Scheduled For Release 2020-01-27
0001287: [Core: GUI] Collapse in ctkTreeView automatically closes the popup (jcfr)
0001792: [Core: GUI] popup competes with modal dialog for priority (finetjul)
0003358: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Cannot launch CLIs by name from command line on Mac using packaged Slicer (jcfr)
0004381: [Core: GUI] Center 3D view button and 'r' key make the view centered slightly differently (jcfr)
0002171: [Core: Extensions] Integrate extension license information on the extension server (matthew-woehlke)
0002334: [Core: Extensions] Differentiate different type of extenions in extension manager: Concept of channel (matthew-woehlke)
0002419: [Core: Usability] Support for cursor modes (millerjv)
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Scheduled For Release 2025-01-01
0004726: [Core: GUI] Change default theme to Dark
0004720: [Core: GUI] Zoom factor is not always synchronized between linked slice views
0004602: [Core: GUI] Cleanup datastore
0004541: [Core: GUI] All tests using --no-main-window fail due to crash on exit
0004666: [Module DICOM] Referenced datasets window cannot be used if too many of them are found (pieper)
0004426: [Core: GUI] Changing window focus in OS moves focus from python sub-window
0002059: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Transition to Git (jcfr)
       0002060: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Move testing data onto Midas (jcfr)
0002628: [Module VolumeRendering] VR displayable manager should not show display node that are not referenced by displayable node (finetjul)
0004725: [Module DICOM] DICOM loading is slow and lots of warnings are logged (pieper)
0004688: [Core: GUI] Fix display of FreeSurferLabels node in Color module (Sunderlandkyl)
0004673: [Module Models] Left hand side of brain model does not load scalar/label while right hand side does, regardless of model (Sunderlandkyl)
0004143: [Core: Base Code] Freesurfer surface is not aligned to the MR volume (Sunderlandkyl)
0003919: [Core: GUI] Models display scalar value drop down not always updating (Sunderlandkyl)
0004723: [Core: Base Code] Loading of files with special character in path fail silently (jcfr)
0004724: [Core: Base Code] Unsigned Slicer application is hard to install and runs slower (jcfr)
0004722: [Module DICOM] Use relative paths for files copied into the DICOM database (lassoan)
0004700: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] QT Designer does not start (jcfr)
0004696: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update Slicer to build against latest VTK (pinter)
0004717: [Core: GUI] Checkable button behavior is not intuitive (lassoan)
0004715: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Subject hierarchy folders behaving wrong after manual reparenting (pinter)
0004661: [Module Segment Editor] Segment editor paint brush cannot be resized using shift+mousewheel on Mac (lassoan)
0004681: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] No /usr/include on macOS Mojave (jcfr)
0004703: [Module Segment Editor] Re-initialize semi-automated tools if ROI changes (lassoan)
0004698: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Module without catergory can not be selected programatically if developer mode is disabled (jcfr)
0004697: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Convert Slicer core modules documentation to RST
0004644: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Rename CDash project from Slicer4 to SlicerStable (jcfr)
0004693: [Core: Segmentation] Segmentation closed surface representation sometimes rendered incorrectly in slice views (lassoan)
0004686: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] DICOMReaders test report missing fixedCorners attribute (jcfr)
0004685: [Module Segment Editor] Draw effect does not take parent transform into account (lassoan)
0004679: [Core: Segmentation] itkGrowCutSegmentationImageFilter.txx is not using multiple threads (pinter)
0004674: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer_VERSION set in the top CMakeLists do not update version in Slicer-build at Superbuild (jcfr)
0004647: [Core: Base Code] MacOS crash ctkMatrixWidget.cpp (jcfr)
0004657: [Core: Base Code] Allow customization of Slicer_MAIN_PROJECT_VERSION_FULL suffix (jcfr)
0004650: [Core: MRML] vtkMRMLSubjectHierarchyNode: Use of StartModify / EndModify leads to warnings. (pinter)
0004645: [Core: Base Code] Avoid freezing the application with downloads by implementing threaded downloads (jcfr)
0004550: [Core: Extensions] Crash on macOS after enabling extension auto-update and installing new Slicer version (jcfr)
0004642: [Core: Extensions] Fix or remove support for auto-update of extension (jcfr)
0004570: [Core: Base Code] Selection in node selector is lost if importing a scene (sjh267)
0004416: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Crash when displaying DTI volume in slice view (inorton)
0004601: [Core: Base Code] Settings save on application exit does not work (jcfr)
0004604: [Core: Segmentation] Add joint smoothing option to labelmap to surface conversion (pinter)
0004400: [Core: Segmentation] Support Segmentation nodes in CLI modules (pinter)
0004588: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Rename Slicer_MAINPROJECT* variable to Slicer_MAINAPP. (jcfr)
0004450: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Update qt-easy-build to support building Qt5 (jcfr)
0004081: [Core: MRML] Ensure reference are updated before NodeAddedEvent is invoked (jcfr)
