)
0001658: [Core: Usability] Transform matrix updates do not propagate to the transform node (finetjul)
0001689: [Core: Base Code] crash with lightbox mode and tensors (finetjul)
0001504: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Expect CTestConfig.cmake in either the build or source directory (jcfr)
110 issues View Issues
Released 2012-01-06
Released for: 2012 Winter NAMIC AHM
Commit revision: r19033
0001764: [Core: MRML] crash after close scene and loading image (fedorov)
0002112: [Module Annotations] Need to allow changing fiducial properties all at once in a fiducial list (nicole)
0001558: [Core: GUI] Core module documentation SceneViews (nicole)
0001883: [Module Annotations] Fiducials don't get locked (nicole)
0001557: [Core: GUI] Core module documentation models (nicole)
0001645: [Core: GUI] update of the mouse mode toolbar (nicole)
0001646: [Core: CLI infrastructure] DicomToNrrdConverter converter crash (pieper)
0001573: [Core: GUI] closing a scene crashes slicer (alexy)
0001835: [Core: MRML] vtkMRMLSceneViewNodeStoreSceneTest produces memory leaks (alexy)
0001865: 'Tractography' Module in Slicer4.1? (demian)
0001957: [Core: Usability] slice view FOV/spacing options do not work properly with multiple volumes (alexy)
0001166: [Core: Usability] Improve layout of 'About dialog' (joe_snyder)
0001438: [Core: GUI] hardening the handling of scenes in Slicer (pieper)
0001393: Selecting ColorOrientationMiddleEigenvector renders sliceviewers inoperative. (demian)
0001493: [Module Annotations] fiducial scaling (nicole)
0001559: [Core: GUI] Core module documentation Transforms (alexy)
0001501: [Core: GUI] Sceneviews created using the icons in the main gui do not show up in the module panel (nicole)
0001452: label map seeding has disappeared (jcfr)
0001456: dicom to dwi module is lacking interface (finetjul)
0001466: tensor estimation module is missing (jcfr)
0001627: [Core: Usability] Creating ROI from combo box crashes slicer (finetjul)
0001621: [Core: Base Code] Cannot start the software, Linux (jcfr)
0001507: [Core: GUI] Convert Dicom to DWI module does not allow me to select an input data set (finetjul)
0001372: [Core: GUI] tractography fiducial seeding ui improvements (alexy)
0001606: [Core: GUI] check box for welcome dialog so it does not come up again (finetjul)
0001481: [Core: GUI] qSlicerModulesMenu::setCurrentModule(moduleName) should work with Name instead of Title (finetjul)
0001458: [Core: Usability] Drag&Drop in Slicer to quickly load files (BenjaminLong)
0001236: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume Rendering on ATI renders black cube (finetjul)
0001610: [Module VolumeRendering] Save default VR (finetjul)
0001224: [Core: Base Code] Extension - Append Extension/qt-scripted-module subdirectories to python path (jcfr)
0001407: [Core: Base Code] loading scenes is very slow (finetjul)
0001532: [Core: Packaging] Reduce package size (finetjul)
0001491: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fail to build Numpy on ubuntu 11.10 (jcfr)
0001450: [Core: GUI] More button to show/hide more buttons (BenjaminLong)
0001608: [Core: GUI] volume names always get loaded as "name1" instead of just "name" (pieper)
0001364: Nasty DTI viewing segfault (finetjul)
36 issues View Issues
Released 2011-11-27
Released for: 2011 RSNA
Commit revision: r18777
0001256: [Core: GUI] annotations are missing in the slice viewers (mehrtash)
0001136: [Core: GUI] Wrong Color Lookup table icon in the color node selector (finetjul)
0001317: [Core: GUI] Main GUI modificiations (pieper)
0001306: [Core: GUI] slice annoatation is incorrect (pieper)
0001378: [Core: GUI] Fit to window is not linked (millerjv)
0001308: [Core: GUI] One digit number to identify views (millerjv)
0001400: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] cannot access vtkSlicerSceneViewLogic from python (nicole)
0001402: [Module Annotations] corner annotations are still visible (pieper)
0001254: [Core: Base Code] Fit to window produces unexpected result (millerjv)
0001494: [Core: GUI] "Center 3D view" button does not update the position of the 3D cube (finetjul)
