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0002524Slicer4Module VolumeRenderingpublic2017-09-27 13:21
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Summary0002524: Customize volume rendering - way to unselect one or more of the labels

Ron - 09/04/2012

  1. And now a feature request: Steve Pieper has this open cl version of grow cut. When I configure the volume renderer to render the label map, it would be nice to be able to NOT render one of the labels. In grow cut you usually have a label that acts as a rejection class and that one obstructs everything else. It would be nice, if I had a way to unselect one or more of the labels. It would be nice, if I could make one or more of them transparent.
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2012-09-18 13:10

administrator   ~0006133

FYI: To partially address this issues that Ron raised, I implemented a small module that uses a selected label value and label map volume and uses that to create a new grayscale volume that is 0 everywhere except where the label map matches the label value:

I found it useful for testing but haven't yet committed it to the trunk (will probably do it post 4.2 release).



2017-09-27 13:21

developer   ~0015188

Segmentations now support 3D display of segments that can be shown/hidden independently. Still, for some cases it might be useful to be able to edit transfer function of labelmap volumes using a checkable list.

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