Scheduled For Release 2017-01-15
0002443: [Core: Base Code] add a run-time warning when trying to save a transformed .vtk file (lassoan)
0004449: [Extension: (Any extensions)] Allow extensions to bundle executables on MacOSX (jcfr)
0004454: [Module DICOM] Crash when trying to import color DICOM files (fbudin)
0002593: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Extend documentation of "Module Selection & Navigation" (jcfr)
0003835: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Load&Save - Update icon (jcfr)
0003837: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Each section should have a link to the associated wiki page. (jcfr)
0003833: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Mouse&Keybord: Only display information for the current platform (jcfr)
0003840: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Update keyboard shortcuts (jcfr)
0003832: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Documentation & Tutorial panel: Update and simplify (jcfr)
0003841: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Add link / panel for feature request and bug report. (jcfr)
0003842: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Explain that email is sent to developer after filling a bug report. (jcfr)
0003838: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Add missing entry to Display/Layout panel (jcfr)
0003836: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Load&Save: Add missing entry and be more explicit. (jcfr)
0002014: [Module DICOM] allow selection of subset of directories for dicom import (mehrtash)
0004391: [Core: Segmentation] Problems loading and rendering segmentations (pinter)
0004309: [Core: Segmentation] Model nodes exported from segments may appear in incorrect position when transformed (lassoan)
0001692: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Implement a test named "py_SimpleITK_ImportTest" (mccormic)
0001693: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Implement a test named "py_SimpleITK_SlicerPushPullTest" (mayeul.chassagnard)
0002829: [Core: Usability] If you have multiple versions of slicer on win 8, you can not distinguish them. (msmolens)
0004385: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Import vtkSegmentationCorePython and vtkAddonPython by default (jcfr)
0003701: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Dependent option are not properly passed to external project (jcfr)
0002027: [Core: Extensions] Make sure extension build error are reported on CDash (jcfr)
0003834: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Rename "Display" panel to "Layouts" (pieper)
0001830: [Core: Usability] When module failed to load, should be easy to get the associated error. (jcfr)
0002644: [Core: Extensions] Extensions built from template should create Config.cmake file (jcfr)
0004336: [Module Models] Cleaning up and consolidating the Models module interface (lassoan)
       0004334: [Module Models] Add an opacity option for the 2D slice views (lassoan)
       0004335: [Module Models] Smooth volumetric mesh Model clipping (lassoan)
0004111: [Module Models] Clipping features have no effect in Models module (lassoan)
0004408: [Module Models] Save coordinate system in surface mesh file (lassoan)
0002364: [Core: Base Code] Refine how "fiber bundles" are loaded from command line (jcfr)
0002363: [Core: Base Code] Add support for loading directory from command line (jcfr)
0004217: [Module Volumes] Improve rendering of FA volumes and other scalar volumes from dMRI (alexy)
0001878: [Core: Usability] improved options for linkage behavior (millerjv)
0001912: [Core: Base Code] Memory management (finetjul)
0002947: [Core: GUI] Color models by cell field arrays (alexy)
0003604: [Core: Extensions] ExtensionServer: Consolidate ExtensionsIndex account creation. (matthew-woehlke)
0002955: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Add support for points as output types for CLIs (millerjv)
0002252: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Optional/required argument (millerjv)
0004395: [Module ModelMaker] "ModelMaker terminated with an unknown exception" (nicole)
0004084: [Core: Usability] "Add" file dialog in Edit->Application settings->Modules always resets to an Extensions path (jcfr)
0001845: [Core: GUI] GUI issue in red slicer viewer mode on Mac (finetjul)
0004405: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Identify and cancel microsoft windows compiler warnings considered "irrelevant" (hina-shah)
0002753: [Core: MRML] 3d view bounding box update is not triggered (alexy)
0004287: [Core: GUI] Volume Rendering presets grayed out (jcfr)
0001994: [Core: Usability] Manual Threshold omits maximal values. (jcfr)
