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Summary0001881: OR-compatible remote control interface

Dr. Alex Golby requested an interface that could be used in the operating room that would support remote control of the visualization settings for a case. Current practice is to have a large display screen in the OR that is connected to a computer outside the OR. The lead technologist or other assistant responds to verbal requests from the surgeon for changes to the view. Dr. Golby would also like the ability to make view changes directly in some circumstances.

Several alternatives are possible: voice control, foot pedals, sterilized control (autoclavable mice and keyboards are available), full-size touch monitor, or a small touch screen in a sterile bag.

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Custom-made wireless interfaces have been developed for experimentation:

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A prototype implementation called "Slicer Remote" is being developed - see attached screenshot from May 1, 2012. This version supports touch interaction to select images and scroll through acquisition volumes.

This version supports a REST web services API implemented through an embedded web server in a running slicer process. This server provides a web app version of an interface to slicer's internal state including both access to data and ability to invoke processing logic.



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Several independent groups have validated that the iPad is usable in the OR:

Dan Katcher and Tina Kapur have initiated the process of approving the iPad for use in AMIGO.

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