       0002849: [Module Annotations] Hierachy not respected when loading the same scene multiples times (pinter)
0001153: [Core: GUI] Report scene loading errors (jcfr)
0002934: [Core: Base Code] Console output logging for Windows (jcfr)
0003011: [Core: GUI] Inconvenient image spacing and origin editing in Volumes module (finetjul)
0004399: [Core: Segmentation] Save segmentations into vtm also when master is labelmap (pinter)
0004455: [Core: Segmentation] Gaps in fractional labelmap 2D display (pinter)
0004524: [Core: Usability] Slicer crashes when restoring a scene view (pieper)
0004520: [Core: GUI] Segment Statistics selected plugin list not updated when parameter set is changed (fedorov)
0004461: [Core: Base Code] Move Sequences extension to Slicer core (lassoan)
0004205: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Scripting: Add first-class support for "factory" method (hastings.greer)
0002608: [Core: Base Code] Extend vtkMRMLNode::Copy behavior (alexy)
0002048: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Wiki module category listing is not working perfectly (jcfr)
0004445: [Core: Base Code] Model files should be saved in LPS coordinate system (lassoan)
0004699: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] VolumeRendering: Update documentation to describe multivolume support (pinter)
0004612: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build error with GCC/G++ 8.2.0 (jcfr)
0004482: [Core: Base Code] Slicer fails to load a segmentation file that does not contain segmentation metadata (jcfr)
0004616: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Build error with GCC 8.2.0 within libarchive (jcfr)
0004712: [Core: Base Code] Slicer fails to start in Intel Ivy Bridge or older CPUs (lassoan)
0004689: [Module Markups] Markup labels not always visible in tall views (jcfr)
0004560: [Core: Base Code] C++11: Modernize NULL and 0 to nullptr (jcfr)
0004327: [Module VolumeRendering] Please consider implementing a "lock" for various settings in the VR module (pinter)
0004659: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Segment convenience functions in subject hierarchy (pinter)
0004687: [Module Segment Editor] Fill between slices broken (lassoan)
0004522: [Core: Base Code] ITK should be built with ITK_LEGACY_REMOVE set to ON (jcfr)
0004231: [Core: Extensions] Extension icon in Extension manager is not the same as specified in s4ext file (jcfr)
0004526: [Core: GUI] Procedural color node points may be dragged out of visible range (pinter)
0004705: [Module DICOM] DICOM browser disappears after loading data (pieper)
0004658: [Core: GUI] Make terminology navigator easier to use (pinter)
0004462: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Python wrapping of VTK classes in extensions does not work properly (jcfr)
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Scheduled For Release 2050-01-01
This milestone is used to group issues that we definitively plan to address but that haven't been associated with a specific milestone.
0004523: [Core: GUI] Save dialog: Trim spaces when node name contain space at the end or begining
0004245: [Core: GUI] Redundant "do you want to copy the files" dialog
0004249: [Module Models] Color of slice intersections is not propagated to children model nodes
0003791: [Core: GUI] Color selector and opacity disappear if "Include Fibers" is checked in Models module
0003653: [Core: GUI] display current "auto-run" modules in one place
0003981: opacity can not be changed on scene of skin.vtk at the sample MRHead file
0004337: [Module Models] Conversion from volumetric mesh Model to other MRML nodes
0004096: [Module (Any modules)] DSC_MRI_Analysis modules avaiable in the binary version
0004036: [Core: GUI] QIcon.fromTheme does not work on Mac and Windows
0003936: [Module Models] dragging multiple models under a hierarchy does not work
0003948: [Core: GUI] Add the ability to set the name of any node on loading.
0003666: [Module Transforms] Inverted non-linear transforms cannot be sent to CLI modules
0003670: [Module Volumes] Volumes module GUI is misleading for color images
0002186: [Core: GUI] Add Scale slider for quickly scaling a linear transform matrix
0003593: [Core: GUI] Use atlas volumes for volume rendering instaed of ROI
0003155: [Module Transforms] No easy way to define center of rotation
0003500: [Module Transforms] Hybrid coordinate reference mode in Transforms module
0003234: [Core: Base Code] Slicer crashes when trying to load a volume larger than 4GB (jcfr)
0002614: [Core: Base Code] Label statistics should report center of mass (fedorov)
0002944: [Core: GUI] It is hard to know where the screenshots are stored when taken (nicole)
0001412: [Core: GUI] need dicom offset in DataProbe (pieper)
0003475: [Module RobustStatisticsSegmenter] add rejection label region (gaoyi)
0002687: [Core: MRML] Saving a scene that contains nodes with the same name results in data loss (alexy)
0002816: [Module SceneViews] Restoring scene views from MRB (alexy)
0002583: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Unnecessary python wrapping and recompilation (msmolens)
0004382: [Core: GUI] Feature request: Ruler plot image intensities along path of line
0003044: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] The tractography display module works without a tract selected (alexy)
0003132: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] NEX averaging NOT happening in mricron Nifti conversion!