0001794: [Core: Base Code] Command-line options override application settings, even when not set (finetjul)
0002474: [Core: GUI] Popup window disappears if a slice view control is pinned (finetjul)
0001768: [Core: Usability] Toolbar popup cropped (finetjul)
0001642: [Core: Base Code] lut is not found even though it is present (mayeul.chassagnard)
0002211: [Core: Chart] Chart - Export mechanism for chart (millerjv)
0003437: [Core: CLI infrastructure] TCLAP::SpecificationException when no long argument is specified in XML (millerjv)
0001858: [Core: CLI infrastructure] On the XML description of a CLI modile, the XML attribute type="any" on the tag image does not work (millerjv)
0001360: [Core: GUI] Module pull-down doesn't display list within screen area (finetjul)
0001823: [Core: GUI] Save Scene window disappears after dragging it or using 'Destination for all selected' (Windows) (finetjul)
0001686: [Core: GUI] changing layouts changes the FOV in viewers (millerjv)
0003347: [Module Markups] the way markups and their projections are displayed is not consistent in slicer viewers (lassoan)
0003305: [Module Annotations] Fiducial projection not working well with dash2d and cross2d (lassoan)
0003032: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Report Slicer application/extension packaging errors on CDash (jcfr)
0004411: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer build on Windows fails due to patch tool not not found (jcfr)
0004417: [Core: Extensions] All extension checkouts from SVN repositories fail (jcfr)
0004396: [Core: Base Code] Reduce CMP0020 spam during configure (jcfr)
0003851: [Core: Usability] Selecting image with NaN in Volumes crashes Slicer (SumedhaSingla)
0004397: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] First command in python console produces error (lassoan)
0004398: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] bzip2 debug/release mixup (jcfr)
0004229: [Core: Base Code] Segmentations: vtkOrientedImageDataResample - Fix sign compare warnings (lassoan)
0002362: [Module Editor] ROI limitation for Effects (pieper)
0003684: [Core: MRML] Unable to save and reopen Freesurfer surface models and scalar overlays using .mrml scene file (nicole)
0004209: [Core: GUI] center view button does not update clipping distance (jcfr)
0004290: [Core: Base Code] ITK warning: Refusing to register transform (jcfr)
0003531: [Module Markups] Fiducial markup jumps to current cursor position in 2D slice from out of plane (nicole)
0004085: [Core: Base Code] Enable MINC support in ITK (jcfr)
0003816: [Core: Base Code] Debug-mode build fails on Windows if SimpleITK is enabled (jcfr)
0003300: [Core: GUI] Threshold Editor Effect does not allow thresholding above 999 (lassoan)
0004194: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] website: SSL certificate associated is misconfigured, Grade T on SSLLabs (grundlett)
0003157: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] SimpleITK build error on Windows for certain build path length (jcfr)
0004447: [Core: Segmentation] Crash Segmentation Editor QT5/VTK8 (pinter)
0004430: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Fix HAVE_STDINT_H' macro redefined warning (jcfr)
0004031: [Module ResampleScalarVectorDWIVolume] measurement frame/gradients are wrong after resampling (inorton)
0003859: [Core: Base Code] Diffusion visualization not quantitative: no scalar bar (inorton)
0004390: [Extension: (Any extensions)] airway inspector result can't export (raul)
0004406: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Slicer copyright URL link is broken (grundlett)
0004394: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] race condition installing python modules (e.g. gitdb) (jcfr)
0004138: [Module (Any modules)] Transform reparenting in Data module does not work (lassoan)
0004392: [Core: Segmentation] Exported segmentation is empty (pinter)
0003734: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Range check error when switching between scalar values on fibre bundles (inorton)
0002696: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Windows 8 support (jcfr)
       0002702: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Windows 8 - Not possible to differentiate between two different nightlies. (msmolens)
0004384: [Core: Segmentation] Switch to None effect in Segment Editor when entering into markup placement mode (pinter)
0003343: [Core: GUI] shift-L-click is broken on mac (jcfr)
0002906: [Core: GUI] Extra model hierarchy nodes showing up in Models module (nicole)
0003462: [Core: MRML] ModelMaker functionality breaks display of Slice views (jcfr)
0004305: [Core: Segmentation] vtkSegmentation.cxx: Is unused parameter "targetRepresentationName" warning a real issue ? (lassoan)
