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0001857Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2014-05-13 11:02
ReporterdpaceAssigned Tofinetjul 
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Summary0001857: Custom window/level presets

Often I have a many similar images, and the automatic window/level is not to my liking. Once I find a good window/level value for one image, I have to manually change the values for all other images. It would be nice to make this easier.

Perhaps we can add "custom" window/level editor presets (in addition to the 6 that are already in the volumes module) that the user can set, which could be serialized along with the other Slicer settings. I'm thinking of something like how Paraview handles colour tables (although in Paraview you only have the choice of importing from xml, whereas for Slicer I'm envisioning a button that would allow you to save the current setting into the list).

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2013-10-22 06:32

administrator   ~0010210

Reminder sent to: finetjul, kikinis

Hi Julien,

This is the issue I discussed this morning with Ron. Would be great if you could help us address it. Thanks



2013-10-22 11:04

administrator   ~0010211

Note for developer:

  • Look at vtkMRMLScalarVolumeDisplayNode:: AddWindowLevelPreset()
  • There is already a place holder in the volume info widget that is supposed to list those presets (I've never seen any)

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