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0002687Slicer4Core: MRMLpublic2017-09-27 10:34
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Summary0002687: Saving a scene that contains nodes with the same name results in data loss

When saving a scene that contains two nodes that have the same name, then Slicer prompts for overwriting the already saved file, because it wants to use only the node name as filename.
When loading the saved scene, one of those nodes will contain invalid data.

For example: I have two models called Bladder. I save the scene, and I choose to overwrite. Then after loading the scene, the first 'Bladder' model will contain the same data as the second one (because they were loaded form the same file). If I choose not to overwrite then the first one will appear in both nodes.

Although the file name can be changed in the 'Save Scene and Unsaved Data' form, it would be better to have different names in the first place.

Additional Information

A question: Is there a use case where having the same name for more MRML nodes is beneficial? It not only causes the error described above, but also leads to confusion. Is it a good idea not to allow this to happen (force the second node to have a different name, for example to force a unique name when adding nodes to the scene)?

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2012-10-25 09:25

administrator   ~0006746

Reminder sent to: kikinis

Hi Ron,

Regarding the question of Csaba, what do you think ?

It seems having identical name leads to confusion, isn't it ?




2012-10-25 10:10

developer   ~0006749

The original scenes were numbered sequentially. Sceneview1, Sceneview2, etc. This feature was lost somewhere. As far as I am concerned, it should be restores. The name of the sceneview is used as the name of the thumbnail and use of the same name can lead to overwriting a thumbnail.



2012-12-18 05:41

developer   ~0007519

Csaba, how do you create nodes with the same name? If you just data from a file Slicer should add _1 to the second node with the same name. Do you create the nodes programmatically?



2012-12-18 06:39

developer   ~0007524

Yes, I create volume, model and color nodes in the DicomRtImport module, when loading data from the DICOM database to Slicer. When I load the same series twice, then their names are the same.

I could call vtkMRMLScene::GenerateUniqueName, but without explicitly calling it, the names remain the same. If there is really no use case when objects with same names are required (in my case it is not required, but I cannot see the need of every user), then the GenerateUniqueName function should be called when setting the name of a node.



2012-12-18 09:19

developer   ~0007533

I cannot think why would vtkMRMLNode::SetName() not do that, but lets discuss it at slicer hangout.



2012-12-18 13:09

administrator   ~0007551

As discussed on the hangout, we unique names in the user interface shouldn't be enforced, but unique file names should be.

Alex will be looking at centralizing the handling of unique filenames as part of issue 0002816.



2013-08-27 10:54

developer   ~0009619

Last edited: 2013-08-27 10:55

After discussing this issue with Steve there are somewhat conflicting requirements of keeping file names in sync with Storable node names and keeping file names unique. There are different use cases, and the logic of satisfying both requirements becomes complicated.
Csaba, it seems that what you really want if for DICOM import to create unique names. Would that satisfy your use case?



2013-08-27 11:11

developer   ~0009623

There are many possible workarounds for this issue, there is no question about that.
The point here is that

  1. MRML nodes having the same name is allowed
  2. Files having the same names are not allowed
    These two are in conflict, thus there is a bug when saving a scene where the same name appears in more than one MRML node.
    I think the correct solution would be to ensure unique names for MRML nodes in general. Is there an advantage in allowing duplicate MRML node names?


2013-09-17 05:16

developer   ~0009964

It seems like we need to discuss enforcing unique MRML names.



2013-09-17 08:12

administrator   ~0009969

Why not just add a validator step to the save dialog? It seems that if we found that this issue existed we could put up a simple table where every filename is made unique. Then let the user edit them if they don't like them. This should include scene views.

Another thing we might consider: if the nodes with the same names are in different parts of the subject hierarchy they could be created in corresponding subdirectories on disk (or given names that concatenate the hierarchy name with the node name). We could also prefix with the sceneview name.



2013-09-17 08:41

developer   ~0009970

I like the idea of different subdirs basd on major hierarchy branches, but it's not something we can implement now.

Is there an advantage in allowing duplicate MRML node names in the scene?



2013-09-17 08:45

administrator   ~0009971

The only advantage of duplicate names would be exactly in the hierarchy case (I thinnk preop/kidney and postop/kidney is better than preop/kidney and postop/kidney_1). Also we've never ruled it out before so some code could break if we start insisting on uniqueness.



2013-09-17 09:01

developer   ~0009972

OK, the subdirectories and the reconciliation table (in case there is a duplication within a directory) sound good.



2013-09-17 09:50

developer   ~0009973

I think for now when there is a filename conflict we should just show an error popup to inform the user and reject the saving (and let the user resolve the conflict manually and retry the saving).

Later, if we have time, we could implement a "Resolve" button in the error popup, which would call an algorithm that would generate unique filenames by adding a prefix based on names of parent hierarchy nodes and/or adding some generic postfixes (_1, _2, ...).



2013-09-17 13:38

administrator   ~0009991

I agree - the biggest issue now is that the save is half-finished before the user is notified. They can still re-save and fix the paths, but it's awkward.



2014-06-13 09:48

developer   ~0012055

Since it is late in the release and the logic for enforcing unique names is not crystal clear, moving to 4.5



2016-10-12 15:10

administrator   ~0014193

Last edited: 2016-10-12 15:11

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I confirm this is still an issue with r25435

Step to reproduce:

  • Load MRHead
  • Apply Gaussian blue creating a new volume as output
  • Rename the output to have the same name
  • Save
  • Reload
  • Both MRHead are identical ... whereas we could expect to have both loaded

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