0004311: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] git and svn not found building extensions (jcfr)
0004315: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Diffusion Tools not working in Slicer 4.6.2 or 4.7.0 (inorton)
0004378: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] BugTracker: Enable markdown support (grundlett)
0004220: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] wiki: Fix na-mic style adding "clear: left" to h2 element (grundlett)
0004248: [Module DICOM] Scalar volume DICOM export crashes after 10-12 exports (pinter)
0004353: [Core: GUI] qMRMLColorTableView headers disappeared (pinter)
0004074: [Core: MRML] User-defined order of nodes in tree hierarchies (pinter)
0003364: [Core: Extensions] Site name that appears on the dashboard is not configurable for extensions (jcfr)
0004280: [Core: Packaging] slicer binary in linux can not load libjsoncpp
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Scheduled For Release 2017-11-15
0004456: [Core: GUI] Qt5: QComboBox becomes empty after selection changed
0004462: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python wrapping of VTK classes in extensions does not work properly (jcfr)
0001752: [Module VolumeRendering] volume rendering is adaptive, even if the quality control is set to maximum (finetjul)
0001287: [Core: GUI] Collapse in ctkTreeView automatically closes the popup (jcfr)
0002697: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Associated publisher to windows NSIS installer - signing of package/application (jcfr)
0002071: [Core: Extensions] Submit build associated with extension build system driver only if error occured (jcfr)
0004426: [Core: GUI] Changing window focus in OS moves focus from python sub-window
0001241: [Core: GUI] Weird popup behavior with mac (finetjul)
0002628: [Module VolumeRendering] VR displayable manager should not show display node that are not referenced by displayable node (finetjul)
0002059: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Transition to Git (jcfr)
       0002060: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Move testing data onto Midas (jcfr)
0004383: [Core: GUI] Display slice intersection of parallel slices as rectangle
0001792: [Core: GUI] popup competes with modal dialog for priority (finetjul)
0004156: [Core: GUI] Encode illegal characters in file names and paths (jcfr)
0004416: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Crash when displaying DTI volume in slice view (inorton)
0004308: [Core: Segmentation] Add convenient GUI for changing segmentation labelmap geometry (lassoan)
0004481: [Core: Rendering] OpenGL2: Reslice is 4x slower (jcfr)
0004482: [Core: Base Code] Slicer fails to load a segmentation file that does not contain segmentation metadata (jcfr)
0004461: [Core: Base Code] Move Sequences extension to Slicer core (lassoan)
0001153: [Core: GUI] Report scene loading errors (jcfr)
0004409: [Module DICOM] CT images acquired with gantry tilt are loaded incorrectly (pieper)
0004016: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Wiki is missing Registration introduction (jcfr)
0004292: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Warning BISON_EXECUTABLE not found with sucessful build (jcfr)
0004400: [Core: Segmentation] Support Segmentation nodes in CLI modules (pinter)
0004370: [Core: Segmentation] Allow reordering of segments (pinter)
0003358: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Cannot launch CLIs by name from command line on Mac using packaged Slicer (jcfr)
0002779: [Core: Extensions] Mechanism to keep track of the installed extensions across version
0004296: [Core: Packaging] Package upload: Release field should automatically be set (jcfr)
0003728: [Core: Extensions] Fix crash in qMidasAPI.cpp (jcfr)
0003967: [Core: Rendering] VTKOpenGL2: Slicer crash when switching from CPU to GPU rendering when running on vmware fusion (aashish24)
0003951: [Core: Rendering] VTKOpenGL2: GPU VR - Slower than CPU VR (aashish24)
0004455: [Core: Segmentation] Gaps in fractional labelmap 2D display (pinter)
0004450: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update qt-easy-build to support building Qt5 (jcfr)
0004231: [Core: Extensions] Extension icon in Extension manager is not the same as specified in s4ext file (jcfr)
0004446: [Core: Extensions] Opening extension manager in Qt5 build reports a lot of warnings: has no notify signal and is not constant, value updates in HTM (jcfr)
0004445: [Core: Base Code] Model files should be saved in LPS coordinate system (jcfr)
0002419: [Core: Usability] Support for cursor modes (millerjv)
0003231: [Core: MRML] mrml should be versioned (and documented) (alexy)
