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0001267Slicer4Module Markupspublic2014-03-07 10:30
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Summary0001267: The annotations module colors and fonts

mac nightly 7-8
-The annotations module should use the same default font for the text as the rest of slicer. Right now it uses an ugly serif font (see "Peroneus Nerve" in image). Ideally, it should be the exactly same font as is used for slicer, if that is not possible, then at least use a sans sherif font.
-The color picker is the generic Qt one. We have a customized version with proper defaults that is used in the models module. That color picker should be the default color picker throughout Slicer4.

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2011-07-08 04:24


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2011-07-08 04:37

developer   ~0002595

Fiducials use a sans sherif font, but does not seem to have antialiasing. Ugly rasterisation artefacts. Look at the vertical lines in the letters r and n in the second screen shot.



2011-11-08 08:55

administrator   ~0003277

The vtkTextProperty that controls how the text actors are rendered only offers three font families: Ariel, Courier, Times. The aliasing effects can also be seen on the 3D cube axis labels.
vtkRenderWindow has SetAAFrames which the documentation says that a value of 5 or 6 will be reasonable.



2011-11-08 11:11

developer   ~0003281

Arial is ok. I did not understant the comment about SetAAFrames. Is AA on or not?



2011-11-08 11:28

administrator   ~0003282

Talking with Julien about it, it's not on at all right now. We're going to do a small project week project to explore other text options in 3D.



2012-08-20 09:30

administrator   ~0005585

Last edited: 2012-08-20 09:30

Color picker is done, other text options are not currently going to work without major changes to VTK. Retargetting to the markups module rewrite.

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