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0002732Slicer4Core: MRMLpublic2014-03-06 05:13
ReporterpieperAssigned Tomillerjv 
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Target VersionSlicer 4.2.1Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.2.1 
Summary0002732: Move LightBox proxy to abstract displayable manager for easier re-use

" move the lightbox proxy up to the abstract displayable manager class level so that it is available to all displayable manager subclasses. This would mean adding it to the initialize methods for the displayable manager groups. ThreeD displayable managers could just return the single renderer, while slice views could use the proxy to get the correct renderer for the given coordinate (Z coordinate of XYZ space)."


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related to 0001690 assignednicole fiducial shows in wrong lightbox cell 




2012-11-05 12:49

administrator   ~0007063

As an added feature request consider, it would be great if you could switch the active displayable managers on the fly (that is, register/unregister displayable managers and refresh the currently instanced views to reflect the updated state). Last time I looked it didn't appear to be possible to modify displayable managers after the fact.



2012-11-13 11:00

administrator   ~0007191

Jim: any updates?



2012-11-13 11:31

developer   ~0007193

No update yet.



2012-11-14 06:44

developer   ~0007212

Pushed a patch to [^]

Branch is "2732-move-lightbox-to-abstract-displayable-manager"

commit 55f9c1c637f4ef4ba5c0da8b442aac57626d10c7
Author: Jim Miller <>
Date: Wed Nov 14 11:29:39 2012 -0500

BUG: 0002732 move light box renderer manager proxy to abstract displayable manager

Moved the LightBoxRendererManagerProxy up to the superclass of the
DisplayableManager hierarchy so that all (2D & 3D) displayable managers
can interact with a lightbox.

Note that light boxes are only currently supported on 2D viewers, so the
proxy is only configured in qMRMLSliceView. CTK will need to be changed to
put the LightBoxManager into ctkVTKAbstractView to make it accessible to
both ctkVTKSliceView and ctkVTKRenderView. Then qMRMLThreeDView could also
create and initialize a LightBoxManagerProxy and set it on its DisplayableManagers.
Here, we would also want to move qMRMLSliceViewPrivate::vtkInternalLightBoxRendererManagerProxy
class to a place where it could be used by both types of VTK widgets.

The proxy can now be set on the DisplayableManagerGroup which broadcasts
the proxy to all the DisplayableManagers in that group.


2012-11-14 06:45

developer   ~0007213

Nicole, does this address what you need for the annotations?

Or does the lightbox proxy need to be push through the 3D Widgets (ctkVTKRenderView) as well?



2012-11-14 07:02

administrator   ~0007218

Jim: I don't need it in the 3D view, that will have a different way of dealing with renderers when there are multiple 3D views.
Looking at the code you posted to github, the GetRenderer(int) is exactly what I need for the fiducials.
I added a fairly long comment on github, the main thing needed to verify is:

So a potential problem is if a displayable manager is registered with the displayable manager group after the light box renderer manager proxy is set, it won't have had that passed to it. I think some extra checking might be needed when registering dislayable managers with the group/factory...



2012-11-14 08:10

developer   ~0007221

I wasn't sure when the annotation displayable managers were added to the viewers.

I followed Jc's suggestion and modified the DisplayableManagerGroup::AddDisplayableManager() to pass along the cached LightBoxRendererManagerProxy.

In theory, when you add your displayable managers to the viewers, they will be configured with the proxy now. So need to try to manage the proxy yourself.

There is a new commit on the branch.



2012-11-16 06:38

administrator   ~0007283

Fixed in r21431



2014-03-06 05:12

administrator   ~0011003

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