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0002677Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2014-05-13 14:00
ReportermillerjvAssigned Tomillerjv 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product VersionSlicer 4.1.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002677: lock reformat widget not managed by SliceLinkeLogic

lock reformat widget management needs to be moved from qMRMLSliceControllerWidget to SliceLinkLogic.

Additional Information

need to

  1. add an enum to SliceNode or SliceCompositeNode
  2. add a block to the BroadcastSliceNode/SliceCompositeNode method in SliceLinkLogic
  3. replace implementation in qMRMLSliceControllerWidget to
    a, Turn interaction on
    b. Modify the parameter
    c. Turn interaction off
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