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0000001Slicer3Base Codepublic2007-01-19 06:55
ReporterhayesAssigned Toalexy 
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Summary0000001: Closing scene freezes 3D viewer

Description: If you open a volume, e.g. fixed.nrrd from TestData, and show all three slices in the 3D viewer, you can spin them around with mouse drags. If you go to File -> Close Scene, the volume disappears in both the 3D viewer and slice windows, but you can no longer spin the pink box in the 3D viewer. Zoom in/out still appears to work. Fix is to exit Slicer and restart, which sometimes results in a core dump.

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Platforms: At least win32 and darwin-x86

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2007-01-18 14:33

administrator   ~0000001

I get the same behavior on linux. I'll let Alex know.



2007-01-18 14:55

administrator   ~0000002

Reminder sent to: hayes, pieper

This is a test of the reminder system -- could be kind of handy...



2007-01-18 17:37

developer   ~0000003

I traced this bug
to the fact that mouse interaction mode used in Base\GUI\vtkSlicerViewerInteractorStyle is stored in vtkMRMLSelectionNode and if there is no such node in the scene the interaction was undefined.

I fixed it by setting the default mouse interaction in vtkSlicerViewerInteractorStyle to vtkMRMLSelectionNode::MouseTransform in this case, I hope it does not break anything else.

I am wondering if the vtkMRMLSelectionNode is right place to store that kind of information and if vtkSlicerViewerInteractorStyle the right place for adding fiducial. Another way of adding fiducials would be to invoke mouse events from vtkSlicerViewerInteractorStyle and for Fiducial module (or Logic) to observe them and create fiducials then.



2007-01-19 06:54

administrator   ~0000004

Changing status from "confirmed" to "closed."

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