0001221: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Calling modules from the CLI interface using python (finetjul)
0001342: [Core: GUI] Left and Right are inverted in the anatomical directions widget (finetjul)
0001341: [Core: GUI] 2D viewers not synchronized (millerjv)
0001551: [Core: Usability] Model does not show up after model maker is completed (nicole)
0001426: Labelmap seeding has issues (inorton)
0001428: [Module Annotations] tweaking annotation properties (nicole)
0001388: [Core: GUI] Slice view doesn't change when after selecting the menu (finetjul)
0001464: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Slicer crash while trying to call CLI module from python (jcfr)
0001534: [Module Editor] Editor paint effect issues (pieper)
0001533: [Module Editor] Crash while trying to use threshold effect (pieper)
0001330: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] QT_QTUITOOLS_INCLUDE_DIR doesn't persist in CMakeCache files (jcfr)
0001542: [Core: CLI infrastructure] BRAINSFit registration uses only one thread (hjmjohnson)
0001544: [Core: Packaging] BRAINSDemonWarp is missing in Win64 packaged Slicer4 (hjmjohnson)
0001423: [Core: GUI] Volume rendering clipping box still visible after turning off display of visibility (alexy)
0001465: [Module Annotations] clicking "create hierarchy" in the annotation module crashes slicer (nicole)
0001414: Slice intersections do not display for FB loaded from file (inorton)
0001492: [Module EMSegment] EM segment easy does not work (pohl)
0001246: [Core: GUI] color selection does not work in slicer nightly (finetjul)
0001247: [Core: GUI] restore view crashes slicer (finetjul)
0001352: [Core: GUI] show options in add data panel is suboptimally formated (finetjul)
0001242: [Core: GUI] face lift for the models module (finetjul)
0001253: [Module VolumeRendering] The NCI GPU Ray Casting (Multi-Volume) is currently not supported in Slicer 4 (finetjul)
0001324: [Core: GUI] modfying opacity in the listing of models does not work (finetjul)
0001319: [Core: GUI] tweaking opacity column in models display (finetjul)
0001310: [Core: GUI] the pull down menu called Window (finetjul)
0001362: [Core: Usability] slicer crashes after layout change (finetjul)
0001392: [Core: GUI] welcome module does not come up, when slicer is started (jcfr)
0001405: [Core: GUI] improve usability of +/- interactions in the slice controller slider (finetjul)
0001411: [Core: MRML] Deleting FBNode causes ASSERT crash (alexy)
0001322: [Core: GUI] fiducials show up as models in the models module (finetjul)
0001257: [Core: GUI] Add scalar range in the Information panel of the Volumes module (BenjaminLong)
0001329: [Core: GUI] slice viewer popup does not reconfigure when layout is changed. (finetjul)
0001228: [Core: Usability] selecting a color for a surface model (finetjul)
0001173: [Core: Usability] AnnotationFiducial placement to model (nicole)
0001176: [Core: MRML] Crash when loading KneeAtlas2011.zip (finetjul)
0001181: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Remove "_XOPEN_SOURCE redefined" warning (jcfr)
0001182: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Add macro to build Widgets module sub library (jcfr)
0001183: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SlicerLauncher - Slicer4 won't start with relative path (jcfr)
0001193: [Core: GUI] Assert in the qMRMLSceneModel when deleting a parent node (finetjul)
0001195: [Core: Usability] Annotation: regression in hierarchy tree view (finetjul)
0001172: [Core: Base Code] model opacity change causes crash using AnnotationRuler (finetjul)
0001170: [Core: GUI] model deletion in data view does not remove from 3d view (finetjul)
0001122: [Core: GUI] Sync height of buttons and comboboxes (finetjul)
0001124: [Core: GUI] text filter in the data tree (finetjul)
0001134: [Core: GUI] Volumes module: DTI with W/L fails to choose auto mode (finetjul)
0001135: [Core: GUI] WindowLevel widget: support small range (finetjul)
0001147: [Core: Base Code] selecting lightbox 3x3 crashes Slicer (finetjul)
