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0001477Slicer4Module VolumeRenderingpublic2017-07-24 22:45
Reporterkikinis Assigned Topieper  
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Product VersionSlicer 4.0.0 
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Summary0001477: "Painting" a volume rendering

It would be nice to have a paint tool that works on volume rendering. A pick tool would allow to select the value for the label. Using a variable threshold on the opacity of the volume rendering (slider from 0 to 1) would allow to define a quasi volume (everything that is more opaque than the threshold). A variable size sphere (slider and presets) would paint all the voxels inside the target volume which are intersecting with the sphere. An option would allow to make the sphere "stick" to the surface.

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example use-case scenario: Use the precentral gyrus as a seed volume for tractography. Workflow: T1 weighted image, run the skull stripper module, volume render the skull stripped data and paint the volume rendering.

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related to 0003076 closedfinetjul Editor doesn't update scalar range 




2012-05-14 23:23

developer   ~0004389

Any news?



2012-05-15 03:38

administrator   ~0004390

Actually, yes, I've started looking into something like this. I'm hoping to be able to have some kind of volume carving feature that will allow selection of irregular 3d shapes to edit label maps by allowing the draw tool to work on the 3D view.

I would like to have these features integrated into a usable workflow with other editor functions. I'm hoping to have a demo version in the next week or so as a basis for discussion.



2012-05-15 03:40

administrator   ~0004391

BTW, what I am working on currently doesn't have the features described in the original feature request, but it is related.



2017-06-15 11:44

developer   ~0014871

Segment editor allows painting in 3D views. Does it fulfill the need described in this issue?



2017-07-24 22:43

developer   ~0014945

Also, now Mask volume effect is available (in SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension), which allows updating voxels of a scalar module as well.



2017-07-24 22:45

developer   ~0014946

The requested feature cannot be developed without further information from the reporter and the functionality might have been already available through Segment editor.

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