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0000026Slicer3MRMLpublic2017-06-10 08:51
ReporterkikinisAssigned Topieper 
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Summary0000026: /d/bigsur/slicerdata/cystoscopy/cystoscopy.xml doesn't load properly

When you try to load cystoscopy.xml, a dialog window pops up that contains no text and only an "OK" button. If you click on the OK button, the scene has not loaded.

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2007-03-27 12:08

administrator   ~0000076

This appears to be two bugs -- the dialog-less OK box, and the scene not loading at all. This bug report is about the second issue. The first issue has been filed as a separate bug.



2007-03-27 12:08

administrator   ~0000077

(The same scene loads fine in Slicer 2.7)



2007-03-27 13:19

administrator   ~0000079

More variations in the way slicer2 mrml is stored in the XML.

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ENH: Update SlicerDMRI remote module

$ git shortlog --no-merges 86dc8ec8..17b96f4f

Alex Yarmarkovich (1):
BUG: 3044. Disable Fiber display options when no fiber is selected

Isaiah (1):
Update formatting

Isaiah Norton (3):
ENH: fix 0000026: pick baseline imgs by b-val, not |grad|
ENH: improve DWI masking results
DWMasking: restore input image cast for better generality

Lauren O'Donnell (2):

zhangfanmark (2):
STYLE: Update module name displayed with Space
ENH: Add testing cases for FiberTractMeasurement

From: Isaiah Norton <>

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