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0002250Slicer4Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)public2014-03-07 10:47
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Summary0002250: Add windows security compiler flags

From Anthony:

I may be wrong as I am not too familiar with the build process, however, it seems that we are not using the secure compiler and linker switches.
Specifically for windows, /GS, /DynamicBase, /NXCompat, /SafeSEH – see short description at
Gcc also have some protections like stack guard that may be applicable.

From Anthony:

Wrt Linux, great.
Wrt Windows: Never seen a side effect and I have added /GS, /NXCompat, /SafeSEH to major projects with zero implications. /DynamicBase is a little newer; however it is part of SDL (secure development lifecycle) which essentially means you cannot ship code in Microsoft without using it and it is best practices for the windows development community.

The only side effect I have heard of was related to /NXCompat where a project (I think it was in media player) deliberately stored executable binary in a buffer and called it. This is a very rare case.

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2012-06-22 17:50

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The flags are described in more detail in msdn.
For Compiler: /GS
For linker: /NXCompat /DynamicBase /SafeSEH

  1. newer compiler/linker versions have some of the flags on by default; however, as you don’t control the compiler/linker versions I would recommend setting them all just in case.
  2. SafeSEH is only required on x86


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This would be nice to resolve this issue - but we think it's low priority right now.

Let us know if it is high priority for you or if you would like to help us testing the proposed topic or improve it.

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