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0002832Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2014-03-06 06:15
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Target VersionSlicer 4.3.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.3.0 
Summary0002832: Cannot type values into the spacing field of the Volumes -> Information interface

The spin boxes in the Volume Information field behave very strangely.

Steps To Reproduce

Download MR head (or any volume)

Enter Volumes module and try to type in the Image spacing field. Note that sometimes you can't type any numbers. Other times you maybe can delete one character and type one but not more numbers.

Additional Information

Probably we should not use the information from the spin box until it loses focus - that is, let the user type a full number like 10.324 but only try to update the volume property when the user has finished.

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related to 0002973 closedfinetjul cannot type small numbers into the Volume spacing field 




2012-12-25 08:03

developer   ~0007580

Pushed CTK topic:

Kindly review and merge. I can then update the CTK tag to checkout for Slicer.



2012-12-28 11:27

developer   ~0007594

Pushed additional changes to CTK topic:



2013-01-07 08:09

administrator   ~0007623

This problem is not localized but is widespread to Slicer.
I don't think CTK pull request 0000284 is the correct(unique) solution to this problem.
For instance, it won't help when pressing down the up arrow in the spinboxes (it should increase the value as long as the button is down).
0000284 is not enough as it targets only ctkCoordinatesWidgets.
One should think of a more generic solution.
Here the root of the problem is that:
1) a value is being changed by the user in a spinbox.
1b) the spinbox enters in an "interactive" mode
2) the module is notified
3) the module sets the MRML node property accordingly
4) the node fires a Modified event and the module is notified
5) the module sets the new value to the spinbox.
6) setting the value (sometime slightly different because of some rounding) stops the "interactive" mode of the spinbox ( e.g. a) despite the arrow button being down, it won't trigger any new value change on timer, b) typing a new digit in the spinbox doesn't change the following digit).

We need to think of some generic solution. So far, I can think of:
a) add a custom ctkSpinBox::setValueInteractively(double val ) which tries to not stop the "interactive" mode (to investigate)
b) add a custom ctkSpinBox::setValueIfDifferent(double) which doesn't do anything if the value is the same (or close), this would prevent the interactive mode from being stopped.
c) have a custom ctkSpinBox edition mode that replaces the next digit (same behavior as if "Insert" keyboard key is not active).
There might be other ideas, feel free to post.



2013-01-14 18:53

developer   ~0007670


Thanks for reviewing.
I gave a little thought to the suggested changes. However, I am not sure if I understand how exactly would the spinbox end the "interactive mode" and why would the module set a new value on the spinbox while the user is entering a value? Shouldn't leaving focus or pressing return key trigger the interactive mode to end?

Pressing either the "up" button or the "down" button emits editingFinished() signal at each increment. I checked the behavior and it seems to work fine with ctkCoordinatesWidget and ctkMatrixWidget.



2013-01-29 09:25

administrator   ~0007753

Hi Guys - any further thoughts on this? Typing new values into these spin boxes is still very confusing...



2013-01-29 10:22

administrator   ~0007760

It's in progress, we are discussing ways of doing it.



2013-07-17 09:51

administrator   ~0009099

Fixed in r22151



2014-03-06 05:18

administrator   ~0011123

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