0004300: [Module DICOM] Support import of coronary angiography images (nicole)
0003230: [Module Welcome] Welcome: Refactor the Welcome module to be only html. (pieper)
0002053: [Core: Extensions] qSlicerExtensionsManagerModelTest - Re-activate "readonly" test on windows and MacOSX. (jcfr)
0003455: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Contribute patch to teem project - Add option to skip install of dev files (alexy)
0003890: [Core: Usability] Renaming node in the scene changes the filename in the storage node (pieper)
0002781: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Allow Improved presentation of SEM documentation in SlicerGUI (jcfr)
0001899: [Core: Usability] Cannot save and reopen color images as .nrrd file
0004012: [Core: Usability] Lack of measurement tools (pieper)
0002254: [Module DICOM] Unable to create Slicer DICOM data bundle (pieper)
0003196: [Module Markups] customization options for fiducials and rulers (nicole)
0002344: [Core: Packaging] option to do a full uninstall that removes settings files (jcfr)
0002939: [Core: QtTesting] Re-enable VolumeRendering tests (jcfr)
0002486: [Core: MRML] Remove duplicate saving of node contents to scene and separate file (alexy)
0004371: [Module DICOM] Improve DICOM loading error message (pieper)
0003255: [Module DICOM] Create DICOM Seris output has multiple standard non-compliance issues (millerjv)
0002579: [Core: GUI] Transform Widget: easy enhancements for more user-friendly manual registrations (jcfr)
0004383: [Core: GUI] Display slice intersection of parallel slices as rectangle
0003786: [Core: Base Code] Contribute vtkTrivialProducer change back to VTK (jcfr)
0003415: [Core: Extensions] Include acknowledgments in the extension front page (jcfr)
0002823: [Module Markups] Rulers not working in lightbox mode (nicole)
0003156: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Automatic conversion of ExternalData to MD5 (jcfr)
0002156: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] QtTest - Add "rules for developer" to the wiki (finetjul)
0001285: [Core: GUI] Expand the Transfer function editor vertically (finetjul)
0003250: [Module Volumes] Error logged when Threshold slider reaches 0-0 (jcfr)
0002393: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Consolidate the image resample modules (padfield)
0003357: [Core: Base Code] Standard mechanism for reporting progress (jcfr)
0001743: [Core: Base Code] Redesign the link mechanism (finetjul)
0001755: [Module VolumeRendering] Synchronize volume fails with A1_grayT1 (finetjul)
0002642: [Core: Base Code] Speed up scene event invocations (finetjul)
0002678: [Core: Base Code] rotate slice to background is not managed by SliceLinkLogic (millerjv)
0003418: [Core: Base Code] Add tests checking that every file type supported by Slicer can be loaded / saved (jcfr)
0001888: [Core: GUI] Ensure Capitalization rule is respected all over Slicer
0004412: [Core: GUI] ctkMessageBox cannot handle complex layouts
0003073: [Core: Performance] Slow model slice intersection rendering (jcfr)
0003337: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] CLI - DWIUnbiasedNonLocalMeansFilter module has no test (alexy)
0003322: [Core: Base Code] Re-factor qSlicerIO code (jcfr)
0001869: [Module SceneViews] Unfriendly behavior of scene views handling new scene elements (nicole)
0003231: [Core: MRML] mrml should be versioned (and documented) (alexy)
0004721: [Core: Base Code] Color gradients in Colors module node selector are not visible after close scene (jcfr)
0004719: [Module VolumeRendering] Multi-volume rendering limitations (finetjul)
0004640: [Core: Extensions] WebEngine: Fix "An OpenGL Core Profile was requested, but it is not supported on the current platform" (jcfr)
0004484: [Core: Segmentation] Convert from master representation to others in background (pinter)
0004655: [Module DICOM] Loading of DICOM data using scripts is not robust (pieper)
0004651: [Core: GUI] View ruler in 3D viewer sometimes hard to see ober bright background (lassoan)
0004531: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Automated signing of Stable and Preview build artifacts (jcfr)
0004402: [Core: Segmentation] Hierarchical organization of segments (pinter)
0004639: [Core: Extensions] Fix WebEngine warning "No URLRequestContext for NSS HTTP handler" (jcfr)
0004635: [Core: Extensions] Intermittent crash on macOS when opening the Extensions Manager (jcfr)
0004610: [Core: Extensions] Support drag-drop of extension bundles (jcfr)
0004606: [Core: Base Code] Implement a runtime test for checking if case insensitive filesystem is used
0004599: [Core: Packaging] pip requires Administrator permissions on Windows (and unix root installs)
0004596: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Revision defaults to last git-svn update
