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0000242Slicer3Usabilitypublic2008-06-26 08:31
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Summary0000242: several gui tweaks

Several requests from Ron and others that would be good to work on at project week with Sebastien:

Set up tab key navigation through entries in module guis.

Click in trough for Range widget to increment by one.

Node selector labels are truncated to fixed size now even with menu is big. It would be great if it could adaptively resize,

It would be good to be able to right click on a node selector and get a submenu that would all you to delete or rename the currently selected node.

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2008-06-03 11:45

administrator   ~0000352

Another good addition would be for all dialog boxes to respond correctly to Enter (for Ok) and Escape (for cancel).



2008-06-26 08:31

developer   ~0000366

From Seb:

  • Tab key. To quote a Tk book: "The order in which the focus moves around matches the order that you packed the widgets into your application. If you are going to rely on using the Tab key to move between widgets in a logical fashion, you may need to redesign the packing order.". So the solution is just a matter of changing the packing order, I'll let you guys check that out at the Slicer3 level. If there is a issue with a specific composite widget at the KWWidgets level (i.e. one that is composed of different entries for example), let me know and I'll fix the packing there.

  • Range widget: yes, it is possible, if you guys enter a feature request in the KWW bug tracker

  • Node Selector Width: I can not reproduce the truncation. I checked the code, and the vtkSlicerNodeSelectorWidget makes no use of the code that would have its superclass truncate the label to a maximum width.

  • Node Selector Submenu: there is no technical hurdle in KWWidgets do so, so I'll let you guys implement it in vtkSlicerNodeSelectorWidget: bind <right-click> to the menu, and in the callback have a popmenu show up with the approriate rename label, and use vtkKWSimpleEntryDialog to ask for a new label.

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