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0002291Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2014-05-13 09:25
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Product VersionSlicer 4.1.1 
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Summary0002291: "Add a directory" cannot navigate path

If the directory you want is buried in a long path (that you cannot recall), you cannot type part of the path and hit the "return key" without the dialog accepting that as "ok load everything below this path".

What I want to do in this case is navigate to that path, then start clicking on folders for the rest of the path.

This makes it hard to jump to another mount point if it does not show up in the gui (for instance on the Mac, all my remote filesystems are under /Volumes but /Volumes is accessible directly from the gui).

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related to 0001672 resolvedjcfr Change ctkDirectoryButton into ctkPathLineEdit 




2012-07-03 05:48

administrator   ~0005048

Jim: you are talking about the "Add data" dialog, right ?



2012-07-03 05:52

administrator   ~0005049

Developer: in ctkFileDialog, observe the "Directory: " line edit editingFinished (or textChanged) signal to update the underlying view model.



2012-07-03 07:30

developer   ~0005051

Yes. The "Add data" dialog.

Twice I have accidentally told Slicer to load everything on particular mount point... Had to kill Slicer and start over.



2012-07-03 07:49

administrator   ~0005053

Developer: Optionally add a cancel button (or change the text "Choose a Directory to add" into "Cancel populating from Directory") when loading a directory.



2013-06-03 05:21

developer   ~0008698

Does this mean the dialog cannot act the way I am expecting it?

Hitting "return" while typing a path should show that directory, not load it.

I should have to hit a button to cause a load to occur.



2013-06-03 05:22

administrator   ~0008699

Julien will comment when he is back from travelling.



2013-06-10 07:20

administrator   ~0008730

Hint in comment 0005049 should fix the behavior you expect.

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