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0001427Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2014-07-29 11:42
ReporterkikinisAssigned Tofinetjul 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformmacOSxOS Version7.1
Product VersionSlicer 4.0.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001427: Module panel issues
  1. When detaching the module panel, the floating panel is always in front and obstructing the view onto the rest of slicer. This is very annoying.
  2. When the panel is detached and I click on a different window (e.g. the browser), Slicer disappears instead of moving back. To the uninitiated, this might appear like a crash. I have to click on the slicer icon in the dock, to get slicer back.
  3. There is no tooltip on the detach and close icons for the module panel.
  4. When the panel is closed, an button should appear in the leftmost side of the toolbar that says something like: "Module Panel". Right now it is hidden in the View pulldown and you have to know its there. Not very friendly for new users.
  5. is still needed.
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related to 0001323 acknowledgedfinetjul icon for attaching the module panel 




2011-09-16 04:15

developer   ~0003059

How about using the tack pin which we used for the viewers?



2012-03-27 04:28

developer   ~0003919

In addition, it would be good to have a module panel toolbar. It could function like the cross-hair selection toolbar.



2014-03-06 10:40

administrator   ~0011253

0000002 doesn't seem to be an issue now.

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