0004205: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Scripting: Add first-class support for "factory" method (hastings.greer)
0002608: [Core: Base Code] Extend vtkMRMLNode::Copy behavior (alexy)
0003011: [Core: GUI] Inconvenient image spacing and origin editing in Volumes module (finetjul)
0004081: [Core: MRML] Ensure reference are updated before NodeAddedEvent is invoked (jcfr)
       0004080: [Module Transforms] Transform module is not updated properly after importing a scene (jcfr)
       0002849: [Module Annotations] Hierachy not respected when loading the same scene multiples times (jcfr)
0002048: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Wiki module category listing is not working perfectly (jcfr)
0002334: [Core: Extensions] Differentiate different type of extenions in extension manager: Concept of channel (matthew-woehlke)
0002171: [Core: Extensions] Integrate extension license information on the extension server (matthew-woehlke)
0002934: [Core: Base Code] Console output logging for Windows (jcfr)
0004423: [Core: Rendering] Slow slice scrolling if volume rendering is enabled (jcfr)
0004134: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Upgrade to Qt 5.x (jcfr)
0004293: [Core: Rendering] VTK GPU Ray Casting fails in SLicer 4.6.0. in Windows 10 with NVidia GTX960M (latest driver) (jcfr)
0001996: [Module VolumeRendering] the vtk gpu raycaster does not render in full quality (finetjul)
0003039: [Module VolumeRendering] Image resolution alters the quality of the volume rendering (finetjul)
0004399: [Core: Segmentation] Save segmentations into vtm also when master is labelmap (pinter)
0004460: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Terminologies Module: Create wiki page (pinter)
0004340: [Core: Base Code] Impossible to use Slicer in multi-user setting on Linux (jcfr)
0004415: [Core: Segmentation] Make segmentation closed surface smoothing parameters easier to change (pinter)
0004313: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Move edited segmentation to the study of the master volume (pinter)
0004474: [Module DICOM] TypeError in DICOMUtils (pinter)
0004472: [Core: Extensions] Automatic test for extension cannot find dependency on factory (jcfr)
0004466: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Repeated builds keep failing due to python-setuptools local modification (jcfr)
0004360: [Module DICOM] Two popups after DICOM import (pieper)
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Scheduled For Release 2050-01-01
This milestone is used to group issues that we definitively plan to address but that haven't been associated with a specific milestone.
0004245: [Core: GUI] Redundant "do you want to copy the files" dialog
0004249: [Module Models] Color of slice intersections is not propagated to children model nodes
0003791: [Core: GUI] Color selector and opacity disappear if "Include Fibers" is checked in Models module
0003653: [Core: GUI] display current "auto-run" modules in one place
0003981: opacity can not be changed on scene of skin.vtk at the sample MRHead file
0003482: [Module Volumes] Combobox arrows in Image Dim/Spacing/Origin fields have no effect
0004337: [Module Models] Conversion from volumetric mesh Model to other MRML nodes
0004096: [Module (Any modules)] DSC_MRI_Analysis modules avaiable in the binary version
0004036: [Core: GUI] QIcon.fromTheme does not work on Mac and Windows
0003936: [Module Models] dragging multiple models under a hierarchy does not work
0003948: [Core: GUI] Add the ability to set the name of any node on loading.
0003562: [Core: GUI] Volume Rendering - Transfer Function
0003666: [Module Transforms] Inverted non-linear transforms cannot be sent to CLI modules
0003670: [Module Volumes] Volumes module GUI is misleading for color images
0002186: [Core: GUI] Add Scale slider for quickly scaling a linear transform matrix
0003593: [Core: GUI] Use atlas volumes for volume rendering instaed of ROI
0003155: [Module Transforms] No easy way to define center of rotation
0003500: [Module Transforms] Hybrid coordinate reference mode in Transforms module
0001412: [Core: GUI] need dicom offset in DataProbe (pieper)
0003475: [Module RobustStatisticsSegmenter] add rejection label region (gaoyi)
0002687: [Core: MRML] Saving a scene that contains nodes with the same name results in data loss (alexy)
0002816: [Module SceneViews] Restoring scene views from MRB (alexy)
0002583: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Unnecessary python wrapping and recompilation (msmolens)
0004382: [Core: GUI] Feature request: Ruler plot image intensities along path of line
0003132: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] NEX averaging NOT happening in mricron Nifti conversion!
