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0000016Slicer3GUIpublic2007-03-29 12:17
ReporterhayesAssigned Towjp 
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Summary0000016: Problem with tooltips for FG/BG

When you start Slicer3, if you mouse over the FG and BG controls above the slice views, the tooltip for FG is: "Select the foreground" and BG is: "Select the background". If you load in two volumes, e.g. fixed.nrrd in the FG and moving.nrrd in the background, when you mouse over FG, it reads: "Select the foreground" (correct) and when you mouse over BG, it reads: "moving.nrrd" (incorrect). If you set the BG to 'none', it still reads "moving.nrrd". Even if you close/delete all the volumes from the MRML tree, it still reads "moving.nrrd".

Also, the tooltip only appears for FG if you mouse over the little 'F' logo, but the tooltip for BG appears if you mouse over the 'B' logo, or the drop-down menu to the right of it.

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2007-01-27 11:38

administrator   ~0000024

Alex - this looks like an issue with the node selector widget and how it mananages the tooltips. Can you have a look? thanks, Steve



2007-03-29 12:14

administrator   ~0000087

Now when any of the foreground, background or label node selector widgets are used to select a node, the vtkSlicerSliceControllerWidget observes this event, and resets the ToolTip.

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