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0001746Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2014-05-13 11:32
Reporterkikinis Assigned Tofinetjul  
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PlatformAppleOSOS XOS Version10.7.3
Product VersionSlicer 4.0.1 
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Summary0001746: double pop-up needs tweak in behavior

viewing options for 3D viewers are in a secondary popup. When I turn off the 3d cube or the 3d axis label in the secondary pop up it disappears. Now my mouse is outside the primary pop up and that collapses. Consequently, I have to go back to bring it up, in order to unselect the second one.

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2012-02-23 01:04




2012-02-23 18:04

administrator   ~0003710

If the eye icon was in the first row, the opened popup would cover the other rows, and when selecting the 2 or 3 first actions, the menu being closed wouldn't necessarily close the view popup (because the mouse would be on the popup after the click in the popup.
I agree it's a big hack :-)
not sure how to fix the double nesting issue, it is not really a "bug", it behaves consistently.

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