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Affected Issues 0004192: Modifying one setting trigger all settings associated with list to be marked as changed

BUG: Update CTK to fix reporting of modified settings. Fixes 0004192

Other highlights includes:

  • Support Qt 5.6 compilation
  • Extend python wrapping ctkVTKChartView and ctkVTKScalarsToColorsView

$ git shortlog caaf2c8..a479422 --no-merges
Andreas Fetzer (12):
Added additional documentation and also added missing session timeout timer restarts.
Renamed session time out related variables and signals/slots
Changed xsiType style.
Don't add ctkXnatResourceFolder into ctkXnatScan hierarchy
Fix linker error on linux
Added possibility to set network proxy for the XNAT connection
Removed accidental linebreak
Quick-fix for incomplete data display
Updated qRestAPI revision
Adding the xsiType=xnat:resource query parameter leads to error 422: Unprocessable entity
Changed query key from xsiType to xsi:type
Fixed build error for MSVS 2012

Aurélien Labrosse (1):
Updated splash screen handler management

Daniel Knorr (6):
Inserted parameter to the httpGet that the subjects and experiments have more attributes to show in applications.
Added static member variables for each item of the parameter string. Added getter and setter for attributes also.
Added some specific attributes for an experiment.
Added a timer which keeps count of the session timeout. This timer emits two signals: sessionTimedOut and sessionAboutToBeTimedOut.
Removed clear numbers - added times from session cookie
Changed signal that the session times out always in one minute. Variable for time that the session times out soon renamed.

Dmitry Mikhirev (1):
fix build on platforms where qreal is not equivalent of double

Eric Heim (2):
upgraded PythonQt.cmake to use PythonQt3 in the superbuild with Qt5 and 4
Changed name of variable to set the Qt version in PythonQt to match present naming convention

Heather (2):
fix Core linking: FreeBSD does not have a libdl
Add /usr/local/include for FreeBSD (QtOpengl)

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (18):
Remove unused/non-implemented VisualizationXIP library
CTKCore: Generalize test checking if dl library is available.
CTKCore: Fix typo introduced in commontk/CTK@f8b31c3
COMP: ctkMacroBuildLibWrapper: Improve configuration status messages
ENH: Extend wrapping ctkVTKChartView and ctkVTKScalarsToColorsView
Add ctkCoreTestingUtilities module
Add ctkCoreTestingMacros module
Simplify ctkSettingsPanelTest1 using ctkCoreTestingMacros
Extend ctkTesting(Utilities|Macro) to support QStringList
ctkSettingsPanelTest1: Add "QStringList" test case
ctkSettingsPanelTest1: Test return value of "changedSettings()"
Extend ctkTesting(Utilities|Macro) to support QVariant
ctkSettingsPanelTest1: Explicitly compare QVariant
ctkSettingsPanelTest1: Improve readability splitting test in smaller functions
ctkSettingsPanelTest1: Check settings after reloading from file
ctkSettingsPanel: Add setter/getter for PropertyType::PreviousValue
ctkSettingsPanel: Fix changedSettings() for empty QStringList
ctkSettingsPanel: Ensure "settingChanged" signal is emitted only if needed.

Jerome (5):
Added double click support for patients and studies table
Add an accessor to the internal QTableView
Add an accessor to the three managed tables
Add missing ending empty line
Update table views when deleting patient

Julien Finet (1):
Support Qt 5.6 compilation

Tobias Doerffel (1):
ctkCheckableComboBox: implemented missing method checkableModelHelper()

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