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0002777Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2019-10-23 15:47
Reporterpinter Assigned Tolassoan  
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.11.0 
Summary0002777: Left mouse button changes W/L in the slice viewers

The problem:

  • Users can "ruin" the window/level setting accidentally, because the left mouse button is what they use to activate other widgets on the GUI


  • Mouse cursor that shows that W/L is bound to left mouse button
    • Subtle indicator next to the arrow
    • Andriy: appears on button press
  • Limit W/L range (so that the values cannot go too far away from the visible range)
  • Reset W/L button
  • Lock W/L button
  • Custom "auto W/L" presets
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2013-01-15 08:32

developer   ~0007673

This issue was discussed during the NA-MIC week ( The decisions made are:

  • Make the mouse mode (action invoked on left mouse button) explicit. Allow user to select the default left button mode via a preferences option.
  • Change mouse cursor icon to reflect current mouse mode
  • Changing mouse modes controlled through a toolbar.
  • When a mouse mode is active, the one-time actions (add fiducial etc.) are still available (through shortcuts)
  • Mouse modes
    'Null' mode - no action in slice viewers, rotation only in 3D viewer - default mouse mode
    Window/Level mode - W/L in slice viewers, rotation in 3D viewer. (Decision on W/L in 3D for volume rendering?)
    Selection mode?
    Transform mode?
    ** Allow extensions to define new modes? Extension provides name of the mode, icon for the pointer.


2019-10-23 15:47

developer   ~0016292

Closing this issue since a new mouse mode has been added for W/L, while the default mode does not change W/L anymore.

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