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0002423Slicer4Core: Extensionspublic2014-04-22 10:00
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Summary0002423: Superbuild extension template should not require CTestConfig in the source tree

From Andras: In the other extension templates (CLIExtensionTemplate, EditorExtensionTemplate, LoadableExtensionTemplate, ScriptedLoadableExtensionTemplate) there is no need for CTestConfig.cmake, but in the SuperBuildLoadableExtensionTemplate this extra file is required. It would be nice (more consistent) if this file wouldn’t be needed for any extension type.

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2012-08-21 12:57

administrator   ~0005659

I did a quick test removing the file from the source tree but considering the layout of the build tree and the way CMake/CTest deal with CTestCongif if available in the binary tree .. it didn't work out of the box and will require some tweaking. Probably a copy of the CTestConfig in both the top level build dir and the inner one.

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