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0000003Slicer3Command Line Modules (Applications/CLI)public2007-01-26 04:45
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Summary0000003: Filebrowser in CommandLineModules defaults to searching for "txt" files.

The filebrowser used in in the command line modules defaults to searching for txt files. If the user is searching for other filetypes, they have to enter "*" in the filename field. There is no way to change the filetypes.

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We'll look into adding a list of filetypes to the XML Module Description so that the CommandLineModule can configure the browser correctly. The new filebrowser under development in KWWidgets may also fix this.

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2007-01-26 04:45

developer   ~0000022

Added attributes to the XML description for a module to specify preferred file types. Slicer uses this information to constrain the file browser to select files of the appropriate type. Slicer also uses this information to indicate the type of files a module can use for images. So if Slicer needs to write an image to disk to send to an executable command line module, the first file type listed will be the type of file used. The default is to use a nrrd file. If an executable command line module cannot understand nrrd, then they can specify another image format (meta, analyze, etc., whatever the Archetype writer can handle).

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