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0002595Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2013-07-04 12:19
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Summary0002595: Editor Error Dialog - Merge volume modified

The neurosurgical planning tutorial seems to be raising an editor error dialog (
which leads to a wrong 3D reconstructed volume. This does not happen when you try the tutorial manually on the same machine. The test runs smoothly on Linux without this dialog.

Additional Information

Gee, I don't know - as you can see in the code, somehow the target
vtkImageData has a more recent Modified time than the inputs so
there's a warning about doing the operation and a backup volume is

Are you saying that replaying the macro using the qt testing menu does
not have this warning but the ctest version does? Or do you mean
manually as in doing the same operations by hand? I guess that's the
clue for debugging, but I'm not sure where it will lead.

I believe Modified is a virtual method so you could make an
implementation in vtkMRMLScalarVolume node and set a breakpoint there
to see what combination of calls leads to the it being called on the
merge volume (but that doesn't sound like an easy task since it will
no doubt be called a lot).

As I mentioned in the bug report I find these Qt tests to be very hard
to debug since you only have the XML files to work with. Maybe
re-implementing the test as a real python script would provide the
right needed for diagnosis - but that's just a guess too.

Good luck and let me know if there's anything I should try on my machines.

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2012-10-02 07:36

developer   ~0006326

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It shows up when replaying the macro but not when the steps are reproduced by hand.



2013-07-04 12:19

administrator   ~0008840

Probably this test should be converted into a self test rather than playing back the macro.

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