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0000002Slicer3Command Line Modules (Applications/CLI)public2007-02-12 13:19
ReportermillerjvAssigned Toalexy 
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Summary0000002: Overwriting existing model nodes with new geometry causes crashes

When a command line module puts a model back into the scene, Slicer crashes if that model node already had geometry.

Additional Information

An error reported on linux indicates that memory is being deleted twice. I question whether the MRML scene is managing the reference counts properly.

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2007-01-24 06:25

developer   ~0000011

Jim, could you give more details on how to reproduce this crash.



2007-01-24 07:25

developer   ~0000013


If I run the grayscale modelmaker to produce a model, and then run it a second time using the same output node, Slicer will sometimes crash. I have seen this on Windows and Linux.



2007-01-24 09:01

developer   ~0000016

Jim, for some reason I don't see GrayscaleModelmaker module in the slicer modules list, I can see it in the source and in the build. I see other CLI modules in Slicer.



2007-02-05 11:12

administrator   ~0000033

Should be fixed now - as of 2442.

Committed revision 2442.

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