0003044: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] The tractography display module works without a tract selected (alexy)
0004300: [Module DICOM] Support import of coronary angiography images (nicole)
0003786: [Core: Base Code] Contribute vtkTrivialProducer change back to VTK (jcfr)
0003415: [Core: Extensions] Include acknowledgments in the extension front page (jcfr)
0002823: [Module Markups] Rulers not working in lightbox mode (nicole)
0003156: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Automatic conversion of ExternalData to MD5 (jcfr)
0002156: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] QtTest - Add "rules for developer" to the wiki (finetjul)
0001285: [Core: GUI] Expand the Transfer function editor vertically (finetjul)
0003250: [Module Volumes] Error logged when Threshold slider reaches 0-0 (jcfr)
0002393: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Consolidate the image resample modules (padfield)
0003357: [Core: Base Code] Standard mechanism for reporting progress (jcfr)
0001743: [Core: Base Code] Redesign the link mechanism (finetjul)
0001755: [Module VolumeRendering] Synchronize volume fails with A1_grayT1 (finetjul)
0002642: [Core: Base Code] Speed up scene event invocations (finetjul)
0002678: [Core: Base Code] rotate slice to background is not managed by SliceLinkLogic (millerjv)
0003418: [Core: Base Code] Add tests checking that every file type supported by Slicer can be loaded / saved (jcfr)
0001888: [Core: GUI] Ensure Capitalization rule is respected all over Slicer
0004412: [Core: GUI] ctkMessageBox cannot handle complex layouts
0003073: [Core: Performance] Slow model slice intersection rendering (jcfr)
0003337: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] CLI - DWIUnbiasedNonLocalMeansFilter module has no test (alexy)
0003322: [Core: Base Code] Re-factor qSlicerIO code (jcfr)
0001869: [Module SceneViews] Unfriendly behavior of scene views handling new scene elements (nicole)
0004491: [Module DICOM] Improve “DICOM Repair” to apply repair to all data files (pieper)
0004490: [Module DICOM] Improve DICOM browser to show first slice as soon as available (pieper)
0004362: [Core: Segmentation] Segment Editor Scissors behavior should mimic the draw tool (lassoan)
0004484: [Core: Segmentation] Convert from master representation to others in background (pinter)
0004473: [Core: Segmentation] Add spline drawing option to Draw effect in Segment editor (pinter)
0004338: [Core: MRML] Node should be notified they are being referenced/unreferenced (alexy)
0003690: [Module Markups] Markups: Implement hack/workaround for 0001690 and 0003531 (nicole)
0002223: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Feature request: option to pass to CLI the full path name of a DICOM file from the DICOM series containing a volume. (millerjv)
0002072: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Document / improve mechanism allowing to specify logo(s) associated with CLIs (jcfr)
0002895: [Core: GUI] Screenshot dialog can't take screenshot of charts (nicole)
0002827: [Core: Extensions] Reporting module AdditionalLauncherSettings.ini not regenerated with change in version (jcfr)
0003346: [Core: GUI] Slice offset slider widget offset (ctkSliderWidget) (jcfr)
0003885: [Core: GUI] Update qMRMLScreenShotDialog to support high-resolution magnified screenshot (nicole)
0004230: [Core: Base Code] Segmentations: Remove vtkImageFillROI (lassoan)
0002891: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Update documentation associated with itkMRMLIDImageIO.h (jcfr)
0003722: [Core: Usability] Tweak logo in about dialog and splashscreen (matthew-woehlke)
0001359: [Core: GUI] layout modification for better editing (millerjv)
0001734: [Core: GUI] Simplify the LUT pull-down (finetjul)
0002524: [Module VolumeRendering] Customize volume rendering - way to unselect one or more of the labels (finetjul)
0002776: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Add support for a CLI icon in addition to acknowledgement logos (millerjv)
0002328: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Extend command line executable auto GUI generation to support mutually exclusive sets of parameters (millerjv)
0001248: [Core: GUI] Scrollarea that ensure expanded collapsible button/groupbox is visible (finetjul)
0001295: [Core: GUI] Volumes module cosmetics (finetjul)
0002606: [Module Annotations] Design comments/issues on Annotation nodes (nicole)
