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0001869Slicer4Module SceneViewspublic2017-07-24 22:48
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Product VersionSlicer 4.0.0 
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Summary0001869: Unfriendly behavior of scene views handling new scene elements

If I create a scene view, and then add a new data element (say, a volume), it will disappear from the scene if I switch to the scene view I created earlier.

I find this behavior very inconvenient. Also, it contradicts the very name of the function: in my understanding "Scene View" should be a "view" of the data, and should not modify the collection of data items included in the scene.

Additional Information

Per discussion with Ron, the correct behavior he expects is to retain newly added elements in the scene, while switching to scene views created before those items were added.

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parent of 0001960 closednicole Errors and assertion failure while returning to a saved scene view 




2012-04-09 14:40

administrator   ~0003992

The scene views have always worked this way. The change that I can see being useful is to prompt you to save a scene view before switching to one that has nodes removed. Ron had me add a scene view whenever the mrml scene is saved to disk, so if you've loaded the scene from file, you can always get back to that scene view.



2012-04-09 14:48

developer   ~0003993

The scene views have always worked this way.

I know. That's why I submitted the same issue for Slicer3 back in the days.

My point is I don't see what is the motivation for scene views to work this way. This is very un-useful.

I understand I can save and go back, but this makes the scene with scene views essentially "read-only", meaning it cannot be ever augmented with new data. What is the user-level use case justifying this behavior?



2012-04-30 13:41

developer   ~0004114

as of r19932, the following sequence of steps leads to a crash:

1) load sample dataset, 2-over-2 layout
2) create a scene view
3) switch to 4-up layout
4) add a fiducial
5) create another scene view
6) switch to scene view (2)

Console errors:

ERROR: In /Users/fedorov/Slicer/Slicer4/Libs/MRML/Core/vtkMRMLScene.cxx, line 1379
vtkMRMLScene (0x112d3b9b0): RemoveNode: Node vtkMRMLAnnotationPointDisplayNode/AnnotationPointDisplay[0x14a4dfb90] already removed

ERROR: In /Users/fedorov/Slicer/Slicer4/Libs/MRML/Core/vtkMRMLScene.cxx, line 1387
vtkMRMLScene (0x112d3b9b0): RemoveNode: class: vtkMRMLAnnotationPointDisplayNode name:AnnotationPointDisplay id: vtkMRMLAnnotationPointDisplayNode1[0x14a4dfb90] can't be found by ID

ASSERT failure in qMRMLSceneModel::onMRMLSceneNodeAboutToBeRemoved(): "A node has been removed from the scene but the scene model has never been notified it has been added in the first place. Maybe vtkMRMLScene::AddNodeNoNotify() has been used instead of vtkMRMLScene::AddNode", file /Users/fedorov/Slicer/Slicer4/Libs/MRML/Widgets/qMRMLSceneModel.cxx, line 1131



2014-03-06 11:09

administrator   ~0011261

Short discussion pre 4.4 release: think about adding an import scene view functionality. But I don't have the resources to work on this for 4.4.



2017-07-24 22:46

developer   ~0014947

See related discussion at



2017-07-24 22:48

developer   ~0014949

This issue has been long been unresolved, but should be resolved eventually.

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