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0002779Slicer4Core: Extensionspublic2018-03-22 01:14
ReporterkikinisAssigned Tojcfr 
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Target VersionSlicer 4.9.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0002779: Mechanism to keep track of the installed extensions across version

Each time a new version of Slicer is installed, the user should be asked if he want to install the corresponding set of extensions for this new version.

In case an extension is not available anymore for this new version of Slicer, the user should be proposed with option like:

  • Remind me later
  • Notify developer list

Note from Ron originally added in issue 0002721:

I would like a subscription method: When I install a new version of Slicer, it should offer to install all the extensions that I had already. Firefox does it. Keep in mind, that at any given time I have 4 to 6 different versions of slicer on my machine.

Note from Steve originally added to issue 0002721:

Regarding statistics, it would be good if we had an automatic 'check for updates' option that queried the web site. We could record the number of times (and the source IP geolocation) of these connections in order to have a sense of how many time slicer is being used in the real world. This is something we've always wanted but never had available.

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2014-02-28 11:33

administrator   ~0010656

Step1: Keep track of the info using Settings file
Step2: Sync between different Slicer install, concept of Slicer profile, ...



2016-03-01 11:39

reporter   ~0013831

Is there a less obtrusive way of getting CC'ed when something changes in Mantis than adding a note?



2016-03-01 12:08

administrator   ~0013832


  • If you "Monitor" the issue, you will be notified each time the issue is updated or each time a note is added.
  • What do you mean by "less obtrusive" ? How would like to be notified if there is an update ? May be you could register the the RSS stream associated with your user ? (Atom icon up and right)




2016-03-01 15:42

reporter   ~0013833

Thanks. I just did not see the "monitor" button. I was looking for "watch", "CC" or similar features, but in different locations (at the top, in particular), and not as a button in an area that I associated with attachments. UI is difficult. ;-)
With "less obtrusive", I meant less noisy for you. The Monitor button was the answer I was looking for.



2016-12-08 05:03

reporter   ~0014265

Just wanted to point to, which contains a first prototype by Mathias Neugebauer.



2018-03-22 01:14

administrator   ~0015590

Now closing this issue. Corresponding feature has been integrated into Slicer.

Thanks everyone for their help.

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