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0000019Slicer3Libspublic2007-02-12 13:20
ReporterkeilhackAssigned Tolorensen 
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Summary0000019: ModuleDescription parser crashs Slicer if the xml string doesn't start with a <executable> tag

I tried to parser a xml module description on the fly and it crashes at:

std::string error("ModuleDescriptionParser Error: <executable> was found inside another tag <" + ps-> + ">.");

xml-file (eg.):
<?xml ...>

there should only be an error but no crash of slicer3.

Additional Information

I used Slicer3 - Rev. 2381.

After removing the <gui> elements by hand it works, as it should.

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2007-01-31 05:21

developer   ~0000029

I added better error checking to the parser.

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