Scheduled For Release 2020-01-27
0001287: [Core: GUI] Collapse in ctkTreeView automatically closes the popup (jcfr)
0001792: [Core: GUI] popup competes with modal dialog for priority (finetjul)
0003358: [Core: CLI infrastructure] Cannot launch CLIs by name from command line on Mac using packaged Slicer (jcfr)
0004381: [Core: GUI] Center 3D view button and 'r' key make the view centered slightly differently (jcfr)
0002171: [Core: Extensions] Integrate extension license information on the extension server (matthew-woehlke)
0002334: [Core: Extensions] Differentiate different type of extenions in extension manager: Concept of channel (matthew-woehlke)
0002419: [Core: Usability] Support for cursor modes (millerjv)
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