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0001644Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2014-05-13 10:45
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Summary0001644: Active slice feature of lightbox is broken

Clicking the 's' key in a lightbox cell should change the outline in the 2D view and also change the visible slice model in the 3D view to that cell's location and texture map.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Load data
  • go to light box mode (2x2 for example)
  • make slice visible
  • point at cell and type 's'
    -> highlight should go around selected cell but does not (stays in upper left)
    -> slice model should move to location of selected cell (it does) but the texture does not change.
Additional Information

Some correspondence about this topic:

Hi Guys -

The ExtractModelTexture is used to pull the correct slice from the stack that is generated for the lightbox mode. When you are in, for example, 2x2 mode, there are 4 slices output from the slice logic pipeline and only one is used for the texture. Using the 's' key in the slice view sets the active lightbox slice for display in the 3D view.

Julien - it looks like part of your commit r17397 broke this behavior: by not setting the translation of the ActiveSliceTransform the texture is always the first slice of the lightbox, even though the slice model moves to reflect the correct location of the selected lightbox location.

Also it seems that the highlight box always stays in the upper left of the lightbox, even when selecting a different slice. However the slice model in the 3D view does shift to the correct location based on where the 's' key was input.

I just tried restoring the three lines commented out at line 763 of vtkMRMLSliceLogic.cxx but that doesn't restore the functionality (perhaps some other code needs to be restored too).

I will disable the 's' key for now and file a bug report with this info.


On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 3:38 PM, Alexander Yarmarkovich <> wrote:

There is a vtkImageReslice member there called ExtractModelTexture
which seems to be not needed since it takes output from a 2D image,
output of the Blend and reslices it to itself it seems.

Am I missing the purpose of it?


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2012-01-04 16:41

administrator   ~0003486

For now, disable the ability to select the active slice so that no incorrect information is displayed.



2014-05-13 10:41

administrator   ~0011780

As discussed during May 13th hangout, considering you focus on VTK6 integration. We are re-targeting this issue for 4.5 release.

In case you plan on addressing some of these for 4.4, consider re-targeting.

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