0004270: [Core: Rendering] VTK OpenGL2 Backend: Dashed line rendering broken with OpenGL2 rendering backend (jcfr)
0004574: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Test and fix building slicer with Slicer_BUILD_EXTENSIONMANAGER_SUPPORT set to OFF (jcfr)
0004268: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] Slicer FTBFS with gcc 6 (jcfr)
0003944: [Module ViewControllers] Slice view annotation improvements (millerjv)
0003298: [Module N4ITKBiasFieldCorrection] N4ITKBiasFieldCorrection shrinkfactor default of 4 may not be appropriate in some cases (fedorov)
0003168: [Module DICOM] Unable to load color DICOM file (pieper)
0003367: [Module Markups] Move rulers from Annotations to Markups (nicole)
0001690: [Module Markups] fiducial shows in wrong lightbox cell (nicole)
0004299: [Core: CLI infrastructure] CLI infrastructure does not support multiple image/transform/etc... (jcfr)
0003547: [Module Markups] With image space large ~>10, markups are too small to see in 3D. (nicole)
0003452: [Core: Usability] Unable to use Volume module Threshold widget in a meaningful way (jcfr)
0004373: [Module DICOM] Show more relevant information in DICOM browser (pieper)
0003937: [Module DICOM] Add exported DICOM series to existing study (pinter)
0004344: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Create a DICOM Series module makes invalid DICOM (jcfr)
0004342: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] JSON Serializer creates invalid JSON files for DICOM tags (jcfr)
0003483: [Module Markups] Rulers disappear when zoomed (nicole)
0003458: [Core: GUI] Ruler end is reset when slice view is zoomed (nicole)
0002384: [Core: GUI] arbitrary screen layout grids (millerjv)
0004459: [Core: CLI infrastructure] help users work with transformed data in CLIs (jcfr)
0004527: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Streamline management of Qt connection in python object. (jcfr)
0003346: [Core: GUI] Slice offset slider widget offset (ctkSliderWidget) (jcfr)
0004507: [Core: Packaging] Improve macOS packaging fixup script to reuse list of plugin directories already set in SlicerCPack (jcfr)
0004500: [Core: Extensions] Create checklist for integration of extension (fedorov)
0004491: [Module DICOM] Improve “DICOM Repair” to apply repair to all data files (pieper)
0004490: [Module DICOM] Improve DICOM browser to show first slice as soon as available (pieper)
0004362: [Core: Segmentation] Segment Editor Scissors behavior should mimic the draw tool (lassoan)
0004473: [Core: Segmentation] Add spline drawing option to Draw effect in Segment editor (pinter)
0004338: [Core: MRML] Node should be notified they are being referenced/unreferenced (alexy)
0003690: [Module Markups] Markups: Implement hack/workaround for 0001690 and 0003531 (nicole)
0002223: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Feature request: option to pass to CLI the full path name of a DICOM file from the DICOM series containing a volume. (millerjv)
0002072: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Document / improve mechanism allowing to specify logo(s) associated with CLIs (jcfr)
0002895: [Core: GUI] Screenshot dialog can't take screenshot of charts (nicole)
0002827: [Core: Extensions] Reporting module AdditionalLauncherSettings.ini not regenerated with change in version (jcfr)
0003885: [Core: GUI] Update qMRMLScreenShotDialog to support high-resolution magnified screenshot (nicole)
0004230: [Core: Base Code] Segmentations: Remove vtkImageFillROI (lassoan)
0002891: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Update documentation associated with itkMRMLIDImageIO.h (jcfr)
0003722: [Core: Usability] Tweak logo in about dialog and splashscreen (matthew-woehlke)
0001359: [Core: GUI] layout modification for better editing (millerjv)
0001734: [Core: GUI] Simplify the LUT pull-down (finetjul)
0002524: [Module VolumeRendering] Customize volume rendering - way to unselect one or more of the labels (finetjul)
0002776: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Add support for a CLI icon in addition to acknowledgement logos (millerjv)
0002328: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Extend command line executable auto GUI generation to support mutually exclusive sets of parameters (millerjv)
0001248: [Core: GUI] Scrollarea that ensure expanded collapsible button/groupbox is visible (finetjul)
0001295: [Core: GUI] Volumes module cosmetics (finetjul)
0002606: [Module Annotations] Design comments/issues on Annotation nodes (nicole)
0002256: [Core: Extensions] Allow module paths to be disabled instead of deleted (jcfr)
0003695: [Core: Extensions] Extension - Installing an extension should summarize all dependencies that will be installed (matthew-woehlke)
0003696: [Core: Extensions] Extension - Details page should include a "Dependency" section (matthew-woehlke)
