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0001736Slicer4Core: CLI infrastructurepublic2014-07-29 11:56
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Summary0001736: Simple region growing : asymetric multiplier


This is a feature request, not a bug.

In the simple region growing module, there is the multiplier parameter which is to my understanding, unless I'm mistaken :

mean_intensity +/- (multiplier * std deviation).

Does an asymmetric multipler make sense with regards to your algorithms ?

mean_intensity + (upper_bound_multiplier std deviation)
mean_intensity - (lower_bound_multiplier
std deviation)

The idea is to fine tune voxel selection in situations where intensities are idely distributed.

My primary concern is dealing with CT angiograms. Simple region growing is an invaluable tool for model creation. Sometimes I need to include an arterial branch, like an inferior mesenteric artery, where intensities are quite lower than in the aorta, even if the exam is well performed. If I include a fiducial point directly on that branch, then there are too many non arterial structures where intensities are low that are selected. The assumption is that if the lower bound multiplier can be reduced, the resulting label map would be more precise.

Thank you for considering.

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2014-05-14 07:14

developer   ~0011844

I have submitted an ITK patch to gerrit to add this feature, which you can see here:

Does this patch address your issue?

Here is the description of the patch:
ENH: Added lower and upper multipliers for ConfidenceConnected.

To enable more control for ConfidenceConnected region growing, this
patch enables the multiplier above and below the mean to be specified
separately using the methods SetLowerMultiplier() and
SetUpperMultiplier(). If instead the general SetMultiplier() method
is used, it will set the upper and lower multipliers to both be this
value. This is particularly useful in cases where, for example, the
seed is placed in a medium intensity region and it is desired that it
flood into an adjoining bright region but not an adjoining dark region
(or vice versa).

Tests were added that demonstrate the value of enabling separate
setting of LowerMultiplier() and UpperMultiplier().
itkConfidenceConnectedImageFilterTest3 shows undesired flooding into
the background, and itkConfidenceConnectedImageFilterTest4 shows a
correct segmentation by limiting the lower multiplier.

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