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0002226Slicer4Core: Chartpublic2014-05-13 13:53
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Summary0002226: Chart - Documentation for enabling new chart types

Per discussion at the NAMIC project week today, it would be nice to have developer documentation on how an existing jqPlot chart type can be enabled in Slicer.

Paul Mercea needs to add one, and I think he would volunteer to document the process if he has some guidance how to proceed with this task.





2014-05-13 13:53

administrator   ~0011823

@Andriy: If Paul wants to work on this, Jim and I would be happy to provide some guidance.

I guess the stop would be the following:

  • he looks at the existing code.
  • eventually help with the on-going re-factoring / cleanup (0001695)
  • consider adding high-low-dose chart (0002424)
  • update documentation [1] explaining how new chart could be added.


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