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0002254Slicer4Module DICOMpublic2018-05-30 00:14
Reporterfedorov Assigned Topieper  
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Product VersionSlicer 4.1.1 
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Summary0002254: Unable to create Slicer DICOM data bundle

I have the error in the popup window as attached.

The scene contains a 3-slice image loaded from DICOM database, and a segmentation label with a contour on one slice.

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2012-06-25 07:25




2014-05-13 09:40

administrator   ~0011765

@Steve: If this is something you plan on addressing before the release, please re-target. Thanks



2017-06-10 00:41

developer   ~0014718

Creating Slicer DICOM data bundles is still quite complicated process.
Feature is now available from Data module: right-click, Export to DICOM, Export entire scene.
However, there is no way to choose an output directory, temporary files remain in the same directory as the generated SlicerDataBundle.dcm, it's not clear how to specify patient information, when the .dcm file is imported it is difficult to find that under which patient it shows up.



2017-06-10 00:42

developer   ~0014719

The feature is certainly difficult to use, but it is somewhat usable and this issue has been open for years, so it is definitely not a blocking issue.



2017-06-10 13:58

developer   ~0014735

My workaround for this one - forget about the existence of this feature ;-) Same applies to using Slicer MRML scene file.



2017-06-10 15:23

developer   ~0014737

This is certainly a niche feature, so it is perfectly fine not to use it. It is a quite limited alternative to proper DICOM export. We should probably not invest any time into improving it but spend the time with making proper DICOM export better. Which means that we just have to decide when to remove this. I'll ask for user feedback in the forum.



2017-06-10 15:47

developer   ~0014738

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Added a poll in the Slicer forum to know how many people know about it/use it:



2018-05-30 00:14

developer   ~0015801

Retarget stale issues to backlog.

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