0002437: [Core: GUI] Use ctkPathListWidget in modules settings panel (matthew-woehlke)
0003657: [Core: Base Code] Setting the unit to microns doesn't help transformation or the rendering of small objects (finetjul)
0003017: Tests do not fail when dependencies are missing (jcfr)
0003668: [Core: GUI] QMenu memory leaks (finetjul)
0001976: [Module DICOM] DICOM retrieve should start listner (mehrtash)
0003616: [Core: Extensions] Ensure older extension are removed from the server (matthew-woehlke)
0002146: [Core: Extensions] Provide a mechanism allowing to upgrade or downgrade an installed extension (matthew-woehlke)
0004321: [Module EMSegment] EMSegmenter without Atlas is broken (jcfr)
0003704: [Core: Extensions] Extension - Support for build time dependency (matthew-woehlke)
0004078: [Core: MRML] vtkMRMLNode::CopyWithScene is broken if called after the copied node has been added to the scene (jcfr)
0004431: [Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)] PythonQt: Fix warning: ISO C++11 does not allow conversion from string literal to 'char *' (jcfr)
0004393: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Add clear() function and/or button in python console (jcfr)
0002875: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] adding support for label based boolean logic in the interactive seeding module (alexy)
0002880: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] expose a tube radius option for tractography display (alexy)
0003005: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Fiber cutting (alexy)
0003433: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Create multiple streamline bundles from a multivalued label map (inorton)
0003446: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Interactive Seeding contains options that Label Map Seeding does not (alexy)
0003516: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Label map tractography does not produce the same result as that of Slicer3? (alexy)
0003621: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] No DTI dataset generated with Bruker DWI dataset (inorton)
0003636: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] ADC map (inorton)
0003651: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] scalar cell data (and other cell data) cannot be displayed on tracts (alexy)
0003652: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] FiberBundleLabelSelect "Or", "AND" (alexy)
0003860: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] FA threshold is set by default to 0.25 (alexy)
0003867: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] slice gap is ignored on Siemens DWI (inorton)
0004174: [Module ModelMaker] Model maker crashes immediately after generating model (from large size volume labels) (nicole)
0004387: [Core: Segmentation] Segmentation - Brush & Erase should have square as well as circle paint brush option (lassoan)
0004386: [Core: Segmentation] Segmentation - Scissors should have a revolve command (lassoan)
0004273: [Core: Segmentation] Terminology: 3d label view
0004388: [Module Markups] Improve markups fiducial label apperance in slice views (nicole)
0004379: [Core: Documentation and Wiki] Bugtracker: Link with GitHub pull request (grundlett)
0004713: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Subject hierarchy hangs if script sets child item as parent of its parent (pinter)
0003482: [Module Volumes] Combobox arrows in Image Dim/Spacing/Origin fields have no effect (lassoan)
0004414: [Module Markups] Problem with copying markup fiducial list (unexpected behavior on 2D views) (nicole)
0004586: [Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)] Bundle pip.exe in Slicer installer (jcfr)
0003262: [Module DataProbe] Data probe panel is not updated when scrolling volume slices using keyboard (pieper)
0004427: [Module EMSegment] Python crash creating user interface for EMSegmenter with Atlas (pohl)
0003562: [Core: GUI] Volume Rendering - Transfer Function (lassoan)
0004401: [Module SubjectHierarchy] Improve subject hierarchy transform handling (pinter)
0002975: [Core: GUI] Show/hide slice intersections from the ModelHierarchies (alexy)
0004030: [Module ResampleScalarVectorDWIVolume] Can't read back DWI nodes with MRML IO (shared library) (inorton)
0001408: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] remove stylesheet use in tractography display widget (inorton)
0004120: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Tractography interactive seeding slider incorrect
0004129: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] Failing test vtkMRMLFiberBundleNodeTest1 following commits of Jan 8th (inorton)
0002967: [Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)] fail to find EM Fiber Clustering module
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