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Affected Issues 0003233: Model to Label Map label value hard coded to 255

BUG: fix failing ModelToLabelMapTest

When putting in a fix for using the passed in label value, the baseline file
OAS10001.1.mha was removed as it didn't seem to be in use any more. A closer
examination of the ctest output showed that that file was being
picked up as the baseline image when the test was passing as of May 11/16:
BaselineImageName OAS10001.1.mha

With the last change[1], the test is failing:
BaselineImageName OAS10001.mha

Local testing shows that the test would pass if the file OAS10001.1.mha was
reinstated, but to avoid confusion going forward as to how ctest globs
the baseline image files, I decided to go with testing the CLI with the
same input model (transformed to overlap the input image volume when both
are loaded in Slicer) for both the 255 and 128 output label cases, and to generate a
new output baseline image. I removed the untransformed model file and the now unused
baseline image and, locally, ctest is comparing the outputs of both tests against
teh correct baselines.


Reported-by: Andras Lasso <>

Issue 0003233

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