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0002344Slicer4Core: Packagingpublic2018-05-29 23:52
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Summary0002344: option to do a full uninstall that removes settings files

If a user end up with a corrupted settings file that prevents slicer from loading, it can make it impossible to uninstall an older version or install and run a newer version of slicer. See the example below, where the module path was set to a directory that included the slicer uninstaller executable.

Ideally the uninstaller should give the option of keeping the setting or removing them.

For the record, the settings on windows 7 are stored in:


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Hi Ray -

Ouch - that's a tricky one! I will file a bug report on that and we'll work on getting that fixed (avoid the loop and also give the option to do a full uninstall or a partial one that keeps your settings).

As a workaround, you should be able to reset the system by deleting the Slicer.ini file in the path shown in the attached image.

Also, you can put your scripted module in a different directory (should work anywhere on disk except the application directory).

Hope the workaround fixes if for you - let me know if not.


On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 9:47 AM, Huang, Raymond Y.,M.D.,Ph.D. <> wrote:
Hi Steve,

We wrote a script that is able to perform what I wanted to do but when I was trying to build a module I ran into a bug-

Under application setting/module, I added "C:\Program files\slicer4.1\ as additional module path and I was prompted to restart the program, and then it went into an infinite loop of "slicer 4.1 uninstall" (if I clinic uninstall it will uninstall but if I click No it will generate another slicer 4.1 process, and another uninstall prompt).

I did uninstall it and download slicer again, reinstall. Now the same loop begins as soon as I begin running the program. It is possible that something may be in the windows registry or in the slicer folder that wasn't deleted during uninstall.

Has anyone noticed this problem? I am running the newest stable built win32 bit on windows XP.



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related to 0002779 resolvedjcfr Mechanism to keep track of the installed extensions across version 




2013-08-27 15:25

administrator   ~0009656

Re-targeted to 4.4. Current workaround is to manually remove settings file.



2014-03-07 06:39

administrator   ~0011333

This would be nice to fix - but we think it's low priority right now. Let
us know if it is high priority for you or if you would like to help us by contributing a patch.



2017-06-10 00:12

developer   ~0014713

This is not a blocking issue. There are several workarounds.



2018-05-29 23:52

developer   ~0015793

Retargeting stale issues to backlog.

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