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0001930Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2017-06-07 23:27
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Target VersionSlicer 4.4.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.3.0 
Summary0001930: Scrolling volume slices past the last slice

I noticed that if I scroll to the first or last slice in the volume, and then press arrow key to go beyond that, the slice turns black, although the slice position reported in the slice viewer control next to the slider remains the same.

I think it would be more friendly and intuitive behavior if pressing arrow key at the last slice would not change the slice display.

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parent of 0003263 closedpieper Slice view not updated on Rotate to volume 
parent of 0003264 assignedpieper Scrolling past first/last slice 
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2012-04-23 15:23


2012-04-23 15:23




2013-07-09 04:43

administrator   ~0008921

Hi Andrey - Please test this one out with your off-axis prostate datasets and make sure you can still get to the edges of the volumes.



2013-07-11 13:07

developer   ~0009015

Steve, the issue is not resolved. See the demo here:

When I scroll past last (and now also - first) slice in the volume, the scroller does not stop, and I have black/gray slice.

Also, a separate perhaps issue - when I click "Rotate to volume plane" button, the slice does not update until I move the slider. Is this a known bug? Demonstrated in the beginning of the video.



2013-07-11 13:08

developer   ~0009016

Tilted T2 axial is available in the RSNA prostate demo MRB.



2013-07-12 07:25

administrator   ~0009024

Hi Andrey -

The two issues are are both different from the original one for this report. This report was about the arrow keys and scroll wheel going past the end. Can you doublecheck that one?

The other two issues should be fixed as well - can you make independent reports for them?




2013-07-30 11:23

administrator   ~0009282

Rotate to slice plane fixed with r22248



2013-07-30 11:43

administrator   ~0009284

Regarding the other issue raised by @fedorov - it's true that for rotated volumes the slider's extent goes beyond the volume. This should be trimmed back so that it corresponds to the end of the volume, but this seems like a minor issue. Currently the slider always includes the full volume plus a margin; it would be worse if it cut off some of the volume.

So I will keep this bug open, but re-target it for 4.4 since the remaining issue is low priority.



2013-07-31 06:22

developer   ~0009295

Steve: independent reports for the two other issues raised have been submitted.



2013-07-31 09:34

administrator   ~0009304

Closing this since the original issue is fixed and new child issues exist.

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BUG: 0001930 ensure redraw after rotate to volume plane

Make sure matrices reflect current orientation of the slice

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