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0001390Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2014-06-05 12:20
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Summary0001390: Antialiasing option

It would be nice to enable antialiasing for the viewers as a user option. But apparently there is more required than simply turning on a flag.

Steps To Reproduce

Here's a way to do this in python:

lm =

v = lm.threeDWidget(0).threeDView()

rw = v.renderWindow()


Additional Information

Oddly, this seems to give the renderer 'the shakes' for me - constant jiggling of the view like it is showing all the intermediate steps of the antialiasing calculation. This didn't happen with slicer3 in this mode, but there were problems with using the vtk widgets when this was turned on.

I can replicate 'the shakes' on my windows and linux builds, but strangely, not on mac. On mac, the AAFrames option seems to have no effect at all (no antialiasing or shakes).

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2011-09-02 15:32

developer   ~0002895

It would be nice to have the anti-aliasing option when exporting the images, even if this is not enabled when working interactively. To have publication-quality images out of Slicer.



2011-09-03 06:56

administrator   ~0002897

Hi Dem - A way to do this now is with the scale factor in the screenshot feature of the annotations. Here you can chose to super sample and then down-filter for publication.



2014-06-05 12:20

reporter   ~0012032

This should be close-able now, this feature has been added.

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