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0002399Slicer4Core: CLI infrastructurepublic2014-05-13 10:01
ReporterlassoanAssigned Tomillerjv 
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Summary0002399: Automatically generate meaningful names for new nodes

Currently when creating an output node the node name is too generic, such as "Output Volume_1", so the user has to often rename the node to something meaningful.

For CLI modules we could generate meaningful names by combining the name of the input data and the operation that has been applied,
Input volume name: MRI-needle1
Operation: bias correction
Generated output volume name: MRI-needle1-bias-corrected

The automatic naming pattern could be very easily defined in the CLI definition XML file by the "reference" (already exists) and "defaultNames" attributes:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<title>N4ITK MRI Bias correction</title>

<description><![CDATA[Input/output parameters]]></description>
<label>Input Image</label>
<description><![CDATA[Input image where you observe signal inhomegeneity]]></description>

<image reference=”inputImageName” defaultName=”[reference]-bias-corrected”>
<label>Output Volume</label>
<description><![CDATA[Result of processing]]></description>


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2013-09-17 12:25

administrator   ~0009983

@Jim: Could you have a look at there before the end of the week. The idea would be to cut the 4.3.1 on Monday next week (Sept 23). Thanks



2013-09-23 11:33

developer   ~0010055

Discussed at the last project week. Larger issue than can be solved for 4.3.1.

Try to address by Winter Project Week.



2013-09-23 11:41

administrator   ~0010059

Based on note 10055, re-targeting for 4.4.0



2014-05-13 10:01

administrator   ~0011774

@Jim: If you plan on addressing this before the 4.4 release. Make sure to re-target. Thanks

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