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0002614Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2018-05-30 00:57
Reportergregsharp Assigned Tofedorov  
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Product VersionSlicer 4.1.1 
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Summary0002614: Label statistics should report center of mass

Just like the summary says. It would be great if Slicer could show me the center of mass of a structure somehow.

The label statistics module seems the logical place.

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2012-10-05 11:08

administrator   ~0006401

I'm maybe we should make a list of metrics to add - center of mass is one that makes sense. I think ITK has some nice filters to characterize things and maybe with SimpleITK we would get a whole bunch with minimal coding.

Some ideas:

  • count of # of islands (blobs)
  • other moments
  • max/min dimensions across certain axes
  • aspect ratio


2017-06-12 21:55

developer   ~0014789

This is a new feature, which by the way is currently being developed for Segment Statistics module (by QIICR team).



2017-08-20 17:10

administrator   ~0015060

@fedorov is center of mass planned for SegmentStatistics? I don't see that it's in the current version. Perhaps we should add a "Mass Properties" plugin (or similar) for calculations like this.



2017-08-22 17:09

developer   ~0015067

@pieper no, there are no plans in place to add this kind of plugin. I can see how it can be useful, but I just don't have cycles to work on this. Contributions are always welcomed - now that the plugins infrastructure is in place for Segment Statistics, this should hopefully be straightforward. It will be good to put it to work for this specific task.



2017-08-22 17:17

developer   ~0015068

Probably it is simpler to extend existing plugins to compute this new metric than create a new plugin, but both approaches should work.



2018-05-30 00:57

developer   ~0015816

Retarget stale issues to backlog.

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