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0003068Slicer4Module OpenIGTLinkIFpublic2017-06-09 16:42
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Summary0003068: OpenIGTLinkIF - Clicking on Active after it a connection has been establised leads to a crash

OpenIGTLinkIf version b05dca23 -

It should be possible to active/desactive any given connection.

Follow steps documented in 0002992

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related to 0002992 closedtokuda Crash when OpenIGTLinkIF-created node is deleted 




2017-06-09 16:42

developer   ~0014689

On Mac, disabling the connection sometimes take a long time (30 seconds or more), but this is more of an inconvenience. I don't have a Mac, so I cannot test this more thoroughly, but if this problem comes up again then reopen this issue.

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