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0002671Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2014-03-07 09:00
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Summary0002671: Persistent texture mapping for models

Slicer model display nodes allow for texturing models that have texture coordinates specified using the SetAndObserveTextureImageData() function. It would be convenient to be able to assign a texture to a model in the GUI, and have the texture and the association between the model and the texture saved into the scene file.

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2012-10-24 07:40

administrator   ~0006721

From Eli: In the mean time, I have created a python module that can achieve what
I need in Slicer 3.6.3 (attached), which should be easily ported to
Slicer 4 if anyone else needs this functionality. It is not ideal,
because the association between texture and model cannot be saved into
the scene.

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