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Affected Issues 0004247: Extensions do not get built on Windows if any test in the dependent extensions fail

BUG: Extension build system: Ignore extension CTest return code. Fixes 0004247

This commit ensures each "EXTENSION_UPLOAD_COMMAND" responsible to configure,
build, test and package any given extension is completely "sandboxed" by
using a wrapper script.

This is required because simply setting the RETURN_VALUE parameter
to the ctest_test() command is not enough to avoid the script from
exiting with error code.


The following wrapper script is required to workaround issue 0004247

and avoid the all extension build from failing if a test of

extension fail.


Note that as soon as CMake >= 3.6.7 is released, it should be possible

to remove the wrapper script and simply specify CAPTURE_CMAKE_ERROR

ctest_test option.




Tested-by: Isaiah Norton <>
Tested-by: Johan Andruejol <>
Tested-by: Nicole Aucoin <>
Tested-by: Steve Pieper <>

Reported-by: Csaba Pinter <>
Reported-by: Andras Lasso <>

Thanks: All of the above

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