0001155: [Core: Packaging] Slicer launcher to support Qt designer (jcfr)
0001158: [Core: GUI] Right click menu in qMRMLTreeView (finetjul)
0001168: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix race condition related to copying/compiling of python scripts (jcfr)
0001197: [Core: GUI] Performance: scrolling volume (esp. on Windows 7) (finetjul)
0001210: [Core: CLI infrastructure] DicomToNrrdConverterTest failure (jcfr)
0001215: [Core: GUI] Slice viewer: labelmap selector should only allow selection of LabelMap (finetjul)
0001206: [Core: Base Code] Tests failure because of assert in vtkMRMLSliceLogic - line 438 (finetjul)
0001205: [Core: Base Code] Tests failure because of problem in qMRMLSceneColorTableModel::updateGradientFromNode (finetjul)
0001203: [Core: MRML] Harden Transform is not working (finetjul)
0001133: [Core: GUI] Offset between label/scalar volumes (finetjul)
0001214: [Core: GUI] Labelmap flag automagically unset (finetjul)
0001198: [Core: GUI] Annotation: can't create Hierarchy from qMRMLNodeComboBox (alexy)
0001503: [Core: Usability] _seg.nii.gz files no longer auto select as "label images" (finetjul)
0001567: [Module VolumeRendering] Display box visibility buttons not in sync (finetjul)
0001490: [Core: GUI] center 3d view on the scene does not work in 3d viewer 1 (finetjul)
0001346: [Core: GUI] Slicer4 GUI: suggested revision for BRAINSfit GUI (hjmjohnson)
0001508: [Module VolumeRendering] transfer functions do not look correct. (finetjul)
0001582: [Module VolumeRendering] NCI raycaster is not updating after transform is changed (finetjul)
0001339: [Core: GUI] link does not work for selecting label maps for viewers
0001569: [Core: GUI] undo redo toolbar is empty (finetjul)
0001484: [Core: GUI] replace the color module icon short cut with a shortcut for the cross-hairs (millerjv)
0001498: [Module EMSegment] EM segmenter does not work on win 64 (pohl)
0001506: [Module EMSegment] EM segment does not work (jcfr)
0001343: [Core: GUI] failure to put a volume under a transform (finetjul)
0001561: [Core: GUI] Core module documentation Volume Rendering (finetjul)
0001443: [Core: GUI] Model view: opacity slider popup is (very much!) too big on linux (finetjul)
0001445: [Module Editor] Change Label doesn't seem to do anything (pieper)
0001416: Cannot return fiberbundle display type to scalar after setting to 'by ID' (demian)
0001519: [Core: Base Code] rendering of triangulated 3d models has slowed down noticably (finetjul)
0001451: [Core: GUI] when loading a scene, the gradient in the 3D viewer is dark grey to light grey, instead of a blue gradient (finetjul)
0001528: [Module VolumeRendering] VolumeRendering of label maps: assertion failure and crash (finetjul)
0001404: [Core: GUI] toggle between label outline and filled does not work (finetjul)
0001553: [Core: MRML] ModelDisplayableManager segfault (alexy)
0001397: [Module SceneViews] Restoring sceneviews has problems (alexy)
0001556: [Core: GUI] Core module documentation (finetjul)
0001371: [Core: Base Code] CLI - Should be possible to set "string-enumeration" as hidden parameter (finetjul)
0001520: [Module VolumeRendering] granularity of the STF slider is wrong (finetjul)
0001439: [Module Editor] editor is missing (pieper)
0001338: [Core: Base Code] Color by orientation stoped working (pieper)
0001223: [Core: Base Code] Add Extension/qt-loadable-modules to python path (jcfr)
0001271: [Core: CLI infrastructure] CLI Modules lock/freeze GUI when running (finetjul)
0001208: [Core: Base Code] qSlicerCropVolumeModuleTest1 failure (fedorov)
0001222: [Core: Packaging] Extension - Detect superbuild structure for packaging to work properly (jcfr)
0001237: [Core: GUI] Color gradient in VTK charts is not smooth (finetjul)
0001303: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicerlauncher - Launcher executable not copied if deleted from build tree (jcfr)
0001264: [Core: Base Code] Modules don't check AA_DisablePython before init pythonqt wrappers (jcfr)
0001276: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] OpenSuse - Build Slicer failed with error related to libbfd (jcfr)
