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Summary0002300: To invert the spin direction of yaw, roll and pitch buttons. Cross-eyed stereo viewing

It could be useful to activate an option button to invert the spin direction of yaw, roll and pitch buttons.
Actually, in order to go back in the rotation of the scene view, it's necessary to complete the yawing (or the rolling or the pitching) by 360 degrees.
Moreover, it could be useful to read somewhere the rotation's value in degrees, and the magnitude of zooming. By this, it could be possible to arrange a dual 3D layout in order to have a stereoscopic pair for crossed-eyed viewing or parallel viewing techniques (
The best could be to have the possibility of relative linking of scenes in dual 3D layout, regulating the rotation shift. Usually the optimal situation is obtained with 6 degrees rotation around the vertical axis in the camera's field of view.

Additional Information

The attached screen grab was obtained in dual 3D layout, orienting the view form left, zooming in by 10 times for both views, and yawing the image on the left by only one click.
This image is about a 3 years old child with a small periventricular heterotopic nodule (red model), investigated by several intracerebral electrodes for long-term Video-StereoElectroEncephaloGraphy (SEEG) monitoring. The stereoscopic vision helps a lot for distinguishing the different multilead electrodes positions, and this stereoscopic technique is really better than anaglyphic ones.

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2012-07-04 09:03


cross-eyed_stereo-pair.png (224,781 bytes)
cross-eyed_stereo-pair.png (224,781 bytes)


2012-07-06 08:11

administrator   ~0005092

Interesting images - thanks.

Did you try the interlaced stereo with compatible hardware? I haven't tried in a while but it should be supported in vtk (and in slicer).

Also, for the rotation you might try using the numberpad keys which provide fixed rotations in the selected viewer.



2012-07-09 23:27

reporter   ~0005112

Hi Steven,
Thank you for taking care of this issue.
About your suggestions, in our Epilepsy Surgery Unit we use Mac Pro computers with 30'' Cinema Display, and iMacs 24''. I don't think there are any compatible shutter glasses for them (I believe that CRT monitors are needed). And more, I didn't find any way to emulate number pad arrows on Mac keyboards.
Best regards
Cico Cardinale



2012-07-30 15:33

administrator   ~0005464

Hi Cico -

I wonder if the easiest workaround might be to get an external keypad (like a bluetooth or wired one). I tested on a mac and using a keypad allowed me to rotate the 3D view easily.

Longer term, it seems to me that having a real 3D display would be preferable to the eye crossing idea (doesn't that technique lead to eye strain? Maybe not best for the clinical environment?). I haven't used a stereo display in a while, but it seems like there are lots of options on the market these days.

Best regards,



2013-07-08 10:39

administrator   ~0008899

Hi -

I think the best solution for this kind of problem is to write a custom module that exposes exactly the preset camera and view options needed for the scenario.

If you are interested and have someone to do the programming it would be fairly easy to write this a python scripted module. I'd be happy to provide examples of how to control the view from a simple script.

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