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Summary0001929: Texts in 3D are hard to see

So I received the parcellated wm tract bundles of the atlas from Demian. They look very nice. Since not everybody is a neuroanatomist, I wanted to annotate the bundles.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, the annotations are not well visible or readable. If it were possible to switch to a more "visible" mode like the second view, that would be helpful. Perhaps by default less visible, and toggle with a keybinding?

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2012-04-23 11:34

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From Wendy:
Possible to generate a semi-transparent polygon as a backdrop for the text annotations?

From Will:
I don't think you can add a background color. vtkTextActor and vtkCaptionActor2D classes have a sort of a "rectangle" already which could probably be co-opted for a background polygon. My only slight worry is ensuring that there are no blend options between the text and the background polygon, but that should be something that can be managed.

From Julien:
Seems like added a background color to the text actors should be enough. It would be a nice feature to add into VTK.



2012-04-23 11:35

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From Nicole:
I had looked into using text boxes plus arrows to annotate things in Slicer4, but found that the VTK caption widget wasn't working well for our use cases (the text box was in 2d while the pointer position was defined in 3d and it never worked well with the annotations frame work). Offset text is still on my wish list.

2012-04-23 11:36


2012-04-23 11:36


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