0001272: [Core: Packaging] Mac package - Model module is not available (jcfr)
0001261: [Core: GUI] pan and zoom stopped working in the slice viewers (jcfr)
0001296: [Core: GUI] cosmetics for the Tractography Display Module (inorton)
0001311: [Core: GUI] CLI - Cancel button disabled by default (finetjul)
0001290: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer4 Building Error on Mac - path of Qt UI Tools (jcfr)
0001275: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Problem building on Mac concerning Qt Ui Tools (jcfr)
0001327: [Core: GUI] Slicer4: ExpertAutomated Registration "Apply" button does not dim/disable upon launch (finetjul)
0001187: [Module SceneViews] Refresh problem in the (nicole)
0001328: [Core: GUI] bundle old/obsolete registration modules in a "Legacy" submenu (nicole)
0001188: [Module SceneViews] screenshot and icon display problem in SceneViews (nicole)
0001274: [Core: Base Code] slice pipeline does not re-execute for changes to label layer image data (finetjul)
0001381: Fibers reset to tubes after tractography (alexy)
0001496: [Core: GUI] crash with LabelMap checkbox in Volumes Info (finetjul)
0001396: [Core: GUI] slow scene loading when ctkVTKThumbnailWidget is enabled (finetjul)
0001384: [Core: GUI] Slice intersections only work in green viewer (inorton)
0001403: [Core: GUI] Add data combines 2D slices into one volume (finetjul)
0001201: [Core: MRML] failure in "paint" option of "edit selected label map" (pieper)
0001202: [Core: MRML] problem in creating new label map (pieper)
0001120: [Core: GUI] Use combobox for module selector menu; move to the module widget area (BenjaminLong)
0001524: [Core: Base Code] Volumes Logic : Scalar type after reading in volume with AddArchetypeScalarVolume not correct (finetjul)
0001238: [Module VolumeRendering] Color in VTK chart control points (finetjul)
0001288: [Core: GUI] More space around the transfer function editors (finetjul)
0001356: [Core: Base Code] wrapping problem for QTModules in python (user297)
0001200: [Core: GUI] JumpAllSlices resets field of view on the SliceNodes (nicole)
0001171: Magnifier hangs (finetjul)
0001482: [Core: GUI] Welcome module isn't selected if Slicer started with an empty settings files (finetjul)
0001432: loading scene with Fiducail Seeding module parameters does not activate the module (alexy)
0001480: [Core: Base Code] Enforce the lenght of Slicer src/build to not go over 50 chars on Windows (jcfr)
0001289: [Module VolumeRendering] Volume Rendering state not saved in Scene Views (finetjul)
0001435: [Core: GUI] Factorize Screenshot dialogs from Annotations and Scene views (BenjaminLong)
0001244: [Core: GUI] Add search feature in the Color node selector (BenjaminLong)
0001284: [Core: GUI] Search color in the color dialog (BenjaminLong)
0001314: [Core: Base Code] Editor Module - Grow cut fails to work (pieper)
0001273: [Core: Base Code] Mac package - Load data -> entering the slice controllers -> crashes slicer (finetjul)
0001560: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Core module documentation ViewControllers (millerjv)
0001562: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Core module documentation SlicerWelcome (wjp)
0001286: [Core: GUI] Threshold widget shall automatically turn on when user interacts with it (finetjul)
0001252: [Module VolumeRendering] Request for a simple intial presentation of the VR module (finetjul)
       0001235: [Module VolumeRendering] Remember last GPU memory size (finetjul)
0001250: [Core: GUI] After turning visibility on in volume rendering, nothing happens. I have to click in the 3D view, for the rendering to happen (finetjul)
0001239: [Module VolumeRendering] Link VTK chart editor sliders (finetjul)
0001093: [Core: GUI] AnnotationFiducial: interface and tweaks (nicole)
0001157: [Core: GUI] Slice view features are missing (finetjul)
0001457: [Core: GUI] Checkbox with in place of the check box (BenjaminLong)
0001448: [Core: Usability] Performance: zooming and other tcl-hosted, dragging functions are very slow on windows (pieper)
