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Affected Issues 0002089: Either on-demand or when slicer starts, check if there are available extensions update.
0002145: Provide a mechanism allowing to easily install extension given the location of the package

ENH: Initial refactoring of extension manager UI

Refactor right corner area of extension manager into a .ui file, similar
to how the left corner area (navigation buttons) is already handled.
This allows us to have separate search widgets per tab (allowing for
independent search states, if/when support for searching installed
extensions is added), and also to add a 'configure' button (which we do)
that provides independent menus per tab.

The menus are created, but not yet functional. Icons (from the Public
Domain Tango theme) are also added. (The 'check for updates' icon uses
the theme pixmaps. Tango does not provide a 'configure' icon as such, so
the modified svg from which the pixmaps were generated is also being

Issue 0002089
Issue 0002145

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