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0003089Slicer4Core: Extensionspublic2013-04-26 18:39
Reporterlassoan Assigned Tojcfr  
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Target VersionSlicer 4.3.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.3.0 
Summary0003089: SlicerAppStore website is broken

It would be very useful if extension packages could be downloaded using a web browser, because it would allow people to install extensions on a computer that is not connected to the internet.

The extension categories and number of modules are shown correctly on, but unfortunately the list of modules is always empty.

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related to 0002145 closedmatthew-woehlke Provide a mechanism allowing to easily install extension given the location of the package 
related to 0003093 closedhina-shah Explain user how to download extension associated with a specific Slicer revision 




2013-04-26 12:00

administrator   ~0008519

Extension can be downloaded after entering revision number.



2013-04-26 12:14

developer   ~0008520

Thanks, entering the revision works, indeed!

The only issue now is that the website doesn't give any hint that the user shall enter the revision into the unlabeled editbox.

Implementing these would resolve the issue:

  • Add a label to the editbox of the revision number
  • Replace the "No extensions found" message by "Revision number is required" (or any other message that indicates what is the problem and what to do about it)


2013-04-26 14:50

administrator   ~0008524

Resolving this issue. Remarks reported by Andras are now captured by issue 0003093.



2013-04-26 18:39

developer   ~0008526

Works well, remaining tasks are tracked in another ticket.

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