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0000012Slicer3Base Codepublic2008-12-04 03:48
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Summary0000012: Sub-volume feature request

Feature request for a Sub-volume feature, like slicer2, so you can experiment with filters on a small subset of your data, segment in that data, and then be able to register it with any previously segmented data(remembers its relative place in the original image). For example if you want to threshold out the kidney, you could apply the subvolume and threhold around the kidney, but maintain the kidney's place in the image relative to other organs you might segment.

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2007-01-27 11:39

administrator   ~0000025

I was thinking that this could be done implicitly based on the currently visible part of the volume in the slice views.



2008-05-21 05:23

administrator   ~0000323

It's a good idea and should be doable. We'll leave it unassigned for now and see who can find time to work on it.



2008-12-04 03:48

administrator   ~0000501

Alex - this could be integrated with the ClipModel functionality using ROIs

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