0004718: [Core: Base Code] Compile error without WebEngine Support (sankhesh)
0004710: [Module Markups] Remove All Markups button doesn't update Markups module table (lassoan)
0004464: [Module Models] Scalar overlays: Displayed range not restored when loading saved scene (lassoan)
0004616: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build error with GCC 8.2.0 within libarchive (jcfr)
0004022: [Module DICOM] Default DICOM database directory might not be writable (pieper)
0004713: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Subject hierarchy hangs if script sets child item as parent of its parent (pinter)
0004712: [Core: Base Code] Slicer fails to start in Intel Ivy Bridge or older CPUs (lassoan)
0004709: [Module DICOM] need to escape apostrophe in sql statement (pinter)
0004663: [Module Segment Editor] Traceback error while using Fill Between Slices auto-complete (pinter)
0004694: [Module Markups] Slicer crashes when deleting Markups node (lassoan)
0004670: [Core: Extensions] QFormBuilder unable to create extension custom widgets (arankin)
0004689: [Module Markups] Markup labels not always visible in tall views (jcfr)
0004560: [Core: Base Code] C++11: Modernize NULL and 0 to nullptr (jcfr)
0003482: [Module Volumes] Combobox arrows in Image Dim/Spacing/Origin fields have no effect (lassoan)
0001915: [Core: Base Code] Effect of matrix bottom row in Transforms module (jcfr)
0004687: [Module Segment Editor] Fill between slices broken (lassoan)
0004684: [Core: Segmentation] Crash while selecting "Segmentation" as file type for a label (pinter)
0004668: [Module (Any modules)] Sample Data module will not load custom sample data with filetype MRB
0004654: [Core: Usability] XCode required to use Slicer on mac (pieper)
0003262: [Module DataProbe] Data probe panel is not updated when scrolling volume slices using keyboard (pieper)
0002777: [Core: GUI] Left mouse button changes W/L in the slice viewers (lassoan)
0004658: [Core: GUI] Make terminology navigator easier to use (pinter)
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