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0002934Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2018-03-31 00:37
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Summary0002934: Console output logging for Windows


from Francois Budin:

Hi JC,

I think even just a log file would be very helpful to know if and what went wrong. Otherwise, being able to just open a new terminal with the environment set up would be great too.
I tried to run "Slicer --cmd" since you mentioned that such an option already exists but I didn't get anything (apart from opening a new instance of Slicer).


from Andriy Fedorov:


I agree with Francois. I am perfectly fine with inconsistent behavior
across platforms (meaning, no console output on Windows), as long as
there is some way to get that output log. IMO, a log file of some sort
would be more helpful than a dialog box.


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From 0002475: It is not possible to get CLI parameters description, because "--help" has no effect.

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has duplicate 0002475 closedjcfr Running CLIs from command line on Windows console produces no console output 
has duplicate 0002691 closedjcfr No output messages in the slicer command 
has duplicate 0001683 closedjcfr ctk app launcher doesn't handle windows command console 
related to 0003408 closedjcfr Launcher and command line output broken on Windows 
child of 0002376 closedjcfr Inconsistent behavior of Slicer launcher command options output across systems 




2013-02-14 08:35

developer   ~0007928

It would also be great if somehow the resolution of this issue fixed the fact that dashboard tests failing on Windows do not have any console output. These failing tests are rather useless, because they do not help in localizing the problem. Few of the many examples:



2015-03-28 12:12

developer   ~0012990




2015-03-29 08:04

developer   ~0012991

For showing the console output on the dashboard on Windows, probably the simplest would be:

  • always build Slicer as a console application
  • put the console-enabled launcher in the build tree
  • put the non-console-enabled launcher into the install tree


2015-03-29 09:17

administrator   ~0012992

I would not want the releases built with console on unless there is a way to suppress the black dos box popping up (I haven't looked in a while, but last time I checked that was the only way to get console output).

On the other hand when building in debug mode, or when testing is enabled, it would be fine for the dos box to pop up.



2015-03-29 09:53

developer   ~0012993

If you start any process (either console or window based) with QProcess, the new process will not have a console.

So, if you launch SlicerApp-real.exe with a window based launcher (CTKAppLauncherW.exe) then there will be no black boxes. If you run the same SlicerApp-real.exe with a console based launcher (CTKAppLauncher.exe) then it will have a console and Slicer outputs will be redirected to that.

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