0004381: [Core: GUI] Center 3D view button and 'r' key make the view centered slightly differently (jcfr)
0002256: [Core: Extensions] Allow module paths to be disabled instead of deleted (jcfr)
0003695: [Core: Extensions] Extension - Installing an extension should summarize all dependencies that will be installed (matthew-woehlke)
0003696: [Core: Extensions] Extension - Details page should include a "Dependency" section (matthew-woehlke)
0002437: [Core: GUI] Use ctkPathListWidget in modules settings panel (matthew-woehlke)
0003657: [Core: Base Code] Setting the unit to microns doesn't help transformation or the rendering of small objects (finetjul)
0003017: Tests do not fail when dependencies are missing (jcfr)
0003668: [Core: GUI] QMenu memory leaks (finetjul)
0001976: [Module DICOM] DICOM retrieve should start listner (mehrtash)
0003616: [Core: Extensions] Ensure older extension are removed from the server (matthew-woehlke)
0002146: [Core: Extensions] Provide a mechanism allowing to upgrade or downgrade an installed extension (matthew-woehlke)
0004321: [Module EMSegment] EMSegmenter without Atlas is broken (jcfr)
0003704: [Core: Extensions] Extension - Support for build time dependency (matthew-woehlke)
0004078: [Core: MRML] vtkMRMLNode::CopyWithScene is broken if called after the copied node has been added to the scene (jcfr)
0004431: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] PythonQt: Fix warning: ISO C++11 does not allow conversion from string literal to 'char *' (jcfr)
0004393: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Add clear() function and/or button in python console (jcfr)
0004402: [Core: Segmentation] Hierarchical organization of segments (pinter)
0004401: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Improve subject hierarchy transform handling (pinter)
0003636: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] ADC map (inorton)
0003516: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Label map tractography does not produce the same result as that of Slicer3? (alexy)
0003446: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Interactive Seeding contains options that Label Map Seeding does not (alexy)
0003651: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] scalar cell data (and other cell data) cannot be displayed on tracts (alexy)
0003652: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] FiberBundleLabelSelect "Or", "AND" (alexy)
0003621: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] No DTI dataset generated with Bruker DWI dataset (inorton)
0003860: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] FA threshold is set by default to 0.25 (alexy)
0003867: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] slice gap is ignored on Siemens DWI (inorton)
0003433: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Create multiple streamline bundles from a multivalued label map (inorton)
0002875: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] adding support for label based boolean logic in the interactive seeding module (alexy)
0003005: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Fiber cutting (alexy)
0002880: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] expose a tube radius option for tractography display (alexy)
0004174: [Module ModelMaker] Model maker crashes immediately after generating model (from large size volume labels) (nicole)
0004387: [Core: Segmentation] Segmentation - Brush & Erase should have square as well as circle paint brush option (lassoan)
0004386: [Core: Segmentation] Segmentation - Scissors should have a revolve command (lassoan)
0004273: [Core: Segmentation] Terminology: 3d label view
0004388: [Module Markups] Improve markups fiducial label apperance in slice views (nicole)
0004379: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Bugtracker: Link with GitHub pull request (grundlett)
0004030: [Module ResampleScalarVectorDWIVolume] Can't read back DWI nodes with MRML IO (shared library) (inorton)
0001408: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] remove stylesheet use in tractography display widget (inorton)
0004120: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Tractography interactive seeding slider incorrect
0004129: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Failing test vtkMRMLFiberBundleNodeTest1 following commits of Jan 8th (inorton)
0002967: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] fail to find EM Fiber Clustering module
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