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0001831Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2014-05-20 08:52
ReporterjcfrAssigned Tomatthew-woehlke 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.0.1 
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Summary0001831: Easy mechanism to comment/rate any given module.

An extension bundle one or multiple modules.

From within Slicer, it should be possible to comment/rate a module by for example opening the extension manager at the right location.

Thanks to Stephen Aylward for suggesting it.

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2014-04-23 07:56

administrator   ~0011647

From Matt:

re: 1831, do we really need the ability to rate modules independent of the providing extension? That seems like a lot of work for almost no benefit. (How often do people really care about that distinction?)



2014-05-19 12:27

administrator   ~0011900

Based on the status of the other issue, we will assess and probably re-target.

That said, here are my thoughts:

(1) an extension is a bundle of modules,
(2) Slicer has both core modules and modules provided by extensions
(3) different modules can be developed by different people and evenutually supported by different grant

.. having a way to rate module would make sense.

Some idea ...

  • comments / rating reported within an extension would summarize the ratings of the associated module

  • ratings/comments could be stored independently of extension. That way we could rate Slicer core module from within Slicer ..

I am open to idea on way to implement this. Coming with a document outlining a possible plan would be good too.

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