0001454: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Crash in Python when loading twice an empty scene (pieper)
0001513: [Module EMSegment] EMSegmenter Fast: Incorrect labels in Step 3 (pohl)
0001517: [Module EMSegment] Preprocessing returns inconsistent scalar volume (pohl)
0001375: [Core: Packaging] QT_PLUGIN_PATH not set right on windows install (jcfr)
0001207: [Core: Base Code] qSlicerAnnotationModuleTest1 failure (jcfr)
0001348: [Core: Usability] color by orientation w/l (finetjul)
0001358: [Core: GUI] Data module display is inconsistent (finetjul)
0001353: [Core: Base Code] resizing the window with dti in color by orientation crashes slicer (finetjul)
0001377: [Core: Usability] CLI - Make sure acknowledgments are properly reported (finetjul)
0001421: [Core: GUI] slice controllers cosmetics (finetjul)
0001420: [Core: GUI] tweaks for the slice controller pop up (finetjul)
0001260: when adding a second fiducial to the annotationfiducialslist, tractography fiducial seeding works only with the first one. (alexy)
0001266: [Core: Usability] Fiducials act strangely (haehn)
0001297: [Core: GUI] CLI volume selections are not highlighted (BenjaminLong)
0001305: [Core: Base Code] sample data/download MRHead does not work (jcfr)
0001344: [Core: GUI] defaults for glyphs in tractography display module (inorton)
0001351: [Core: GUI] Optimize defaults for fiducial seeding (alexy)
0001354: [Core: GUI] Settings dialog minor issues (BenjaminLong)
0001361: [Core: GUI] Fiducials show up on wrong location in the slice viewers (haehn)
0001366: [Core: Base Code] Streamlines scalar mapping changes when it should not. (demian)
0001368: glyph display from slices is not correct (alexy)
       0001394: [Core: GUI] vtkImageResliceMask extent issue when resizing with glyphs displayed (finetjul)
0001431: [Module VolumeRendering] loading a .vp node crashes slicer (finetjul)
0001417: [Core: GUI] scene open is not retaining favorites (BenjaminLong)
0001337: [Core: GUI] View controller bar look&feel (finetjul)
0001415: Color by FiberBundle Node ID causes segfault (alexy)
0001430: [Core: MRML] remove Undo/Redo functionality from slicer4 until it works properly (alexy)
0001410: [Core: GUI] Can't use slice +/- with large slice thickness volume (finetjul)
0001281: [Core: GUI] cosmetics for the editor tool (pieper)
0001382: [Module Annotations] move screen cap and scene view buttons to top tool bar (nicole)
0001255: [Core: GUI] reset slice views to first coordinate produces unexpected results (nicole)
0001363: [Core: GUI] DWI display node auto-level not set on volume load (finetjul)
0001216: [Core: MRML] [Slicer4] Slice volume selectors are not restored correctly from the scene (millerjv)
0001320: [Core: GUI] label map transparency pop up is behind the slice controller pop up (finetjul)
0001229: [Core: MRML] loading scene with fg/and bg does not work (finetjul)
0001213: TractographyDisplay doesn't update correctly when module already open (inorton)
0001162: [Core: MRML] DTVolume Auto window-level strange behavior. (finetjul)
0001178: [Core: GUI] Save dialog - Selected "destination folder" not applied to all data
0001105: [Core: CLI infrastructure] DT Estim runs as SharedObjectModule rather than CommandLineModule (jcfr)
0001373: [Core: Usability] Dicom module fails to load data (user297)
0001218: [Core: GUI] Scrolling to end slice crashes Slicer (haehn)
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0001089: [Core: GUI] AnnotationFiducial: selected parameter (nicole)
0001092: AnnotationFiducial: 3d interaction (nicole)
0001138: Hide GUI-less modules (finetjul)
0001190: [Core: MRML] pull down menu does not appear for the items in MRML tree (finetjul)
0001191: [Core: MRML] White Matter Exploration dataset crashes in load (finetjul)
0001512: [Core: GUI] Module for reformatting (Michael Jeulin-L)
0001282: [Core: CLI infrastructure] modelmaker fails (finetjul)
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0001177: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Windows64 - Editor module isn't available (jcfr)
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